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  1. Six months ago, I received a referral to an agency for ADD testing. I recognise myself enormously in the characteristics of ADD (as well as HSP).
    The frustrating thing for me, however, is that nothing came out of that research because there is too little evidence from childhood.
    Meanwhile, they have been doing follow-up testing for six months and I don't know anything yet.
    I am afraid nothing will come out again because it is too little 'demonstrable' from childhood.
    I am 36, when I was young, little or nothing was known about this kind of thing, and my parents have no comparables either.
    Research as done consists of many questions and interviews: in my view, a subjective method, if you are so used to something or don't remember how it used to be.
    Why not just measure your brainwaves and derive the information from that?
    That seems much simpler, faster, more reliable and objective to me.

    1. Hi Luna,
      ADD and ADHD unfortunately cannot be measured with certainty in the brain. It is only that if you measure a large group of people with ADD and a group without ADHD, you will see differences. For each individual, even the brain of someone without ADHD may look the same as that of someone who does have the diagnosis. Nowadays, AD(H)D can only be demonstrated using questionnaires. This includes interviews with parents about childhood.
      Greetings Jochem.

  2. Hi Jochem. Nice and clear piece you've written! I myself have ADD and HSP and also have two children who have that. In addition, my son has had a lot of anxiety (GAS). A few years ago, Dynamic Neurofeedback came my way. I started doing it with my children and have benefited immensely! My head is quiet, I have more overview, can put down much more than before, focus much better, etc. My children have also benefited a lot. Especially my son, who has completely lost his fears, among other things. I took the course myself and have had my own practice for three years now; What you say about your NF trainings, I can imagine that you did not notice enough, that the effects did not stick. I myself have experienced; myself, but also in my practice, that someone with AD(H)D complaints does need more trainings than when you come for anxiety or other complaints. At least 40-50. In addition, it would be worth trying Dynamic Neurofeedback, because that form of NF trains the entire frequency spectrum (i.e. all the areas you described so nicely above) at the same time. In this, you experience changes/improvements in all kinds of areas, not just the ones you come for. For example, you come for better concentration, but the changes start with e.g. sleeping better or feeling more relaxed. Only after further training do you see that the deeper problems are 'tackled', such as concentration, overview, better focusing, becoming more emotionally stable, etc. I'm curious, though, which form of neurofeedback you did? Not that it wouldn't be good, by the way; but if, besides AD(H)D, you also have HSP complaints and fears or other things, the dynamic neurofeedback is a tool that might give you the desired effect. I always really like your site! You always have very useful tips and everything you describe is very recognisable and useful if you are ADD and HSP :) Keep up the good work!

  3. Dear Jochum
    I was wondering about your own experiences with neurofeedback?
    Kind regards
    ps I myself have ADD and neuroimmunity problems and am HSP but now my niece is being diagnosed with ADD and I hope they are going to help her without chemical medication

    1. Hi Evy, I have tried neurofeedback 2x. 1x normal neurofeedback (10 sessions) and 1 x brain state (can't remember the name exactly) that was 20 sessions. For me it didn't help enough but this could also be due to the cvs/me (chronic fatigue) which made my whole system and brain extra dysregulated.
      The neurofeedback did make me slightly calmer in the head but it was not that it really improved me tremendously. After a while, the result was also gone. But I also hear from people who do benefit from it. So it really is a question per person whether it will work or not, I think, and as I said, my CVs/me may also have had a lot of influence. Above all, get very well informed!
      All the best with your choices.
      Greetings Jochem.

  4. Hello, what an interesting topic! I am very interested in the workings of the brain so I was wondering where you got this information from, could you maybe send the literature sources to me! It will make me really happy! This is because I would like to know exactly how brain waves are formed in the brain and so I want to delve a bit more into this topic.

    Thanks in advance and keep writing articles!!!

    Regards Laura

  5. Hello, I would like to fully support Jochem with his opinion not to take everything on Youtube or other media for credible. Your neurologist can give more insight in this area though, as they should be familiar with gamma waves and their effects or drawbacks. I myself also have a lot of activity in that unknown part of the brain, but when you ask in person, they can give more specific answers. The Internet can give false information and then people like Jochem are happy to point this out.

    Regards Bertramus

  6. I have a question.
    I had damaged nerves. Now I did nerve regeneration isochronic binaural beats via you tube. Not once but I think three times in one day. The following night I had violent pulses in my brain and warm currents through my body. The following day I had a severe headache. Now I am of the opinion that. Swelling has occurred in the damaged area. Now four days later, I feel all warm currents through my abdomen again. I am worried about possible proliferation of cells, can that happen?
    Would like to receive a reply soon.

    1. Hi Marja, Binaural Beats is to my knowledge not known to have any such complaints. I myself am cautious about listening to them on YouTube, though. After all, you never really know what you are listening to. Anyone can upload something, but I find the complaints you experience very severe and I have never heard them before. You can start assuming all sorts of things yourself that you've suffered swelling in the damaged area of your brain but that won't get you anywhere. The best advice I can give you is to go to the doctor. They may decide to do a scan of the head but possibly the symptoms will subside on their own within a few days. Good luck with it Marja! Greetings Jochem.