Chaos in your head due to ADD

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  1. Hi Karin, very recognisable story you do. I have ADD and the chaos, the rush in your head I understand very well. I also experience this and always call it a "storm in the head". Being distracted by everything that makes you (almost) forget what you were actually doing or wanted to do. I regularly walked up the stairs in the house but when I got to the top, I didn't know what I wanted to do because on the way up I suddenly thought of something else or saw something else that got my attention. Then I would stand around wondering what I actually wanted to do. My safety line was to go back downstairs and think again what I wanted to do. Usually it would bubble up again and I would go back upstairs with anger, frustration and sadness because I felt like such a loser about it. Sometimes I still didn't know and then....there you are as a grown man and you have no idea what you actually had to do!
    I have been on medication for about 2 years now and am happy with it! It mainly provides me with (mostly) calmer, less busy heads which makes things go better because I can focus more and get less distracted. This gives me peace of mind!
    I understand from your story that you are not on medication (yet). I would say give it a try. Of course, medication is not a final solution but a tool to achieve your goal (no more chaos in your head).
    I hope you (and others reading this, of course) get something out of my story.

    Greetings, John