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  1. Hi,
    Just a wake-up don't have to get rid of your are a human from a "new" earth, it's actually all very are right, everything is energy and frequency...say vibration.
    The "old" human functions at a frequency of 7.83 Hertz... this is the alpha state,the adhd-er has a much higher frequency, that's all.
    Earth has always had this frequency, but since 2014 it has suddenly doubled, fluctuating so much between 15 and 25 Hertz.
    Last week, we even had a peak of 69 Hertz!
    Science can't explain why the earth's frequency is suddenly rising...7.83 Hertz is the vibration of the sleepers, the slaves so to speak...they go obediently to work every day, pay themselves squat in taxes, and live life according to the principle of house and home...they are basically the walking dead, you see.
    Because the earth's vibration is rising, mother earth is also stirring, hence the extreme weather, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that are much worse now than before. So everything has to do with the frequency increases that are taking place now...we are busy and chaotic because our high vibration did not resonate with the earth so...but now that the earth is rising further and further in vibration, we are getting closer and closer to the point, that we are actually functioning better...this frequency is also called the shumann resonance, google it.
    You are what the spiritualists call a new age child, only they believe in angels and such...haha, also a way of making sense of it.
    Haven't you noticed that in the past week you were often exhausted, slept badly and had all kinds of complaints in your body, muscle aches, flu-like symptoms and so on...that was because the earth's magnetic field is now weakened, and very strong energies can penetrate the earth, this is a normal cycle called solar minimum, it takes place every 11 years or so, all scientifically substantiated and proven.
    There are people on earth who know this, supposedly our leaders, who you really don't see on the news, and they absolutely do not want this to become common knowledge, because then this crazy society will collapse.
    They do everything they can to keep humans in a low vibration, by creating fear...wars, poverty, and sending terrible diseases into the world, because then people stay on the frequency of 7.83, and are easy to manipulate.
    Why do you think we are always called difficult and obstructionists...because we think for ourselves...and people don't want that.
    Stop all the pills and crap, and just turn inward and ask yourself at everything you see and hear...why?
    Eventually the answers will come to you...observe...think without thoughts, and you will see what I am talking about.
    I could write so much more, but then it becomes an unclear mess....
    The key points are:
    - the shumann resonance.
    - the earth frequency which is still rising.
    - Earth's magnetic field which is weakening.
    - celestial bodies ( planets) that entered our solar system and caused all this.
    You are not here on earth to be drugged so that you go to work obediently, possess yourself at the weekend, and later die from an illness in the nursing home....
    You are a new kind of human, with a high frequency, who can participate in creating a different society, lived from compassion understanding and love...
    To welcome the new, the old will have to disappear, which is why everything will eventually go to shit anyway, and you can see it for yourself...this society doesn't work...the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer and poorer, war,disease, poverty and misery, and it's getting worse and worse....
    Dare to be yourself with your adhd, you will eventually be an example to others...the sleepers are not, they are lost, labelling us as deranged, and prefer to drug us.
    Greetings adhd maarten.

    1. Maarten ?? Thanks for your contribution! I suspect that if you delve into Access Consciousness you will find many tools that fit seamlessly with your knowledge. How does t get even better than this!

      1. Hi Thiska,
        I understand, this " therapy" is idd a tool to come back to yourself so to speak.
        I have read about it, and yes...I have actually done the same thing, but with and from within myself in a different way.
        In my youth, none of this was available, and so I just figured it all out myself...consciously and subconsciously.
        I also know that I am supposedly psychic, and this has helped me a lot in my life...I didn't use it to help others, but to help myself, you understand....
        But for that, you have to be aware first...I'm not mad at the sleepers either, they can't do anything about it either, it's also a madhouse here, and people are so manipulated.
        What helped me a lot to become enlightened was allowing emotions, I underwent my inner pain, music and dance also contributed a lot to this.
        Especially the spiral dances of the old Sufis...these still help me now to drain quite a bit of energy from my body and mind, and in conjunction with releasing all the emotions...I can empty myself again so to speak, allowing me to better integrate the new energies into my body and mind....
        When I recently became enlightened in 2010, I could also release a kind of vibration from my body whenever I wanted...I called it the love vibration at the time...I let my then 10-year-old daughter feel it once...I held my hands on her cheeks and said daddy she's like billions of power surges she said...I said's love, and I could let it pass through my body whenever I wanted...unfortunately that state only lasted for three weeks, and then she was gone....
        I can still feel her, but only when I'm in a very soft state so to speak....
        Compassion especially makes her active...I once had it with a friend I had years ago...she had asthma, whip lash, and more complaints...I was massaging her back and shoulders, and I became very soft inside...the moment I thought, how much I love you girl, and I became compassionate with her, the vibration suddenly came through im my hands in her body...she jumped up from the sofa startled and said...what are you doing! I suddenly felt all stimuli coming from your hands and my breath stopped she cried...are you now curing my asthma she said in amazement....
        I didn't know what was happening, of course, because it came spontaneously.
        And now it still happens when I listen to music or watch a film that touches my heart, for example...she goes through my whole's like a kind of goosebumps say, but 1000 times stronger, and it feels wonderful....
        Unfortunately, the world around me is far too hard for me, which is why I prefer to be alone a lot, with myself.... feelings and gentleness is still seen as a weakness in this society, and yet it is the greatest strength in the uni/multiverse...Love....
        Greetings Maarten.

    2. Just wanted to say, I can't very well go along with the theory that there are certain leaders there to deliberately suppress us in this aspect. As long as we become more conscious, there is simply less and less room for things that don't work for us right? In the end, everyone wants ease and joy and abundance. The more awareness(higher frequency), the more we make choices that create more cool things not only for ourselves, but for the planet.

      1. Hi Thiska,
        I understand your point of view...
        I mean more that we live in a world of duality, there can be no good without bad...there is no beautiful without ugly, everything here has a counterpart....
        I would not have adhd, if there were no people without adhd...I would just be Martin.
        So there are no good leaders, without bad leaders...light versus dark.
        Everyone experiences life and this society according to his/her insight, and consciousness level, I really don't have to be right, because how I see and experience things is my world, and how you experience and see it is your world... so basically we are both right, hahaha, have to laugh about it myself now, is another lesson for me, thanks.

        1. Dear Martin, a few years later now. I came to see what I had actually written.
          And your words come in much better now, probably doesn't surprise you, somewhere ;).
          I didn't see then what I see now and couldn't quite receive you. But thank you, still, for the effort you took. I now have a much better and more encompassing view of that light vs dark. And how wonderful how you talked about the in fact, state of healing that sometimes you just are, embodying love and compassion. Something like that. Very beautiful, AND recognisable.
          Do you still have that now, or has it evolved?

          Warm greetings,

    1. Hi Els,
      There are Access Practitioners and Facilitators all over the Netherlands. My practice is in Abcoude. If that's not really nearby I recommend you google Access Bars *residence*.