HSP in children (HSK)

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  1. Hello Annemieke,

    Also here 2 HSP children. The 9-year-old daughter is a sweet spontaneous girl. She currently picks up so many stimuli, especially outside our family. This has been getting worse lately. Fortunately, her performance at school is good. But she really takes on other people's problems and piles everything on her shoulders. It's good that she has a teacher who also has HSP. She understands her very well and that helps my daughter when she discusses a problem with the teacher. Now she has started looking for help / recognition. She is now in an 8-week training programme with five other children. Here she learns to deal with HSP. And get a better self-image. We hope she will find it easier to deal with and that her life will become a lot less difficult. And be able to enjoy and relax again without worries and with an empty head.
    And sonlief is handling his HSP. Is also a different child from his sister.
    I am very grateful that at school they are handling it well and helping and supporting us!!!

  2. I am a highly sensitive mother and teacher.
    5 years ago, I started looking into why I felt different, why I could react so violently to the presence of others with "problems", why ..........
    Started reading up on the whole HSP thing...and for the first time in my life (I'm turning 45) dare to say I can do something well. Because of my HSP, I am a good teacher...that sounds arrogant to some, to me a victory!
    Every year I get children in class who I suspect will be HSP are. Every year I do lend my booklet " help I feel so much" to a number of parents. Parents feel understood, children naturally the same. Meanwhile, parents from other schools even come to me for tips!
    If I had known 40 years ago why I feel differently I would have had a lot fewer sad lonely moments....my HSP is now my strength to be allowed and able to guide the children I encounter so that they learn that they have a very special "gift" and are allowed to be different.

    1. Dear Sascha,

      Wonderful that you are so proud of yourself! And you should definitely be...I've already sent you a message back.
      Thank you for your beautiful story.

      Warm greetings,

  3. My little son is also an HSP child. All the characteristics apply to him except sleeping. He always falls asleep right away. What I do about this is: I have been singing the same lullaby to him every night since he was born (he is now 7). Never do I skip that one day. As soon as he hears the song, I can see in him that he surrenders. And within five minutes, he is asleep. However, I should not skip it or start singing another song, then he is upset. Lights in the corridor must be left on, door wide open, a small tent must be made out of his duvet. No problem, if that makes him feel safe and sleep well, I'll do it. With him, they handle it very well at school and I am extremely grateful for that.

    1. Dear Linda,

      Wonderful that you do this every day, very recognisable :)
      Lamp on, door open.....as long as your child likes this, just keep doing it. Super!
      I have sent you a message back via email.

      Warm greetings,

  4. Dear Marjolein,

    Thank you for sharing your story, and what a story! Beautiful and moving I must say.
    HSP is an extra quality that you know how to use beautifully.

    Warm greetings,

  5. Hello,

    my daughter is an Hsp'er. We found this out last year through a neighbour with a daughter who is also HSP. My daughter is 6 years old and over the past few years we have run into quite a few things that we usually get out of through rest and regularity. At school, it is a different story. The teachers don't see it and think our daughter is a difficult student especially with reading when in fact she is just afraid of failing. At home she is fluent only at school she is not.
    These days, she is allowed to go to sleep with soft music and we bathe before bed, which helps very much at bedtime.
    What is odd is that our girl picks up negative behaviour from others very quickly while she is incredibly sweet from her own accord but when she plays with other children she picks up negative points very quickly and lets it out very much as soon as she sits quietly with us.

    I myself am also HSP but also mildly bipolar and that is a combo that is quite an ordeal for our girl at times because she wants to take care of me which of course she does not have to.

    She has a natural ability to get along with everyone, young and old and animals are her best friends.
    Unexpected and exciting things can upset her as can loud noises, anger etc.

    But what love comes from that girl wonderfully.

    1. Hello Sabrina,

      From your story, I recognise very much. Especially taking on someone else's negative emotions. Also the unexpected and exciting things that upset her. And from what I read, you are doing well. Stick to yourself and keep going I would say. As an HSP mother, you know exactly what your HSP child needs.

      Warm greetings,

  6. Hi Annemieke,
    I also HSP and am beginning to understand and use this quality better and better in my daily life. Have been in care but that became too heavy, as I also developed an intuition when people died. Could do death counselling very well without any real training in this. Because of the HSP. Can also handle children very well, also because of my HSP.
    Now I am a foster mother of socialising kittens, as well as stressed cats and sick cats from the shelter, and I really feel for it.....because of the HSP.
    I got overworked last year and despite my HSP I had lost my touch with my feelings; too much with my head instead of the heart, while I can always trust my feelings...Now I am through haptotherapist (!!) back in touch with my feelings and I feel better and firmer in my shoes. I can and must trust my feelings!
    Glad you are a children's coach and can guide the kids; have fun and good luck with it.