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  1. Hi Jochem

    First, thank you for your comprehensive information on ADD,
    I am 45 and a few years back it was concluded that I have ADD.
    Apparently all my life and so now many puzzle pieces are falling into place. A few years ago, I ran into burnout due to a broken marriage and, because of recovery, had to deal with PsyQ, which eventually diagnosed me with ADD.
    Now burnout is an overload on the brain, it often does not come to rest due to lack of sleep.
    Now I am curious to know if you can establish a relationship between ADD and Burnout and whether, on average, more people who have ADD also encounter burnout.

    1. Hi Michel,
      No thanks.
      That relationship is definitely there. People with ADD often feel different. This can make it difficult to find your place in this world. This creates all sorts of emotions that make you burn out. 70% of people diagnosed with AD(H)D sooner or later have meanwhile also developed another 'disorder' including, for example, burnout. https://www.addkenmerken.net/psychische-klachten-add-adhd/
      But depression is also common, anxiety disorder, personality problems. Ultimately, they are all terms for an expression of suffering stuck inside yourself. When you really start to heal from within, these symptoms resolve over time. This can be a long road, but the potential for every AD(H)D'er is there to stand in his power.

  2. Hi Jochem,

    When I read your story, I had a lot of recognition. I am also hsp and a Sensation seeker. A traumatic experience pp when I was 17 gave me CFS. Five years ago, I got psychological help for this. Now I no longer have CFS (don't confuse this with ME). I also sometimes thought I had ADD but according to the psychologist you must have had symptoms in childhood. Anyway, I recognise a lot in your story. I see my hsp as a strength and use this positively when I coach people.

  3. My son was diagnosed with ADD , now I'm doing some searching on the internet and reading the symptoms seems to me that I have it too ADD . There are huge similarities , should I go to the doctor with that now or just what ? Or do I test that jar of LTO 3 ?
    Greetings Cynthia

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      If ADD symptoms are really getting you stuck in your life, you might want to get tested at a mental health institution. For example PsyQ Don't think a diagnosis is going to get you free of ADD. However, they can offer you counselling help to better cope with your ADD and possibly prescribe medication such as Ritalin, dexamphetamine or Concerta. There are many other different medications that can be considered for ADD or ADHD and sometimes it can be quite a search for medication that works well for you. After all, Ritalin certainly does not work for every AD(H)D sufferer.
      You can always try LTO3 to see if it helps you enough. You might then say that you feel so much better and experience fewer symptoms that you don't think a diagnosis is necessary. That choice is up to you.
      Best of luck.
      Greetings Jochem

  4. I have ADD myself and know some friends with ADD in my area. Now I notice that we have one characteristic in common, which is not listed in the list of symptoms.

    I have a strong tendency to overthink a situation I have found myself in and draw conclusions that often do not match reality. I then stick to that and am hard to shake off. I often think I know what someone else is thinking and this then reinforces my wrongly established conclusion. As a result, it quickly tends towards conspiracy theory thinking.
    Who recognises this? Or does the above relate to any of the other characteristics?

    1. Hi Eric,
      What you outline I see in quite a lot of people, but certainly also in non-AD(H)D'ers. Look conspiracies just exist, people always act as if conspiracy theories are for geeks but of course they are not. As long as there are people living on earth, conspiracies will be forged. Of course, it's helpful if you don't get too caught up in them and don't start overthinking every situation. AD(H)Ds can think a lot, especially if they don't have enough distractions. If there is too much 'thinking time' then it can definitely result in going overthinking and overanalysing situations. Perhaps when you are aware of this, it helps to take a step back and seek distractions. Try to take situations more light-heartedly.

    2. Hi Eric,

      I myself have recently been diagnosed with add and I recognise myself completely in this, with me it also strikes me as unrealistic, which often makes arguments run bigger than they really mean. I have noticed this several times in myself and there seems to be 1 truth. When I read your comment you described the words exactly as I experience it!!!


  5. Bye Jochem,

    Based on what scientific research do you describe these symptoms? This seems like a very long list to me and I'm curious to know what research(s) this comes from.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Tessy,
      The symptoms of ADD are described in the DSM-5. The best-known symptoms are a busy mind, dreaminess, hypersensitivity to external stimuli, poor overview of time which also results in frequent lateness, short concentration (unless there is high interest) and poor short-term memory. These symptoms result in all sorts of features you see in the list. They are all consequences of the main symptoms. When you take a test at an institution that will test you for AD(H)D, you will also see all these symptoms come up in the questions. Besides, I speak from my own experience and know many AD(H)D'ers in my environment. As an AD(H)D sufferer, you will find enormous recognition in the list. Most react as if they see themselves described. This does not mean that you need to recognise yourself 100% in all the characteristics and it is of course not the case that someone without AD(H)D does not recognise any of these characteristics in themselves.

    2. Yes, me too. Think it's a good story though and welcome it. But source citation is in order here.
      Greetings, Gert

    1. Hi Diana,
      Thank you for your interest.
      You can sign up for the newsletter at various places on the website ;)
      For example, at the bottom of every article. When you posted a comment, you could check a box to sign up directly for the newsletter.
      You can also this link directly use. Nice and easy.
      Greetings Jochem.

  6. Hey Jochem,
    My daughter and I have hsp. For myself, the characteristics for ADD also come through strongly. Especially that inner turmoil, mood swings.... Sometimes I wish I had a button to stop the turmoil in my head... We live in Belgium. Is LTO3 also available here? Freely available? Or what natural remedy can I get here?
    Regards, Anja

    1. Hi Anja,
      Such a button would really be a godsend lol.
      Unfortunately, we have to do it ourselves but, for instance, meditation could help you a lot. Also take enough moments of rest. Is difficult for me too.
      When I start something, I often can't stop and before I know it, I'm in hyperfocus and keep going. Hours and hours and I forget everything. Just those moments of rest are sometimes important to get back to earth. Also occasionally just simply take a deep breath. Also try to keep a positive mindset. Negative thoughts always get me completely off track and then I can worry about something for days. I try to turn that around in time.
      Lto3 is good to try as a support. Many people benefit from this.
      You can just get it in Belgium. You can get the original LTO3 here order at SmartVital.
      Best of luck.
      Let us know again what the LTO3 does for you :)

  7. The video gives a good picture of how someone with ADD feels. Thanks for this explanation with film, fun and informative. Is LTO3 covered by insurance? Please send me more info and if so, which insurance company. My son uses concerta but it is quite expensive and is not reimbursed. Can you tell me which insurance company does reimburse this?

  8. Hello,

    Happy to receive the newsletter.
    Do you have any titles of books on add that I could read to better understand my 11-year-old son with add, among other things.

    Thanks in advance.