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  1. Frightened by it is currently experiencing t same ...
    Have also had many jobs every time after 2-3 years I moved on because I felt bad and thought t was because of that....
    Now I have t again feel severely unhappy but have no reason to....
    Lots of crying and is such a rotten feeling....
    Past I fled into new job etc and then t went again ...
    Going to call GP about this anyway....
    Already take lto 3 but still feel rotten....

    1. How sad that you feel this way, that too is recognisable to me.
      Visiting your GP is always good, my experience is only that if you are referred to the mental health service that you are then 'helped' on medication.
      I do not take medication, do run into ADD drawbacks daily, but I can deal with them better now.

      Maybe you are HSP and at least you don't have to take medication for that.
      HSP: then you are a special person in this world.

      Listen to your body, take regular rest and maybe the job you have now might not be what you always wanted to do before after all ?

      I was a secretary/receptionist for a long time, but I wouldn't really want to do that now: sitting behind a computer all day and hardly getting off your chair actually :-( .
      Would t prefer to start a shop.

      Good luck with everything!

  2. I have known for a year that I have adhd and recognise myself so much in your story. Sometimes it seems like you're on a rollercoaster and there's no stopping it... I've been at home for a year now with a burn-out. Thought for a while that I had my body back in control but unfortunately had to take another big step back. What I often come up against is the lack of understanding from those around me.
    You can't see anything on the outside so there's nothing there. ... Am also diagnosed with fibromyalgia 14 years ago so was quite used to a lot in that.
    It will come again all in due time. ... Additional problem: I am a single mother of 3 daughters, 2 with adhd and 1 with add..... Pretty busy at times if I do say so myself.
    But wouldn't miss my girls for anything, as I am Super proud of everything they have already achieved.
    Good luck with everything!

    1. Wow...a single mother with 3 daughters, what a strong woman you are.
      I'm proud of you, can I say that ?!
      Am a mother myself :-) .

      Good luck overcoming your burnout.

  3. Have only known about my ADD (am 49...)
    Became 'wise' by trial and error after 2 burnouts even to ME.... By making high demands on myself and meeting expectations of others.... Now that I know, I keep it in mind and do take my rest.
    Reading actually calms me down provided it is an exciting or captivating story and not too long in a row.

    1. It does help though when you finally know what you 'have'...I myself am now 45 and heard about it a few years ago.
      You can now start reading good books on ADD and give things a place. Very enlightening and instructive.
      Good luck.

  4. Very recognisable, lack of understanding is what has always bothered me the most, now I can usually get over it. Listen to your body even if "society" sometimes doesn't let you.
    Best of luck!!!