Brain activity in ADD

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  1. I had such a brain measurement done and indeed an add brain came out of it for me, I also suffer from anxiety easily and this also showed up there along with a sensitivity to addictions, all this often goes hand in hand with ADD.
    Extraordinary to be able to see my symptoms reflected in my brain like this.

  2. I had such qeeg even before the official diagnosis, I just knew I had add.
    This was also shown by the EEG measurement I had an add/adhd brain, I actually find this measurement much more reliable than all those questionnaires and interviews, okay I meet 100% the characteristics but if someone doesn't have this then z?

  3. It strikes me that, unfortunately, there is generally a lot of talk about the negatives of ADD.
    Don't forget that ADD has positives too!

    1. Hi Frank,
      Positive sides to AD(H)D are of course plentiful. Take a look here for a list of positive characteristics of ADD and here for 10 benefits of ADD and ADHD :)
      Also be sure to read This inspiring story by John Loporto about the eagle as a metaphor for people with ADD and ADHD.
      In the past, I wrote this article on AD(H)D in society where I also discuss the positive aspects of ADD and ADHD.
      Enough reading material for a while? ;)
      Greetings Jochem

  4. My thoughts on ADD, the diagnosis I received several years ago, have changed a lot in recent weeks.... ADD has made my life hell in a society where there was no room for who I am.
    Expectation patterns that I could not meet with any possibility broke me to the ground. The ADD diagnosis gave me a reason why, and that helped me for a while. Understanding why I couldn't do what others, seemingly effortlessly, could. Still, ADD remained my weakness that I just had to learn to live with....
    I was offered medication and counselling after the diagnosis but the counselling did not come and, being a true ADD-er, I did not pursue it myself either.... So the course of treatment and medication passed me by, thank God (I say now).
    My turning point:
    3 weeks ago, I did a workshop where my heart, which had been closed for so long, opened....
    And therein lies the big change from how I look at ADD now....
    By opening my heart, my ADD brain no longer works on its own but in service to my heart, I receive and can pass on information in a completely different way.
    After all these years (42) of struggling, I now understand what I need this brain for and it is my greatest strength!

    I hope that with my story I can inspire people to stop adapting, letting yourself be numbed by medication just to get along in this society and start looking for your own truth.... Discover the power of your brain by following your heart and standing up for who you really are because you are exactly the way you are supposed to be!!! ?


    1. As a side note, I would like to say that I am not against counselling or medication if that is what someone needs at a particular time because I know better than anyone how difficult it can be, just that it was not my path to walk.
      My piece is more about inviting people to look for their (heart) strength because, ADD in my case, I have it for a reason!

    2. Hi Mirjam,

      Remember that you are so much more than just your diagnosis, it only says something about the things you find tricky or difficult. You are so much more than your diagnosis. You are a sister a daughter a...fill in the blank.
      Ultimately, the diagnosis doesn't say that much, it's about how you organise your life so that you have little to no trouble with the things you find difficult.
      I may join in the conversation, having ASD myself and with a segment of ADD. ;)

      Greetings Jeffrey ( from the drum making weekend)

      1. Hey Jeff!!! How cool of you to respond here!!!
        And thank you for allowing me now to explain my message here even further.... It's because by fully opening my heart and really being who I am, I no longer have any symptoms!
        My brain now receives information through my heart... And with that information I can help others because I can now feel what is going on at the energy level and translate that so that people can do something with it.... So that gives my head the work it's meant for... And with that, the ADD symptoms disappeared! Instead of being dreamy, lax, always late, chaotic, etc., I am now. Present, punctual, determined and organised. So I didn't learn to live with it but this diagnosis is literally my strength!

        Love Mirjam