Jim Carry adhd

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  1. I came out of a very deep depression because of cannabis oil (THC) no panic attacks. Cannabis is very personal to you....it gives you what you need....only you have to find "your" right dosage. I have also sometimes taken too much to find my limit....heart stoned ....wowww....Ik personally will never take antidepressants again....has turned out to be pure poison for me. I will never recommend it to anyone despite knowing it can be quite helpful in some (!) cases....and certainly not ritalin....harddrugs!!! I warmly recommend Wernard Bruining's site (and his mission). It was he who helped me!
    THC oil contains everything....also CBD and more.... Be careful in traffic I.V.M. saliva tests these days.

  2. Dear Jochem, Super what you are doing with your site and how you share information and experiences. I think my son has ADD and have been researching. Among other things, find cannabis oil as a strong and natural remedy. Might be fun to google on? Warm regards, Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for your nice response.
      Weed oil is definitely something I will look into, as is CBD oil. Only cannabis oil, I think, is not legally available for sale unfortunately.
      CBD oil does.
      Greetings Jochem

    2. Under no circumstances THC oil!!! This can cause panic attacks!!!
      CBD oil is a different drug. And well suited for ADD or ADHD, among others.