Karin's life with ADHD

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  1. Nice story, but just for me as a layman, what can I tell from your story that you suffer from ADHD? All I see is a story of what I consider a normal working day. Busy, with lots of focal points, but perhaps I have news for you, we all do.... But perhaps I am a hidden ADHD-er? I get up at 7.30am, shower, have a quick chat with the missus, take my daughter to school, feed the chickens, feed the cat, open the business, receive customers, purchase products, sell products, make prices, do the business administration myself, listen to customers' problems, solve problems for customers, negotiate, do the banking, make my own lunch, no lunch break because of customers, close the business, cook, have dinner together, evening, check and answer e-mails, listen to the missus' experiences, phone friends, family... The only difference I think is that I don't take pills but always look for the balance... busy day... vs quiet day, boring job vs nice job...

    1. Hello Ray,
      I don't know what exactly you read from Karin's story, but I read chaos that could have been avoided. With you, I read structure, proceeds chronologically. You are working on one thing at a time. With Karin, everything is criss-crossing.
      Both a very full day's programme. Only the way it goes is totally different.
      Enne beside the point... hearing experiences wife... Sounds like an involved partner! :P