Paleo diet for add adhd

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  1. Hello Liebes ADHD Team,
    Bin durch Zufall auf eure Webpräsenz aufmerksam geworden.
    Diese gefällt mir recht gut.
    Weiter so und viel Gesundheit und Erfolg für das gesamte Team.

    Ich selber hab die Paleo-Diät ausprobiert, es braucht sehr viel Disziplin und Durchhaltevermögen, vor allem wenn man ein Allesesser ist und nie auf die Ernährung geachtet hat.
    Spätestens dann wenn man keinen Sport mehr ausführen kann aufgrund Corona und weiter isst, braucht man eine Umstellung. Hab diesen Schritt gewagt und konnte abnehmen. Aber auf Dauer wird diese Ernährungsweise sehr anstrengend, und an manchen Tagen fängt man an schwach zu werden....
    Hoffe konnte euch damit Helfen

    Freundliche Grüsse

  2. hi

    you would like a reaction now I went to a psygiater this morning and he prescribed me Brintellix drops 20mg/ml I have to take 2 drops of that every day after the morning meal
    I am now curious to know if anyone has experience with that


    1. What does that have to do with this article man, and it's psyCHiater, if you can't write that word yet and come up with a totally different question like that, just go look this up ff and don't start your own blog or question here.

      Personally, I find pretty rude when you know there are other places and opportunities to ask this question.

      And also how you started your text with: you would like a reaction , no the man wanted constructive texts and own experiences to be told and not a silly question about medication that you happen to be taking now.

  3. I have been labelled ADD. I am looking for any avenues that will promote my concenctration and ability to rest. Paleo has now triggered me to start. I myself have also started using high-quality omega 3 fish oil for some time. In omega 3 there is DHA which is a very important nutrient for the brain to grow and maintain. it gives you peace of mind and much more focus.

    Good luck everyone.

    Greetings Cor

  4. Richard de Leth, former general practitioner (soon gave up his practice to focus on prevention through nutrition/healing through nutrition=addressing causes instead of suppressing symptoms) has also started a whole movement: Oersterk.
    Also focused on eating differently, it has a lot of common ground with Paleo. Has also written several books and now offers really complete lifestyle courses.

  5. In December I will get an official ADD test, (without a test for me already clearly add), and suffered from ME for over 25 years. About 2 years ago I started Paleo or primal diet, and I must say it goes ge dig. Now if I eat anything wheat, or anything else that is not good for me, I immediately get eczema or other skin rashes. In my case, the extreme fatigue was simply a food problem. In terms of mood too, everything is much more balanced. So for me there is a clear connection between food and AD(H)D (and in my case ME) It has at least improved the quality of my life a lot.

  6. Hi Jochem,

    nice item you have today...

    Since four weeks I have been on the Paleo diet, Was I came across somewhere via Facebook.
    Since you like getting reactions about this diet... here is my experience with it.

    A word in advance.
    Two years ago I got colon cancer, I was 54 at the time. The 2 years before, I kept getting fever attacks.... after the bowel cancer operation, not had any more. So e.g. it was related after all.

    Finally... that was quite a process, a lot of stress, tension, fear and sadness, including hefty surgery. ( Luckily no metastases, no radiation, got there in time ).

    During that period, through an Anthroposophic Dietician, I received nutritional advice to gain weight. That way, I continued to eat for a long time... even though a lot of it was organic.
    Still, I gained some weight recently which got in the way......

    On 9 July, I set myself a goal, to lose three kilos in two months... via google I found some and that made the first move from 1 to 1.5 kilos.
    So then I came across the Paleo diet.
    This did interest me especially also because I was told it would give you more energy.
    ( that energy was still a bit distant since the colon cancer )
    ( cognitive piece wasn't working very well either and I have since become even more sensitive to stimuli in the form of noise, crowds, too much stuff together... recording info , etc... etc.. )
    ( As a child I had ADHD, I think, especially physically busy always hanging in the rings, playing football, playing in the hay on our farm, talking a lot.... now more ADD, especially busy in the head. I haven't had any tests at a mental health centre or anything like that.... but I just know/feel that this is how it is. )

    Been Paleo since four weeks... lost another 1.5 kilos ( is now at 23.20 BMI ) So my goal already reached two weeks before the target date.

    It takes a switch... making fun recipes is already fun to do.
    You can really eat enough per meal, you really don't need to go hungry.
    My experience is that in between meals, I have no appetite or desire to eat anything.
    If I consume a lot of energy then I take a handful of nuts in between.
    The need for sweet is virtually non-existent.

    But mostly, I feel so much better, more energetic... my head less easily tired, more alert etc.. etc..

    I feel ( because I had been eating a little less carbs for much longer ) that those carbs make me tired... will have something to do with sugar elevation in the blood, I guess.
    Now that I avoid them altogether, I do notice a marked difference.

    So I will keep going with this..... not to lose weight but just to feel good.

    My bowels are giving little trouble at the moment. No flatulence, no cramps, good bowel movements several times a day ( which is much more normal than once a day )

    Good luck with your site...mails etc.

    Sjanne Janssen