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  1. Hi Jochem,

    First of all, I want to say that I have been greatly helped by the information I have found on this website! You have a lot of useful information and tips on there, and many of them I have tried.

    Only I have a question about that demo of binural beats that is on this page. The demo is supposed to last an hour but it always stops after 20 minutes. I really like listening to this tune, so I bought the Buddha Brain CD and more of them. But that doesn't include this tone. How can I get this track?


  2. Hi Jochem,

    I read:

    "How do I get Binaural beats?
    You can find binaural beats all over the internet. Take a look on youtube. Below is an example."

    and 2 sentences later:

    "There are also options to listen to Binaural Beats on the internet via youtube, for example. However, the quality of these is usually very poor."

    why is it actually called beat if it's not rhythmic at all?

    Otherwise interesting site. Am orientating myself as I have recently been diagnosed with ADD. Already read many recognisable things I've been running into all my life on your site.


  3. bonjour,

    Mon fils est TDAH , dans votre site vous proposez d'être en son binauraux Alpha pour l'apaisement et la concentration. Es ce que vous avez essayé en son binauraux Béta ? si quel oui, quels impact avez vous eu? Pour moi aussi je vais commencer pour mon fils en Alpha mais entre 10 et 12 hz, plus proche du Beta que du theta.

    bonne journée Christophe Messager

  4. Can I also download CD ?
    iTunes or mp3 file for example ?

    Unfortunately, I don't have a DVD reader but would like to purchase the CD as an mp3 file on my Apple.

  5. Hello Jochem,

    Would like to know if there are any guidelines on how long you can/should listen to these beats for the best effect and what is the right volume.


    1. Hi Nicole, there are not so much guidelines for it. You can use it whenever you want. I would build it up slowly in the beginning. For example, start at 10 minutes one day. In time, if you want, you can do it fine every day or several times a day.

  6. Day Jochem, I see in the comments a woman who uses Ritalin ... what this product also does, is, the ends of the nerves die off, causing people to lose their emphatic ability (empathy), they become like zombies, and in time no longer feel compassion for others, and in extreme cases can commit acts, without feeling or involvement like a robot....I think this is very sad for these children, they are new age children, who carry a beautiful energy with them, which is destroyed by this. the pharmacy knows about this, and yet this is still used, and even by students to learn better? What kind of children/people are we going to get ...I am already holding my heart.... can you warn them about this please ...
    i was looking for cd with beta alpha théta and delta , and so i came to you, thanks for the tips and the cd. kind regards yolande

    1. Hi Yolande,
      Thanks for your response :)
      I hope people inform themselves widely before making choices. For some people, Ritalin really proves to be a godsend, but what you say. It also has its side effects. These are difficult choices for people who are sometimes at a loss for words. For some people, lto3 turns out to be a godsend as a natural alternative. I have also managed to find my niche in the world and now would absolutely not want any stimulant medication. If I do things where I am challenged and that are adventurous then my brain comes into its own and I would find that an eternal waste to dampen with medication. But in the end, everyone makes their own choice.

  7. I have a question about the demo: is it on the CD? Are the other binaurel beats similar to the demo or are they more soothing tunes?

    1. Hi Lona, the demo is also on the CD. There is a diverse selection on the CD with different types of Binaural Beats. In addition, you get access on their members' area where you can listen and download many more Binaural beats and videos.

  8. Do the binaural beats also work well for people who also have tinnitus and hyperacusis? Why not post a demo for a minute or 2,3?

    1. Hi Hilda, I dare not say this but a relaxed mind is always good and in many cases can make all kinds of 'strange' complaints go away. That's why I love meditation so much myself because it relaxes body and mind. Binaural beats do the same. Tinnitus also often stems from constant stress in the body. By the way, there is a link to a demo halfway through the article. This is the one Binaural beat demo Make sure you always listen to Binaural beats with headphones or earbuds and not just over the speakers. Otherwise, it won't work. Good luck! :)

  9. Hello Jochen,
    Is there perhaps an iPhone ap with Binaural beats that works well already? I see some but the reviews are very mixed.

    Yvette Royakkers

  10. Hello Jochem,
    I am looking for something that makes me dream less. I fall asleep super fast, but am tired in the morning from all the dreaming. It was shown at a sleep centre years ago that I dream a lot, but they couldn't do anything for me there. I feel like my brain doesn't get any rest and works all night long. It's like people tell me when they have a fever, delirious. Whole constructions I'm solving, conversations that go on endlessly, situations I'm in...... A lot is aimed at falling asleep, but would the beats also help and when should I listen to them? I'd love to hear.

    1. Hi Renate,
      You can always try that but I cannot guarantee whether it will make you dream less.
      I would then listen to the binaural beat before bedtime. Try that for a while and see how it goes.
      Good luck.
      Greetings Jochem

    2. Hi Renate,
      I also have the problem of solving all kinds of problems in my dreams at night, which makes me wake up dead tired as if I had worked through the night.
      What helps me well is taking a few drops of cannabis oil (thc oil) before going to bed. This makes you sleep much deeper and wake up feeling refreshed!
      More info can be found on the Mediwiet foundation's website.

  11. Hello jochem,
    Is the binaurel beat you put on your site activating or calming?
    I want to try it nl before bed!
    Thanks in advance for your reply!

    Ellis mulder

  12. Appreciate your super tips.
    But just a question about the health insurer which largely reimburses concerta I have emailed several but with all turned out to be a co-payment and in relation to LTO3 the costs are then high the health insurer does not know LTO3 unfortunately. Would like to try LTO3 but no money for it. Do you know more about this?
    Bvd Nicoleth

    1. Hi Nicoleth,
      Which health insurers reimburse concerta I don't know but I hear from many people that concerta always costs a lot of money. Ritalin, on the other hand, is reimbursed. But as far as I know concerta is not or only to a small extent. Lto3 is currently reimbursed by PNOzorg. You have to take the supplementary insurance and you have to have it prescribed by a doctor. This can be tricky but you may be able to do this through your GP or possibly psychologist. Of course, it helps if you find that lto3 is really a godsend for you. In that case, it may be more easily prescribed. Good luck with it.
      Greetings Jochem.

  13. Hello Jochem,

    This is very interesting information for our profile paper on the influence of music on school performance!
    We wonder where you got the information.
    Thanks in advance!

    Suzanne and Hannah

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I am afraid that if you are deaf in 1 ear, the effect is then (partly) lost. The Binaural Beats work in stereo and the difference of the frequency of the tone in the left ear with that of the tone in the right ear gives the 3rd tone (the binaural beat) to which your brain will resonate. So I think better not to get involved then. A waste of money. I would enjoy meditating for brain relaxation. Greetings Jochem.

      Update: Sandra, it occurred to me later that you may not need to hear the sound because your brain may just receive the tone itself only you don't hear it. The 3rd tone, or the binaural beat, is then just created by the brain. But I'm not sure if this is the case. A good question, Sandra. I'll see if I can find out.

      1. I am also very curious to see if you can find out more about that, as I myself have the problem of unilateral deafness/deafness...

        Thanks in advance

        1. Hi Jochem,

          I was looking for information on the usefulness of binaural beats in unilateral (whole) deafness and came across your article and Sandra and Jos' questions. It's been quite a few years but maybe in the meantime you have found more information on whether this is possible? In this case, it involves a congenital disconnection between ear and brain which means the signals do not reach the brain and thus no sounds are perceptible... Would the brain then still be able to pick up the tones outside the normal ear canal? I am curious to know if you have figured this out:-)!

  14. Hi Jochem,
    Last night, I had listened to 15 minutes of meditation. I relaxed and seemed to fall asleep. But each time I "reverted" back to waking state. So up and down again and again, and after 1 1/2 hours, became slightly panicked. My head was empty, my body relaxed and ready for sleep. And still it didn't work. Eventually it did, but pffff, it lasted. I take ritalin (in consultation with Psychiatrist) and know it can make falling asleep more difficult.
    I can buy a CD of Binaural Beats, but how do I know if it works for ME? Can I "test-drive" on something?
    Marianne V.

    1. Hi Marianne, annoying that you are having such a hard time falling asleep. It could be that the meditation you listened to made you feel uncomfortable. It's new in the beginning and instead of letting it wash over you, you're too preoccupied with it which actually keeps you awake. I do think this will pass if you push through for a while. Meditation is a process you have to get used to and which will get better and better. What you say about taking Ritalin. Ritalin is an upper and yes, that also makes you have trouble falling asleep. It is actually nothing but speed. In your case, though, I can really recommend listening to binaural beats. Especially since you mention having trouble with meditation. Binaural beats are audio tones of a certain frequency that actually every brain responds to. To what extent it has an effect varies from person to person. The advantage is that compared to meditating, binaural beats are super easy. You set the tone and thats it. This removes the problem of having trouble keeping up and that is precisely what we AD(H)Dérs often come up against. Hope you can do something with my answer. All the best. Greetings Jochem

  15. Hello Jochem, I am very happy with all your tips! I love that you have so many tips and have been taking LTO3 together with my son for a month now to my satisfaction. The photos on your site really appealed to me and that's why I had signed up for the newsletter. As an HSPer, it is nice to read so much valuable information. A question regarding the Binaural Beats; is there any way to download that music for an MP3 player or for the phone? I don't think I have a CD player anymore... ;-)) Greetings, Karin

    1. Hi Karin, if you put the CD in your computer then in windows media player click on rip CD and you will get all the mp3s for your phone or mp3 player. But if you buy the Binaural Beats CD, you also get access to their members area where you can download all the songs plus extra bonus songs. You can download those directly to your phone or mp3 player or something :) I use that myself. Do you know enough?
      Thank you by the way for your positive sounds, very nice. Fantastic also to hear that lto3 also helps you so much :)
      Greetings Jochem.

  16. Dear Jochem,

    Unfortunately, the link to the Buddha brain CD does not work. You then get an error message and can only download the book. Or I'm doing something wrong, that's also possible.