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  1. Good evening,

    What a fine page you have - my eldest son also has ADHD. Now I have recently written a book which I would like to tell you about.

    My booklet Langs de lijn is specially written for children whose parents are getting divorced. For young primary school children who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD) or the various forms of developmental disabilities (ASD). As a parent, this illustrated read-aloud booklet can be read step by step with the child to make the major changes understandable and visual. The booklet is clear, has clear illustrations and does not contain unnecessary stimuli.

    I would like to ask if you are interested in posting it on your page for those parents who need day. As extra support in this difficult process in their lives.

    Waiting for your response.

    Laura Maas

  2. Bye Jochem,

    I have add but also asperger's. Think both diagnoses are correct. But there is also the other side, having your head in the higher dimensions. Long thought I only had add, diagnosed 11 years ago. 6 years back was diagnosed with asperger's. Recently got t book "looking differently at autism" on my "path", I get the itch from spiritual terms, summary of the contents of t book is actually the fear of grounding for hsp'ers. Finally someone, Merel Boogaard, who largely told my story. Being different means you have to stay with yourself, for which I am now very grateful. Meanwhile, t he difficulty in making and maintaining contact is resolving itself, although I will remain selective to a degree and that is totally fine. Wanted to do a short piece so I'll leave it here.

    Greetings to all neuro-typical people, ?

  3. Hello people,
    Very much would like to get in touch with people who are also HSPs, and have already tried a lot, medication, meditation, supplements (already take B12) and are still stuck.
    I am 66 and have already tried all kinds of things, have just stopped taking antidepressants, but find it all quite difficult and would like to exchange thoughts with people who recognise my story.

  4. Your story is very familiar to me, your symptoms are really very similar to a b12 deficiency, note: what GPs often see as a normal limit before you have a deficiency is already a deficiency, all in all GPs are not familiar with this at all and it is also called the ?b12 the unknown/forgotten disease? a friend of mine, and that's where I got this information from as well, ran with the same symptoms as you..adhd/ tired/ dizziness/ tinitus/ hearing loss/ depression etc etc.
    And what turns out she has been using the melt tablets b12 from (no advertising) for a 4 weeks now and apparently the adhd/add diagnosis was a misdiagnosis because she has not been taking her ritalin for a fortnight now, she is living in the here and now again, no more depression, no more dizziness etc etc.
    It sounds too good to be worth it!

    1. Hi Sanne, how nice.
      I will check out the website. Have heard about it before but when I took measurements at the GP's my value was indeed always good. Towards the lower limit, though.
      So which one would you recommend to start with?

      1. Bye Jochem,
        Yes, general practitioners often use this lower limit as a good thing, while this is not the case at all and therefore not good at all (with regular doctors, that is).
        I also have ADD and here I have recovered anyway but still have ADD, tired, easily dizzy, anxiety, I don't live but survive every day it seems.
        But that b12 does help and anything that helps me is nice, unfortunately it doesn't work for me like it did for that friend of mine.
        I myself especially notice a relapse when, for example, I have been on a nice holiday or do something that increases dopamine (fun things) and then when I return home the dopamine plummets so much that I feel enormously depressed/anxious and tired, this is very annoying and how this can be so strong I have no idea, seems like the rebound after a ritalin what you sometimes hear, however, I have to take a high dose of the ritalin otherwise I don't notice anything, but I don't want to be high dosed.
        Pfff sometimes I don't know anymore.
        By the way, below is the b12 I use

  5. What a story, and so many things so recognisable to me
    I too am an HSP/HB er....I have known this for a few years now, more and more things are becoming clearer to me and I understand myself better.
    I am the way I am, a sponge that absorbs everything, I feel, hear experience everything intensely which takes a lot of energy.
    But I am now at the point where it is starting to become my strength, more and more my sensitivity is becoming my strength.
    I am a driven little person, my life is fun again and I enjoy every day more and more

  6. Dear Jochem.
    A question about side effects of LTO3:
    I am not allowed to take Ritalin etc because I have glaucoma.
    Is LTO3 safe for eye pressure?
    Meanwhile, I did (impulsively) order it....
    Thank you.

  7. dear jochem
    I have an urgent question
    How can LTO3 help against better sleep if you take it before bedtime
    but also that it makes you feel more allergic?
    I'd love to hear

    1. Hi Deborah, I answered that question for you ages back ;)
      Bottom this page with all information about LTO3 is at the top of the comments your question and my answer to it.
      Briefly, this is because the calmness in your brain makes you alert during the day. This calmness also allows your brain to easily relax in the evening and produce substances like melatonin that make you sleepy. This then allows you to sleep more easily. For further explanation, you can find the answer I wrote to you earlier.
      Greetings Jochem.

  8. Dear Jochem,

    With tears in my eyes and full of recognition is reading your story. I am sometimes at my wit's end. Living consciously, seeking adrenaline rush and self-medication are my methods. I never manage to sustain anything, anything at all, for long. One moment I get frustrated, the next depressed. Maddening! Where is the best place to start?

    1. Dear Jochem,

      Am a young man of 20 and have been diagnosed with ADD+HSP since the age of 6. A few months ago, I discovered this site. So far, many tips you give have already helped me like taking LtO3 and making green smoothies in the morning.

      Now that I've come across your personal story (before that I hadn't visited this text) the site has taken on even more meaning. The similarities I see are very eye-opening and sometimes even a bit grim ;) .

      I'm not going to write too long a text here (because I could do that). I just wanted to say that for a couple of months now, I have been visiting a psychotherapist who uses free association (therapy). In the last few months, I really notice that I am in a kind of evolution. In which the IC comes more to the fore. Like yourself, I have the urge to want the best for everyone and to pretty much eliminate myself. This characteristic has certainly not gone away but I look at it differently now. My past years (since about 14-15y) I have also been dealing with tinnitus, depersonalisation, depression, ... As you say yourself, one provokes the other, I see that now too.

      I think the realisation you had at 24-26 is happening to me now. In particular, realising that the lifestyle you maintained just doesn't belong with the disorder/trait ADD and HSP. Starting it now, I think this is a get-a-away ticket for myself not to fall victim to a worse disorder that you unfortunately did have to experience (of course, you did learn a lot afterwards). There's still a lot I need to learn but I love learning about it.

      I myself wanted to ask you if you can relate to my story. You also say you've seen just about every coach, therapist.... So my next question is whether you ever ended up with someone who did free association techniques? If so, what was your experience?

      I hope you come back online sometime and maybe respond (after all, we are 2018 by now ;) ). If not, I just wanted to thank you for taking the initiative to put this site together. No doubt there are very many people who benefit from your posts, even if you don't hear or see them.


      PS: I have exams soon but can't stop reading this site. ;)

      1. Hi Geert,
        How nice to hear from you.
        It does me good to hear that you got something out of my story. That's what it's there for :)
        Sharing my experiences to give others a certain awareness that could possibly give them a positive spin on their lives.
        You are on the right track! It may be a road of trial and error but that's part of it, I still have that too. The form of healing is also not a linear process and in fact, all of life is not.
        The list of therapists and (alternative) doctors I have seen is indeed endless but free association techniques sounds new to me.
        If you like it, you can contact me personally via the contact form. Wonder how it helps you.
        And yes, unfortunately I don't really get around to updating the website anymore. Life goes on and for a number of years this is where I focused my full attention.
        Now it is also time for new things. The great thing is that the information and my story is there. Pretty much everything I have wanted to share I have done :)
        Good luck and maybe I'll speak to you again via e-mail.


  9. Dear Jochem,
    Jeez very recognisable this... it feels like coming home....
    I am now many psychiators, , medication and counselling further and just home from me last admission.

    Ever since I can remember, I have been anxious ( extremely insecure ) , always tired, nervous, restless and spoke& thought differently about life than me peers and often somewhat people-shy. Often also very fascinated in animals and the language they speak without speaking. I felt stupid at school but disguised that with looks and being popular... I think that was a survival mechanism. At 14, I was so stubbornly detached and totally unaware of the fact that I needed to be helped that I started abusing alcohol to function. the first ritalin I learned about then and I didn't know what hit me... I knew immediately that the calmness it brought me was addictive. Speed also had a calming effect. People thought I was doing well, but unfortunately I was only functioning on drugs and booze. I weighed almost nothing and got pregnant with my first child. I had to quit though and go through life sober. My son was hospitalised at 2.5 months. I experienced a traumatic event that sometimes I still think I wake up from. I got pregnant again during that period and after my daughter was born I really collapsed... this was really survival every day.... I knew the day would come when I would pick up the phone and tell a loved one to please take over the kids because I really needed help quickly because I was not a good mother and not able to take care of the children. I sought a lot of help but unfortunately over the years I have learned to always come across as better than I really am. I didn't get help because I wasn't bad enough... This time the whole world was allowed to know that I could no longer function without drugs, alchol and medication. i wanted help so badly but alas.... september 2016 i called and ended up in hospital in late february due to a deliberate overdose attempt to take my own life.... Now in retrospect, i'm glad i'm still here and immediately got an admission of 7 weeks of diagnostics. They put me firmly under the magnifying glass and the results are almost in. ptsd, borderline, high-sensitive, and some form of add or adhd and luckily on time with an incipient eating disorder. I am happy about it to the extent that I am finally starting to talk about it as if it belongs to me. At the moment, I am trying to see the kids every other weekend for a few days and be a mother again as I should be. Unfortunately, so far I have taken time out every time due to overexhaustion and overstimulation, which has forced me to disappoint myself and the children by ending it early. I just notice that I still can't enjoy myself and after starting the day I'm overthinking in no time, running around like a headless chicken, starting everything but not finishing anything, lacking energy, not being able to eat because of tension around the stomach or having enormous eating kicks. depressive days, which fortunately I understand better now than I ever did before. I start getting up later again to avoid going through the whole day as it just really takes me too long. I spend whole days unconsciously watching the clock... where do I want to go so soon and why ? Now the news about ritalin gave me quite a shock this week. I also know the other side of this junk. Now I have heard about lt03 before and tried to get it at shops but unfortunately they don't know it anywhere. I don't normally believe in natural products that actually have an effect. I have just ordered a jar and read very good comments about its use. I am quite desperately looking for a certain peace in my daily life and am fighting hard for it... Hopefully this will make life a little less difficult for people with hsp - add - adhd... I really hope that people with hsp will draw more strength from it instead of developing depression. This site is really a push in the right direction for a lot of people I believe... Thanks.


  10. Hi Jochem nice that you speak so clearly about these issues,
    what strikes me is that nowhere do you talk about the hemp, CBD,THC oil while it works so much on the neurotransmitters and even restores them.
    Do you have n reason for that this is a very natural supporter besides healthy food after all.

    Thanks am curious to hear your reaction on this.
    Greetings Lois.

  11. Hello,

    Just posting a comment here because I don't know where else. I am looking for a forum/chat room like thing where you can talk to each other about life with ADD. can that be on this site somewhere?

    Greetings, R

    1. Hi,
      There used to be a forum but it is so much work to moderate it all day. Moreover, people often become negative towards each other because it creates an unpleasant atmosphere. Unfortunately, it is too time-consuming to moderate a forum all day.

  12. Jochem,
    Diagnosing ADHD, ADD, HSP etc>> well I keep finding this difficult. In my opinion, everyone has symptoms of ADHD at times.
    From the blood, they cannot test it.
    Have you yourself used LTO3 ? and if so how many capsules and for how long ?

  13. Hi, nice read. But reallytt veeeeeery and very difficult for me. I am add-er+ hsp. I have known this recently.
    Maybe it's an idea to make videos/audio.
    listening to something that interests me works much better than reading Laps of texts.
    I think I am not alone in this.

    Greetings Rosh

    1. Hi Rosh, is sometimes my AD(H)D ailment to keep writing like that ;) But it does vary a bit per person with not being able to read through. If I read something I find really interesting I have no trouble with it and many AD(H)D'ers have that. I never liked reading either but when I have a really good book, I read it out in no time. Maybe it just wasn't for you ;)
      Greetings Jochem.

  14. Hi I did wonder what kind of diet you used and what else you do besides meditating? For me, sports and meditating help well but sports sometimes exhaust me too much....

    1. Hi Lotte, the food I have been eating for over six months now I write more about here It comes down to the Paleo diet but to make it a bit easier on myself I do eat rice, potatoes and oatmeal in the process. Besides meditating, I also do some kind of NLP/mindfullness exercises in which I break through negative patterns. So patterns that make me feel bad or that make me lack energy, etc. I started this based on a therapy I started for my CVs/me. For me, really physically demanding sports often have a big impact on my energy level and I can sometimes be tired for days. Skating and cycling do go just fine, though.

  15. Hey Jochem,

    Thanks for your site and your story.
    I recognise a lot of myself in parts of your story and in HSP/ ADD, from back in the day my parents said doctors had wanted to test me for adhd, was a bit of a 'separate' child.
    As far as I can remember, always busy with something in my head, know what is going on with friends before I even get a phone call, have very much the nurturing role, at work, at home, basically everywhere. Often feel exhausted from all the impressions and emotions. Also very chaotic and messy because of so many roles, wanting to do well, makes me feel restless a lot, and then exhausted again.
    Am considering taking Lto3 to keep myself balanced a bit easier ( I hope) and find more peace.

    Love, Marieke

    1. Hi Marieke,
      That sounds recognisable yes, wanting to help others and sensing everything in advance. Lto3 can indeed be a good remedy to give you more peace of mind. For many people, it really turns out to be a godsend for ADD, ADHD and HSP.
      When you are at Smartvital use this discount code '8564B6' you will get 3 euros off your 1st order. Nice touch.
      Let's hear again how it goes. :)
      Greetings Jochem.

  16. Hi Jochem,

    I am 16 years old now and was diagnosed with ADD/Autism six months back from what I now know is NOT correct! Because of your website, I now know it's not autism but HSP. Which, by the way, made me have a panic attack in the middle of the night. Because thinking for six months that you have autism and getting peace of mind with it and then finding out that it's not true is no fun. Unfortunately, I still have ADD. I now want to start a website myself, only for young people. Because there aren't any! But I don't really know when, because I'm starting my training as a doctor's assistant this year and I don't know how busy I'm going to be. But I hope it will help a lot of people in the future.
    Thank you very much for your help though you don't know you helped me for this response.
    Greetings Simone.

  17. Jochem, how beautiful that you can put it all into words like this!
    I myself also have ADD and can really relate to what you write!
    Greetings Pieternel

  18. Extraordinary story, good to share, I think many people could benefit from it. When I think of my 15-year-old son, he still has a long way to go, because reading this is really not an option. I have found a good coach for him, very happy about it, I wish that to everyone.
    There's still a way to go for society as a whole, but people like you are already making a difference and that's bound to expand. Thank you for sharing! I am curious about the future....

  19. Hello Jochem,

    My 17-year-old daughter has HSP and has been taking LTO3 for 3 weeks. She takes 1 capsule every morning and she has benefited very much from this, finally having peace of mind.
    Now since then she has been extremely tired, out of school she goes to sleep for a while and also in the evening she goes to bed very early.
    Could this still be a side effect of LTO3 and maybe we should go to the 2 capsules ?

    Greetings Renate

    1. Hi Renate, nice that the LTO3 works so well for your daughter!
      As for that fatigue, it could be that the body is really resting again and really needs to get used to it. Then it may well be that this fatigue will subside. With highly sensitive people, the symptoms are sometimes more intense in the beginning. It is best to ask Smartvital. They do know and can help you well.
      I think that fatigue does subside after a while and you can think of it as a kind of 'reset'. If you do a detoxification treatment, for example, this can also cause symptoms like fatigue for a while. This is normal.
      Good luck and let's hear how it goes again! :)
      Greetings Jochem

  20. I am very happy with your site Jochem. I am 65 now and have known for about six years that I have ADD. Found it on the internet. So many pieces fell into place. I think for 95% recognition. I didn't function anywhere. Had so many jobs.
    Grew up with a narcissistic father, which also shaped me into a negatively anxious person.

    After reading various things on the internet, I started to understand myself better and also how I come across to others. Not tactical. Not understanding that what I was saying could not be!!!
    I have come a long way out of the negative spiral. Especially through your site. You make us special people. And we are.

    I am creative. Made a thousand things with our five children. Have a solution for everything. Five years ago, I discovered that I can paint. Abstractly. And now paintings of mine hang in houses and offices.

    I was diagnosed two months ago by a lovely psychiatrist with a lot of understanding for this. This is the spectrum of autism, ADD and PDD-NOS. And with this I can move forward to know and recognise myself more.

    You give people back so much self-esteem.
    I am very happy to have found your site. I think a year or two ago and took a lot of strength from it. Thanks for everything you want to share with us.

  21. I have the CD Buddha's Brain, but I cannot find anywhere which song represents which theme.

    Which one for relaxation, concentration etc. Who can help me?

    1. Hi Tineke, sorry, I hadn't seen your comment! On the back of the CD, the 3rd bit of text says exactly what you want to know ;) Let me write it out for you. > Listen to Alpha Buddha (track 1) or Buddha Learning (2) to get your brain into the ideal learning state. Listen to Buddha Vacation (number 3) to take a 10-minute holiday from your daily workload. Listen to Buddha Concentration Power (4) to give your brain a concentration boost and if you want to relax yourself more (e.g. to fall asleep easily), listen to Total Buddha State (5) or Buddha Brain (6). Good luck! Greetings, Jochem

  22. ...I sometimes get very tired of it....but anyway ...I wouldn't trade my adhd son for anything in the world. How much I learn thanks to him....especially in dealing with people. ..How to address different people...what can you do to prevent things from happening. ..and above all. ..if there is a problem...He always knows a solution! Those brains are running at full speed. .So quick solutions! let him speak out or explain how he came up with it...Often there is a super good logic behind it! He is often labelled as not social...but believe me...he is just that! !! Only injustice he really can't stand. ..If you can bring yourself to approach them with a lot of humour and respect then you really don't have a problem hear...but don't we all want to be treated like that? ??? I can't teach the world to deal with our son. ..So I am teaching him to deal with the world! !!!

    1. Super to read. I have such a special grandson. It was first searching how to deal with him. But when you get to know him better he is such a wonderful child. He is six now. Barts of energy and joie de vivre. The teacher at school is so happy with him. That is also very special.

      I am going to give this site to my daughter.
      Jochem writes so simply and positively. And from experience. Compliments.
      This way, we can continue to teach our grandson to be positive about everything.

    2. Hello Petra,

      A mother senses when her child is different from those around him. Pay attention to his awareness and intelligence. They are not that crazy, but do not follow the rest of the world blindly. And that bothers the world because they are authentic. These golden children are capable of more than many realise, but they fight, often with behaviour, against the harness people want to cram them into because those around them have a less developed consciousness.
      Standing by your child is the most essential thing you can do as a parent. Once he gets past his adolescence, with a safe home (that is a requirement) then things often work out.
      The balance is then established and he is in his power. Especially the children who are not supported by their parents lose themselves and will suffer in their adult life.

  23. Heej Jochem!

    how happy I am with your site! Good that you are doing this! I get a lot of positive energy from it. We don't need therapists;p We can get there with logical thinking! Life is demanding and we adhd /hsp adders feel it a bit more. But we have the strength to look again at the little things that most people forget. Let's put a positive spin on it together!

    Greetings RIa

  24. Hello Jochem,

    How good, how much I like your website on brain learning. You are really knowledgeable and show that you are an expert by experience. Great that you share this with us and so is a good support for education, therapy etc.

    Question; I am curious to know if you receive reactions from the incumbent and what issues you would like to see changed in this ?

    yours sincerely Alphon

  25. Hello Jochem, how happy I am with your site! It does help me start understanding myself as much as possible and find a turn in my own chaotic life.
    I'd like to ask you if there is any information about relationships where both have add? I'd rather a light bulb go on for me about my husband...that would explain a lot and would really like to read more experiences about that.

    I hope to hear from you.


    1. Hai Lianne,
      Recognisable is this, my husband has ADHD, I myself have ADD with depression..we had a very difficult time...until we really started to understand things after diagnosis..very late.
      Exactly what Jochem writes, there are books about this..I have 1 myself, is upstairs..come back to it, if I may, partly because of that book, I am not only fussed at myself..but now recognise that from my husband too...sometimes we just have to laugh at our hassles....
      We are now several years further on, we have taken and encountered many bumps and bumps, but now we know what we have to gain from each other... I wish you the same! Kind regards v Marina

  26. Hi Jochem,

    I am also HSP and have gone through the route of psychologist, psychiatrist, inpatient and group therapy for almost 20 years.
    Recently, I started seeing a hypnotherapist and she is going to help me manage my train of thought and overexcitability a bit.
    I find it all very tricky and don't really know what to do with it all yet.
    Am still very much searching.
    Could YOU give me any advice?

    Thank you in advance,

    Greetings Marjon

  27. Dear Jochem,
    Is LTO3 safe to combine with St.John's wort and vice versa ?
    The latter herb is a natural remedy for mild to moderate depression. And seems to work as well as pharmacological anti-depressants. But this herb is also known to give interactions with other drugs. The question now is, can they (lto3 and st.janskruid) be combined, do they cancel each other out, do they reinforce each other's effect or does it give unpleasant side effects ?
    What is known about this.
    With thanks,

    1. Hi Michiel, LTO3 is a natural remedy that, in the past 10 years of use in Canada, has never been found to be incompatible with other remedies. This applies to medication as well as other natural and homeopathic remedies. So you don't have to worry about unpleasant side effects. I have written more about it on this page > All the best. Greetings, Jochem.

      1. Dear Michiel and Jochem,

        LTO3 can be used alongside St John's wort.
        Depression occurs from overstimulation, fatigue and often magnesium deficiency. Also inform yourself about Meta-relax.
        The videos on Jochem's site have been on our site once, and the latest one is about my son. I saved him, from symptoms caused by HSP HB, by keeping him home from school, going into nature, Metarelax, St John's wort and now he uses LTO3 regularly. And very important with this group, Organic food.
        His sensitivity is a quality overloaded by today's hectic society but also the negativity caused by our lifestyle) of human beings.

        These children often get stuck at school. Get them out of the environment if you notice your child getting overexcited. You can use Section 11G of the Compulsory Education Act on this. Rest, nature and space will make them recover and you can rebuild from there. Beware of misdiagnoses because they show behaviour that will resemble ADD, ADHD, ASD but even Tourette's. These disappear with de-stimulation. Also see if your child has high awareness, this could be related to a giftedness recognisable here. This again regularly goes combined with HSP.
        Those children, when left in the wrong environment and inappropriate education for long periods of time, all exhibit behaviours that can also be found in the DSM.

        Check out for more tips and tools for survival in education.

        Good luck parents!

      2. Dear Jochem, it is encouraging, for everyone!
        I understand you don't write under your real name.....
        People who read this and are sincere will appreciate your story
        Thanks in advance! Kind regards v Marina

    2. Hi Michiel, St. John's wort I also used years ago, it helped, but unfortunately the depression got too bad at one point. Even got acupuncture, until this also didn't help anymore. Too bad, am a big fan of it.
      Unfortunately then switched to regular drugs....what was that bad..I became a 'nobody'...this is now very long ago, thankfully.Took myself off, wanted to live, despite that nasty depression. Now have my 3rd pot of the LTO3 in late 2015/early 2016...for my ADD and depression.
      Am late diasnogticised, approx 2009, am now 56.
      Have been able to read a lot about the LTO3, as it is also for depression and Michiel, no one is the same and everyone has his/her own reaction....but it helps me a lot!
      My husband noticed it after only three days...myself's not a miracle pill, but something, which triggers heea with me, and literally too;)
      Am also still often very tired, but nutrition, really does a lot, really! Everything is just a (new) beginning...
      So in a slow way, pace that suits me, I am switching more and more to Rawfood, together with my husband.
      Sugar is the biggest culprit....
      I experience the ADD side much more now, as my 'being'...I am trying to use it constructively, along with the depression, which has now become heeeeeeeeeery much milder.
      St John's wort can interact with medications...I was not allowed to take it anymore, because of blood pressure pills...but there is plenty to find out about this.
      I wish you all the best...fri v Marina

  28. I am beginning to recognise it, dear Jochem, my ADD as POWER. For some time now, I've been surprised to see AD(H)D'ers here and there bringing a message of hope with all their might, while I, as a late-diagnosed person (only 47, I'm almost 53 now) was still wallowing in "my misery". However, until that diagnosis some 6 years ago, I also had the idea of having lived nothing but POWERFUL. Nice that you highlight the distinctive character of so many AD(H)D'ers here! We all have a lot to offer. Once we are all convinced of that, we will "kick some ass" (as we sometimes say here ...) "They" don't know us yet!

  29. Dear Jochem, Maksim alerted me to your website and I went through your explanation of the different forms, your tips and the benefits. Well done Jochem, my compliments.
    My youngest son Ivan has ADHD type 3. Fortunately, he is gradually learning to live with it. I recognise a lot in these benefits in him. I have sent him the links and hope he will take a look.
    My thanks for the work you do!

  30. Recently, both my children (boys aged 12 and 9 years young) have been diagnosed. Partly at the request of school. Youngest even prioritised (arranged by school), put on medication (ritalin). This appears to have no effect on him and his moods become very unpredictable. Now the school has indicated that both children are no longer manageable, and that we have to find other education for them as soon as possible. Grmpfffff. .. So this is how society is for special children. Am extremely angry, disappointed and sad. Your site has come at the right time to help us see the positive side again.
    Thanks Jochem, will read around a lot there.

    Gr. Josefien

  31. Hello Jochem,
    How super that you have gained so much knowledge! I will add this website to my favourites so I can find it easily... And will definitely do a lot of reading here... Thank you!

  32. Hello Jochem,

    How good that you have created a website with a positive perspective. I notice in my work with children with ADHD, that there is often a negative stigma attached to it. While these children are so much fun! Full of energy, original ideas and always on the move! Good luck!

    kind regards,