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  1. I totally understand you. After a traumatically stressful marriage with a narcissistic tantrum head, it was such an incredible relief to live on my own with the kids. I now have a wonderful sweet boyfriend. But still regularly get annoyed by things. And he likes to have the TV on all the time, for instance, while at home I want some peace and quiet without stimuli. So I think it's fine to be a couple. Then I can go to my own place whenever I feel like it.

  2. I am 51 years old and highly sensitive. ]
    I work with people with mental disabilities. Love my job, I like to be seen by my residents because I am very empathetic and patient. I love animals and nature immensely and when I see something about animal abuse it makes me sick.....I am currently at home with burnout/depression....there has been a lot coming at me recently and I always held strong. Had bowel cancer last year and had chronic bowel problems from it which did a lot to my self-confidence. My mum suffers from a dementia disease and at work I can no longer cope with the pressure/ my team coach sometimes treats me (unfriendly communication...little to no confirmation...) I've had the feeling for months that it's never enough....I wrote her this and her reaction was one of anger....this was exactly the last I've been on sick leave for a while....I've always had such a huge need for rest and contact with nature and with my dogs .... I cry regularly and get attacks of hyperventilation. My husband and sister and friends support me but it is still difficult, I think, to understand an hsp. I read allr testimonies here and they are comforting.....I am not alone....

  3. Do you also have that that little things can irritate you really hard in a relationship?
    The way someone eats and the sounds that go with it? The way someone says something, intonation especially? Or how someone looks...
    In time, so many things irritate me with that person that I fall from one irritation into another. If I try not to pay attention to it, there is another one that rears its head...and eventually I break off the relationship because there is nothing good left in my head.
    Does anyone also have experience with this or am I just a difficult person?

    1. Dear Maria,
      you are definitely not the only one with this problem.
      I have a darling husband, one who really does everything for me.
      unconditional love is called such a thing.
      and yet I am irritated by untold things.
      so much that it destroys everything to do with love.
      only animals can go to infinity with me.
      much strength, and we are who we are.beautiful, but sometimes very difficult people.Love (Linda)

    2. Hahaha, yes I recognise that very well. I had that as a child but it got worse as I got older. I have it not only in relationships but actually all the time. Even when watching TV programmes, I notice within a minute if someone has a "tic", as I call it. A word they keep repeating, a movement with their hands or mouth, sounds that are irritating and it seems like it gets bigger and bigger, until I see or hear nothing but THAT. It turns out it's called "Misophonia" or "Misokinesia". Literally translated: Hatred of sound or Hatred of movement. A lot of people struggle with it and I'm not sure if this is directly linked to HSP. I am but I don't know if every HSPer suffers from it. It is very annoying, though. It makes me unable to get along with many people because I get annoyed to death by their "habits" that another person doesn't notice at all. I even get annoyed by the scratching of my dogs! While I love them dearly. Just can't bear it....I have e.g., no more halogen lamps in the house either. The hum of the transformer drives me crazy. I hear every sound, tap, scratch and sometimes it drives me crazy. I feel sorry for you and sympathise with you.

    3. Dear Maria,
      You are a very beautiful person. I get emotional because of the recognition when I read your piece.
      Hopefully you can handle it a little better by now. I'm still in the middle of that process.
      Mvg. Frank

  4. Months ago I was like, what is this that I feel and experience ? Why is it that I recognise other people's problems in a person immediately ? Why is it that I have this automatic urge, as it were, to help others where necessary? At a certain point, I was busy with so many others that I broke down and distanced myself from everyone.
    I've also had too many times in my life when my gut told me something and then too often it just comes true. Didn't understand a balloon of it.
    For feeling tells me don't buy that game ! Do it anyway and week later I don't have money for groceries, but I do have a game and can go borrow from people.
    My gut tells me, DO NOT step on her. DONT DO IT.
    Do it anyway to even start something with her only to suddenly find out what made me feel that way.
    Or a recurring dream that for 6 weeks every night told me how she would leave me and that also happened s exactly as in that dream.
    Indeed, I often withdraw to recharge. Last period (six months) very often.
    It's also true, I can't stand crowds at all. I also avoid places where many people are together in one space...for example, a stadium or a cafe. I so incredibly identify with the story I just read above. Someone just pointed out to me if I am not a high sensitive person. I said could be and think let me google t s et voila....what a revelation s this. Am 43 now. I really should have known this earlier hahahaahh.....had prevented n lot of misery but good.
    This is something I can and will work on !
    Hahahaahh so I am a special person....lolzzzz.
    Oh yes, I was homeless for a while.
    Even lived in a tent in a forest....
    Loved being in nature.
    Waking up in the morning among the birds...even the mouse that drove me crazy running around in circles in my tent was a cool guy. Waking up at night because of noises..... turns out there's a badger near my tent saying to his family in badger language.....we have another
    Music I also really appreciate. Sometimes a bit TE hahahaahahahah
    Indeed, that sense of justice has too often brought me into conflict, what do I still in the middle of it :).
    Also feel misunderstood.
    For a long time, in fact.
    How glad I am that I just googled ff.
    How glad I am, to have this info richer.
    Am in a pretty turbulent situation and this does give me some peace of mind, which I could use.
    ( had been feeling like something is well wrong with me for a while.....despite not being so lucky )
    I also used to wonder all too often how come something affects me so much or I read something about, say, a girl whose hair was ripped off sitting in a kart......ik immediately felt her pain. Really weird.
    See a lady sitting, immediately think....who is not comfortable in dr skin is dead unhappy.....which indeed turned out to be so. See n homeless man walking and immediately I want to help him.....albeit it would be 1 euro.
    Really I can go on for hours.....don't do it otherwise I'll still be sitting here tomorrow morning hahahahahaahahahahaaha
    Really, am so happy now !

    I am a high-sensitive person. special haahahahahahah lol


    1. Hi Luc,
      I know too little about that to say anything meaningful.
      In general, I can say that sensitive people are more prone to all kinds of ailments and complaints. This has to do, for instance, with higher stress levels and associated complaints that often get worse over time if not dealt with properly.
      Greetings Jochem

      1. Hi Jochem, I just read your piece. My boyfriend is hsp, I found that out a year ago (after a long search). He has exactly what you write. He is in a downward spiral and gets one ailment after and with another. The GP put him on morphine pills because he has severe headaches (he was abused by 2 guys late last year) but this is definitely not doing him any good. I referred him to an anthroposophic doctor (have read that as an hsp this is better) but he has not done this. He has been to Marletta Hart for a weekend session but this did not make him any wiser. He is completely worn out. Doesn't feel like doing anything anymore. Sleeps whole days (and nights) and can't bring himself to do anything anymore. Has gained kilos due to stress eating. He has pain in his knees and legs. He can't work anymore (self-employed window cleaner) He let it be known yesterday that it doesn't have to be this way for him anymore. He is under treatment by psychologist, but I have a hard head about that too. Who or what can help him feel good again and get some peace of mind. It is getting worse as the years go by. He is only 55yrs and far too young to be in such a state. Can you, Jochem or anyone else give a tip or answer to help him become the man he used to be again. Who was positive and enjoying life. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance
        Gr. Son

        1. Hi Son,
          Sorry to hear that your friend is doing so badly.
          What do you think was the biggest trigger that he's going through so much now? Are these things that he had before too and that it comes back with phases or was there really a trigger now, like the abuse?
          Healing in these kinds of things comes from yourself. Taking rest, picking up a pattern of living with rhythm again. Not staying in bed all day but doing small tasks in a day, talking positively to yourself, meditating etc.
          Saying things to yourself like, you are loved, you are good enough, the world loves you, you are allowed to let go, are all things that respond to your unconscious and can make you calmer.
          There is never a 1 2 3 solution. It really is taking some time for yourself and actively engaging in healing.
          I don't know if he is taking medication now? He might once lto3 can try, which also makes many people a bit calmer and more positive.
          You can also check out this site, which is for people with mental or physical (unexplained) complaints. They give a 3-day training, does cost a bit.
          I hope it helps you, all the best!
          Greetings, Jochem

    2. Totally wrong; spasmophilia has no gradations. Spasmophilia is an unknown muscle disorder, often already noticeable in childhood, sports are not recommended - even with constructive framework, people with spasmophilia become more and more immobile. Vitamins etc do more harm than good, so do pain medications.
      Rest - listen to your body.
      Stress makes muscles tighten, so does cold water.
      Avoid strenuous efforts , stagger daily tasks.
      Walking with walker and or crutch - walking stick.
      It is not a psychiatric illness but can become it due to disinformation, disbelief environment and poor knowledge of doctors. Some doctors are honest and outright say they do not know this SICKness.

      Numerous symptoms may crop up that are reminiscent of MS, Parkinson's but they are so not.

      Spasmophilia is an under-recognised disease, and unfortunately disabling.

      Elderly patients sometimes can no longer live independently.

      1. Just read something about HDD and HSP and recognise a lot in it. I have something that has bothered me all my life (I am now in my 70s): I cannot stand goodbyes. I am immediately in tears and very ashamed of it. I have young grandchildren whom I don't see very often and always when the time comes for me to leave (or they with me) after a visit of one or more days, I get teary. The grandchildren already know it's coming and then sometimes cry with me, but I don't want that at all. I can't control it from any side. Fortunately, it also passes in a flash. Recognisable? My last working day at the office, crying all day, going on holiday or coming back, crying. I am also very sentimental when I see something on TV that moves me, when I hear beautiful music or when I read a book. For myself, I don't find it such a problem, but especially for others, I don't want to be like this at all, especially for my grandchildren. What to do?

  5. As a highly sensitive person, I fully recognise the details. Sensitivity is a great quality or strength but it sometimes gets in your way quite a bit or works against you. Too bad there is no focus on sensitivity in men on this page. Even in the video it is approached as being something typically female.

  6. Been a shy girl as a child, a big smile at music, but also not too many classmates around me. wanting to isolate myself in class at times. Difficult to fit in when new things started happening and I had to join large groups. Strong sense of justice. Liking the fact that the birds are singing again. That the grass is greener again. That a branch has a certain shape. That the world can be white. But otherwise can get very worked up about new barns in the meadow that no longer make the whole landscape feel like a beautiful painting. Animals being mistreated or confined in small pens. I love the forest, ever since I was a child. The music that can make me cry intensely or take me to events in life. But can also lead me to strength to undertake something. Difficult to ground myself in crowded spaces. Rather want to do something step by step because otherwise my head is too full. Difficult to let go of something.
    I have also been labelled a social anxiety disorder even though I don't feel I fit in there. I am not afraid of being criticised, but it does feel harsher on someone else, am easily upset then and need time to react to it later. Am also not afraid of embarrassing behaviour. Been sensitive from childhood but unfortunately also mistreated with violence in the home. little emotional support, but on the other hand also over-protected. Always need an emotional connection with the person in question for intercourse, find depth important. Need privacy moment for peace & quiet and to clear my head. Just started meditation. Do you also dream so much? Do you also feel like someone is sometimes next to you or just someone nearby? Do you also quickly sense when a person is not being completely honest or not saying everything? Difficult to say no, sometimes doing it anyway while afterwards you feel like, shouldn't I have done it? Sirens are a crime, so are mopeds, drilling machines, carpentry. Stress prone and prone to depression. I lose myself when I get the feeling someone is brushing away my feelings or waltzing all over me. I feel HSP, read a lot since 3 years and actually recognise myself in so many things that I label myself as HSP. Which I now experience as a complaint and am looking to be able to see it as a strength. Great to be able to read this.

    1. dear lizet,
      I understand everything you write there so well. I have had the same problem for years.
      can go very deep and break down with grief, while I have everything in my reach to be happy.the world and its people waltz over me, and the short circuits in my head sometimes take over all logic. Glad I am not alone. Much love,


  7. I think myself and also my pshyiater that I am that have had very critical parents and a partner who ran me into the ground

  8. I find a lot of information everywhere about and for people who are HSP, but is there an information resource for people who are in a relationship with an HSP?
    I am nml in a relationship with an HSP and I can read books about it, but then I still don't know how best to deal with someone who is HSP, or sort of handholds, tools how best to deal with it
    I only have a very mild form of HS myself, but my partner quite heavier (not the heaviest though), and I would like to know how to deal with this,

  9. Hello,

    I had never heard of HSP but became curious when I read catchy texts related to HSP. All my life, I have felt that I am different from the average person. And I suffer from this. Troubled, in the sense that I feel misunderstood. I am constantly looking for balance in my life, both in my work and private life. I suffer from all the symptoms described above. It is a day job to suppress these complaints from the outside world, fortunately I can and may be myself with my husband. But that does not take away from the fact that I then suffer from all the complaints and it is not always pleasant for my husband. I live with an uneasy tingling in my stomach every day, I'm almost always tired, I have fears others don't understand, I'm insecure as hell, I don't dare take on new challenges, I can barely concentrate when I'm surrounded by noises, music makes me very agitated, I need more time to react to situations (I first have to let everything sink in, process it and only then can I react appropriately).
    I don't actually have a question. On the contrary, I am grateful reading this information. It gives me courage.
    Thank you!

  10. Hey, I recognise myself in pretty much all the complaints and I don't know what to do with this! I suffer a lot from not being able to let go of things from the past. For example, nice memories with my family, especially my father. I also get attached to the silliest stuff you can think of and then sometimes I can suddenly burst into tears and get very depressed. For instance, somehow I just got tears in my eyes while writing this post.

    Robin ~ 14 years

    1. Hi Linda,
      HSP is not a psychiatric disorder. So to my knowledge, it is therefore not officially diagnosed by psychologists or psychiatrists. At least, not as a disorder as found in the DSM. Most people call themselves highly sensitive or HSP if they can largely identify with the characteristics of HSP. You can, of course, visit a private practice or psychologist familiar with high sensitivity who can coach you on this.
      Greetings, Jochem

      1. With me, they did diagnose it. A psychologist recognised it in me after half an hour. I had no idea I had it. Things suddenly fell into place.

  11. Hello Jochem,

    I am also curious if I am hsp. Reading the characteristics like this, I see a lot of recognition, but my husband says it is not so.

    For instance, I can't stand injustice at all. If things don't go my way at work as usual, tears spring to my eyes. If I read an obituary concerning a young person, I have to look on quickly, otherwise I cry. I also suffered burn-out about 3 years back. I cannot stand bright light and crowds. I have a spastic gut, hay fever and frequent (tension) headaches. I also mull a lot, am indecisive and a perfectionist....

  12. Hi Jochem do you have recipe for me to make so green smoorde and can you email it. I recently found out I am hsp. But have my doubts characteristics come over but have had trauma to deal with in my past in my youth. But is hsp testable or not at all? Gr ditsie

  13. Our son has been using LTO3 since a few days only his symptoms are much more intense and now read that by using LTO3 the symptoms in high-sensitive children can worsen is this a known side effect?And within what time frame should it get a positive effect?

    1. Hi Madelief,
      That's right, you sometimes see in especially highly sensitive children that symptoms get worse in the beginning. Highly sensitive children react to everything much more sensitively and sometimes that is also the case with lto3. This usually passes quickly after which the effect is then felt to be pleasant and without side effects. Do give this some time. Sometimes it may take a bit longer than just a few days. But it won't be weeks either.
      Good luck with it and let's hear how it goes again :)
      Greetings, Jochem.

  14. I have already received several diagnoses, including anxiety disorder, ptsd and cvs/me. Have seen many doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists in my life. According to the psychiatrist, I will have to take antidepressants for the rest of my life. According to him, my amygdala (part of the brain) is overactive, causing me to experience anxiety.
    However, my symptoms also match the characteristics of hsp. i am hypersensitive to stimuli and constantly tense and stuffy. Could I have hsp? After all, I recognise myself in all the characteristics. How can I find out?

    1. Hi Tobbertje :)

      I have also had (social) anxiety disorder and have had cvs/me since 5 years. I have periods when things are worse than others but now I have my life pretty much on track.

      The amygdala is a component in the brain responsible for the stress response. In people with cvs/me, it appears to be chronically activated. (Traumatised) So basically stress hormones are continuously produced, causing the body to become totally exhausted and unbalanced. This state also ensures that healing does not take place properly, which causes a lot of toxins to accumulate in the body and prevents sleep and so on. Our sympathetic nervous system is constantly activated because of this. In this state, we are ready to fight or flee. So tight muscles and higher breathing and so on. Our parasympathetic nervous system is no longer activated. The latter actually provides peace and healing and a sense of calm and that toxins are drained away.

      I can recommend you do a search on Ashok Gupta's 'amygdala retraining'. I have done this myself and it helps a lot. You then learn how to train your amygdala to become calmer again. Step by step, your body becomes calmer again and slowly the stress response goes off and your parasympathetic nervous system is activated. Check out his videos on google and youtube. By the way, meditating also works very well for this. Doctors always say that medication is the only solution but that is because they only treat symptoms. Healing comes from within yourself and you really can get better from all your ailments. But it does take some time and perseverance!

      Personally, I think hsp also has to do with this. The nervous system is constantly more alert, making it more easily overstimulated and causing you to suffer from stress more quickly. With hsp, the amygdala is just not yet traumatised. With cvs/me, peace never actually returns because we have entered a circle that prevents the amygdala from coming out of that stress state. Not even when you rest or sleep for a night. Gupta can explain all about this in his videos. It is in English, though.

      My basic advice is actually also to green smoothies start drinking. You will then get so many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants every day that we really need. In fact, they cooperate in all the important processes in your body and are simply at the base of a body that wants to heal.
      A body under stress uses up these important nutrients like snow in the sun. So replenish those nutrients and there is no easier and tastier way to do this than with green smoothies. Have no fear, as they are not only healthy but also super tasty ;) You can read here more on.

      If you start drinking a green smoothie every day and apply the amygdala retraining and preferably do a daily meditation as well, you will quickly make real progress!

      Hope you can do something with this.

      Greetings Jochem.

  15. My eldest has been different since birth, but I didn't think she had adhd after a lot of searching I found out about hsp which explained everything. Although that info goes by mouth, it turns out that it is hereditary and consists of four kinds of degrees, and that everyone in our family has it. My husband seeks the new challenges, I always adapt, my eldest the dominant one and my youngest the emotional one. Which is a fascinating combo and never causes boredom. With the eldest I have been to a medium a few times, who partially closes off your aura so that less stimuli enter. I also use drops of the bach remedy vine, which is homoeopathic and calms the mind.
    What I miss is a place where you can get all the info now you scavenge bit by bit and people don't understand what it is and dismiss it as everyone has and don't be silly.

  16. That video about those 2 children is so recognisable to myself when I was young,I had exactly the same thing,and notice it now with my daughter who also has Pdd NOS in addition,beautiful.....

  17. hi ,
    I am HSP myself , I have known it for a while , I recognise myself very much in everything in this ,
    it's like my features are all nicely described hihii :)
    they first diagnosed me with autism but I feel very different from the term "autism"
    HSP is really quite what I am :)
    just wanted to let you know here that I think it's really nicely explained and that I like it so much that there is so much understanding for people like us :)
    greetings to everyone :)
    Natasha :)

    1. Hi Natasha, nice of you to respond. There is indeed a lot of overlap between hsp and autism. In addition, you also have names for lighter forms of autism such as asperger, mcdd, pdd nos. Not an easy task.
      If you recognise yourself well in the above article, then it does indeed seem that you are just highly sensitive :-)
      Thanks for your compliment on the article.
      All the best continued.
      Greetings Jochem

  18. hello i have a six-year-old son who has recently been diagnosed with pdd-nos. we have been on lto3 for 4 days now and we definitely notice a difference, happier and less angry moods. only he seems much busier, could this be temporary because he has just started. we gave a tablet 2x a day. this morning we immediately gave him 2 tablets, then he was busier than the days before. maybe he only needs 1 a day?
    regards, jessica

    1. Hi Jessica, it may be that there are some side effects in the beginning because the body has to get used to them. Often so with highly sensitive people to my knowledge. But the dosage also depends on weight. See otherwise here for more info on lto3 There you will find many answers to questions. The best thing you can do is to check with the supplier Smartvital They offer good aftercare and also assist you in finding the right dosage and the like. Greetings Jochem

  19. Hello Jochem,

    My son has been using for a few days now Lto3 and is totally happy, so am I! He is now almost 23 and has been diagnosed with ADHD (now ADD) since he was 5 years old. Took Ritalin, Concerta and Dexamphetamine in the past but got terrible side effects from them and so I stopped taking them. Consequence? Had to go to special education and that's where the misery started...... Then years of depression and became a so-called problem child with all its consequences.

    Now after just a few days, he feels as if a dark heavy burden has been lifted off him. He has peace of mind without the side effects he had from the drugs. He even feels happy and confident. Today signed up for acting classes, he always wanted to but didn't dare.

    In short, I really think his life is going to totally change now. It seems like a miracle!!!!!!

    Soooo happy with this. Curious about the long-term effect but I'll let you know.

    A loving greeting from a happy mother watching her child live again?

  20. Our 11-year-old son tried LTO3 on the advice of ADHD nurse because he was suffering from certain tones with dexamphetamine. We were also very positive about dexamphetamine,it makes dopamine, it has a good effect, his results shot up. We preferred a natural remedy and tried LTO3 for 3 months, also increased dose on the advice of SmartVital, but we were back to square one. Very unfortunate. Compliment to Smart Vital, they guide well !
    I think our son really needs something that turns on the dopamine.

  21. I recognise idd the complaints.
    E.g. when I come home from work, I feel like I have a brick in my head.
    So I can also get really knackered by too many people in a small area.

    1. Hi Judith, I hadn't seen your comment before. There are so many :) Sorry about that. The same is actually true for HSP as for ADD and ADHD. It cannot be measured. You are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD when you meet enough criteria. It is the same with HSP except that HSP is not a 'disorder' if we speak in terms of psychiatry as described in the 'DSM'. HSP is seen as a trait that some people have and others don't. If you agree with most of the characteristics of HSP described above, then you can call yourself a highly sensitive person :) In that case, the characteristics must have been present all your life. I also recommend reading this article > 3 types of ADHD and their overlap with HSP (Click on the link) Hope this is of some use to you. Greetings Jochem.

    1. Hi Karin, LTO3 is an all-natural remedy from Canada. It contains 3 ingredients that in the right dosage enhance each other's effects. A significantly high percentage of people with ADD and ADHD but also HSP benefit greatly from LTO3. Many people were even able to stop taking medication such as Ritalin and Concerta altogether. At the top of the menu under the heading 'LTO3', you will find extensive information about lto3 and find many success stories I was sent.

  22. We also have a 6-year-old son and he also has HSP.
    We have been using LTO3 for a year now and we have a completely different boy in the house. He is much more focused at school.
    At home, he is much more approachable and can handle crowds better.
    Last year, we celebrated his birthday and he joined in the celebration at the table. He spent two hours busy making and building from his got lego.
    Highly recommended LTO3!

  23. Hello,
    I was diagnosed with suspected PDD-NOS and ADD for some time. I was already aware that I am hsp. For various reasons, I have already suffered two severe depressions. I am currently recovering from the last one with medication and psychological help. I wonder if my hsp is just a consequence of PDD-NOS or vice versa? And are there more people with this problem?

    mvg. a fellow sufferer

  24. hello

    I have a question about my 6-year-old son
    he is very hsp and if he gets too many stimuli
    he becomes incredibly busy and unfocused
    Now I was reading about LTO3
    is that also something for our son
    he now has fish oil and nrg but notice no difference
    now that I read this, this really appealed to me

    i would like to hear from you

    greetings bianca willems

    1. Hi Bianca, when people become overstimulated due to their high sensitivity, they can indeed become busy because of it. Others, on the contrary, withdraw. I think this is different for each person. LTO3 can give balance in it though so I think it is worth trying. You can never guarantee beforehand. You can't with any remedy. It is always a matter of trying. It is true that I have heard that in highly sensitive children the symptoms can worsen somewhat in the beginning.

      Good luck with your choice and let me know again how it goes :)

      Greetings Jochem.

      1. Our son, now 13 years old, benefits greatly from the lto3. It gives him peace in his head, allowing him to plan better and feel calm. He has been taking it for 3 years now

    2. I am also HSP and was once diagnosed with ADHD, but this can only be diagnosed with a blood test by a specialist. A lot of stimuli and overstimulating and rushed feelings can stem from a magnesium deficiency and the use of colourings, aromatic substances, flavourings and different kinds of sugar. This further stimulates the nervous system and can be very detrimental. Some descriptions I read and experienced myself are also often the result of not being properly grounded. Because you are HSP, you tend to float and use your crown chakra constantly. Through well-chosen meditation exercises, you can therefore become much more stable. If you compare your self to a tree that stands firmly with its roots in the earth, it is less likely to be destroyed by the wind and other "stimuli" than when you are so open and do not protect yourself. sweet light regards Mascha Narold

      1. Hi Mascha, nice of you to respond.
        By the way, I did not know that you can diagnose ADHD or HSP through blood tests. I don't think that's true, though. There are many natural healers who call themselves 'specialists'; I have seen endless numbers of them myself. But beware. Many think they are some kind of Gandhi but only line their pockets with your money while you don't get anywhere. They are not all like that, of course, but what I experienced with things like live blood tests, to name a few, was total nonsense. These are often practices that were set up after taking a mini-course and then calling themselves 'specialists'.
        Magnesium deficiency can indeed cause many symptoms. They also call it the anti-stress mineral. I personally take magnesium citrate because it is a very absorbable form. Grounding exercises are also definitely very good. I would like to start doing yoga myself but discipline is difficult. I already do all sorts of things and too much causes my head to overflow. Anyway, I pay huge attention to my food and meditate occasionally. The results you get from drinking green smoothies or juices are also really huge. You then get your fruits and vegetables unheated and in their purest form. I make these with the Nutribullet. Really great and much better than a blender I had before. Can recommend it to anyone because you put down a tremendously healthy juice nice and quickly. After a few days you really start to notice a difference in how you feel. Both mentally and physically. Just experiment with all kinds of vegetables and fruits and enjoy :) I'm going to do that grounding exercise with the visualisation of the tree too. You are the second person to start talking about it in a short time ;) Thanks for your tips and have a nice day. Greetings Jochem