Debby Colijn's life with ADHD

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  1. "Just to list: fickle (huge) short-tempered, forgetful, chaotic, need for structure, black-and-white thinking, extremely emotional, constantly in need of kicks & challenges, quickly tired of everything, sleep problems, brooding, nonchalant, not subtle, likes to rest and be alone, extremely nervous,? That?s all me?"

    So recognisable.....! plus perfectionist, impulsive, funny, tired.....

  2. dear debby
    I don't know if you still read the comments
    but I wonder how you put it now ?
    And do you do it without medication? or do you take medication anyway?
    because I find it a story so relatable
    grt, nadine

    1. I was idd found adhd-positive then. I started on rilatine for a while, but stopped after a week. I felt agitated constantly, and I still slept badly. Then psych prescribed me efexor because I had huge moodswings , but I stopped taking that after only 3 days because I got cramps in my stomach. Then for a long time( , until now) I thought I don't need any more medication. I realise now that back then I was focusing too much on my sleep problem and was perhaps still in a postnatal depression. I also said then: from now on, I will no longer take sleeping medication. And gradually sleeping has returned to normal. Only now is it time to tackle my adhd. I have another appointment with the psychologist, a new one by the way. And I hope I will be a different person within two weeks. Because my marriage is really suffering because of my enormous temper and my impulsive talking and reacting. I constantly hurt him and have nothing but criticism of him and it's stronger than myself. So partly things are already much better. But to tackle the adhd, it was too early then. Sleep had to be reset first.

  3. Hi Debs,
    Yes, I also take a look here from time to time... it really seems pretty clear to me that you have ADHD. Your story reads like a train and it oozes a solid dose of unfocused energy. We all have that, ADHDs and ADDs alike. It strikes me that here and there among that population of AD(H)D'ers are people who have learned to use that energy, that power, to their advantage and to share it with other AD(H)D'ers: Ilja VP with us in Flanders, Jochem here in the Netherlands, but without a doubt there are plenty of other, unknown Flemings and Dutch people who are also making progress. When I received my diagnosis six years ago, my world also stood still. Little by little, I am also crawling out of that valley. Never give up, Debs, we are on the right track and finally, especially among fellow sufferers, who can give us tips and experiences that are worth much more than all the advice given by social services or the psychiatrist (who doesn't know what AD(H)D feels like), by which I don't mean that I don't think they have any merit either. See you later, Bert.

  4. Jeez Debby.... Am a bit quiet about it, you know. I may just (unfortunately) not have children, but most of what you say could be about me.....
    Strength girl, and in the meantime I have learnt 1 thing: accept yourself!
    Love, Tass

  5. Hi debby,

    I hope you come out of it, for you and your husband and children.
    Hope you don't drink yourself enzo.... Because that makes it difficult to diagnose correctly. This could also have an impact.
    But you already indicated being fierce as a child. (Or did you have bad educators?)
    Aren't you just (well just) depressed?
    Of course, it could be that you experienced something traumatic in your childhood?
    Which I don't hope for you, but something like this can trigger all these consequences.
    It then seems you have adhd, or borderline etc etc.
    Nutrition is also important.
    I myself do not have adhd but once thought...
    I did have an experience at the age of four that made me who I am and have been struggling with that all my life, hence.
    I don't drink (anymore), I don't blow (anymore) and I don't drink coffee, which also made a huge difference.
    Also, I no longer eat sugar and yeast for my irritable bowel and so on in terms of diet helps me along the way.
    I wish you strength and love and patience with yourself, and you know it's okay for someone to be too nice to you!!!
    Embrace it!
    Just listen to embrace me by blöf.
    Kind regards

  6. Hi Debby,
    Wow the last thing how you describe yourself I recognise myself so much!!! And quite a few other things. I have also been labelled with ADHD, I always say. It's more in me head I can easily hang out on the sofa for a whole day if I have to from being tired.... Have tried several pills but find them unworkable.... I think we have to accept ourselves as we are and those who care about us should too....
    X Nancy

  7. Hi Debby,

    Wow, in your story I recognise so much..only don't have children myself but I completely recognise your feelings and expressions. About being too can really do that? Fair is least that's how I always thought about it, but I think I am often too honest. It sucks when people don't understand you, you start to think you're crazy and not from this world or something like that...yes, maybe you don't have that, but when I needed or wanted to tell my story, I would get upset or be fine...I have so much respect for you and people who have it because it just sucks, I find it really exhausting at times...all my life. Sometimes positive because I think of things that other people wouldn't think of.
    Thanks for your story debby.

    X Merel