Benefits and positives of ADD and ADHD

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  1. Denying that AD(H)D is a disorder is, in my opinion, typical behaviour for people who actually have it. It is not called a psychiatric disorder for nothing. It's not a little thing that bothers you or your partner or environment/school/work etc a bit. Then there wouldn't be so many people with this disorder committing suicide.
    Take it seriously, take yourself seriously............ Bless you

  2. that also always seemed like a good idea contact with people moving in the same water
    understand each other and therefore support each other
    I just say: 'you're not the only one !
    but then how do people get in touch with each other......

  3. When I found out I had ADD, everything fell very much into place. And that did a lot to my self-confidence. From then on, I started to get to know myself and I have embraced ADD as a part of me and sometimes even feel honoured that I have my muddled, curious, "my thoughts go in all directions", wacky logic brain and not such a boring straightforward brain as non-add'ers have. Our brain is not aberrant, it just works differently. Our society is not yet ready for that diversity and now focuses only on "the normal". Things like Rilatine and more time for exams and so on are a way of ensuring that people with a different brain can still keep up in this backward-looking society, so that it also has time to adapt. I personally experience a lot of drawbacks with Rilatine (no appetite, moody etc.), but I wouldn't be where I am today with the studies I am doing now without Rilatine. I only take it when I have to study or something and not at weekends, for example. If that can ensure that I can develop all my qualities, then I don't give a damn about being moody from time to time.
    The moment you recognise the beautiful things about ADD, there are already and a lot of difficulties that disappear like snow in the sun. And it's time humanity starts to realise that this is not a "disorder" or a "problem" or an "abnormality" but simply "different"

  4. hello

    have for quite a long time that I knew I have adhd.
    but 3 years back had it tested anyway.
    never had any trouble with it myself.
    well the usual incomprehension of some other people.
    we can proceed much faster in our thoughts , ideas , relativising way.
    that is often not seen and misunderstood.
    Almost whether we would be autistic.
    now that in the netherlands there is more and more awareness about add adhd etcv I still see people being pigeonholed.
    And I'm talking about teachers.
    my four-year-old son has now been tested for adhd.
    on the advice of the two teachers because of his being unruly.
    and in a class of 25 children, it is also very difficult for him to keep up.
    now teachers know he has adhd.
    and is immediately pigeonholed by teachers and we can't do anything with this.
    Sure my story is not alone.
    velemaally I hear people about their child being pigeonholed and not being accepted to a mainstream primary school. unless those children are put on ritalin.
    ritalin is just away hard drugs
    all people let me give you a heart to heart.
    do you have add adhd hsp?
    you are as normal as all other people.
    if you are not understood is not because of you but because of the other person who does not have that same speed in thinking.
    does your child have add adhd hsp?
    keep believing in you child and you know your child better than any expert would have you believe.

  5. Hello
    Through my 17-year-old son, I found out that I have ADD. Had never heard of it before ! Now that he is in treatment for it, I started looking for information. I have already bought and devoured a book, what a recognition ! I too have always felt different from my peers, but I thought it was because of my upbringing and past. Part of it was true, but a large part was not. I am now 45 and only now am I getting to know myself.....
    what I do struggle with is love. Been married twice now, worn out many boyfriends and now have a boyfriend. And yet I keep asking myself: is this it? Why the doubts again? I just can't seem to find 'the one'.
    How do other ADD-ers experience it in love ?
    I am now also taking LTO 3, which is helping me tremendously ! Unfortunately, I am experiencing more and more broken nights, so the energy is lacking. I also recognise a lot in the stories of others. It's good to read from fellow sufferers !

  6. Ooow how nice to read!
    I can get horny with myself.
    The thoughts and creativity dragged me from place to place!
    I don't participate anymore..t party in my brain caused chaos allll over!

    I can finally laugh at myself now..find t quite funny..being so different

  7. Got diagnosis of ADD/HSP from neuro psychologist 3 months ago. I am a 50-year-old woman. I have felt like an outsider all my life. I was often told to just "act normal" and especially not to "act up". So many problems at busy schools, workplaces with stressful jobs and deadlines. Only now everything is falling into place! That is why I am happy with the diagnosis!

  8. Am now at PsyQ with an introduction group. It discusses everything related to ADHD. I have been diagnosed with ADD. It is a confusing period because now I pay extra attention to my behaviour. Is this my character (because I have that too) or ADD. So a bit confusing it is. Got a homework assignment for this afternoon (3rd meeting): positive and negative consequences of ADHD/ADD. The list of negative consequences is huge. Positive consequences....???? Nothing. So I did a Google search. That's how I landed on your site, and I immediately felt the positivity.
    I am, for example, never late. Actually slightly early. I have a sense of humour and a good dose of resilience. I am creative, but I feel that ADD (insecurity and frustrations) cruelly blocks my creativity.
    That in a nutshell my story.

  9. Hello, I would so like to get in touch with people who also have ADD/ ADHD/HSP. Just to chat, do fun things with, exchange experiences, who are on the same wavelength as me, support each other, help each other, people I get positive energy from. Who can help me? Kind regards, Nina

    1. Got diagnosed with ADD several years ago, everything fell into place, but I experience a lot of hindrance from this in my work, would also like to have contact with people with ADD to exchange experiences, negative but also very positive

    2. Hi Nina,

      Happy to help you and I think it would be fun to get in touch. I am sure you will get funny stories from me. I only found out after 33 years that I have ADHD. Incidentally, am now in a very depressing period because of it, which I created myself. Maybe I will get over getting in touch with you through this and you can help me too.
      Greetings Fer

    3. Hai I am René, I am 43 and have known about it for a year now because I couldn't reconcile my behaviour with my thoughts and therefore got stuck. I would also like to have more contact with similar people (I have always felt different without being able to express it). I have come to understand myself so much better last year. Me. Use part-time medication to my great satisfaction but also don't want to think without the ADD.

    4. Hi Nina, how old are you and where are you from? Because being able to meet live to exchange experiences is so convenient.



  10. Hey Jochem,

    I have ADD myself and have a hard time with it!
    But what I note:
    Give me a fun assignment and there's no stopping me! And I'm also problem-solving :-)
    Am really also someone who likes to laugh and laugh a lot!
    Yes! Benefits to someone with ADD and ADHD after all! :-D

    1. Haha, very recognisable. I know that. Sometimes I get totally absorbed in something and sometimes I can't move forward. It goes back and forth like that :) But indeed, there are plenty of beautiful sides to it!