Interview with paediatrician Sander Feith on LTO3 - LTO3 offers a natural alternative for concentration disorders

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  1. Dear Christine and Jochem,

    I don't know you guys, just wanted some info to see if I can help people with this in a more natural way. And what a pity that I am then confronted with your communication.
    The communication above is mostly about whether or not something should be published and what else anyone knows about or knows about this product, rather than whether or not something works for you, Christina.
    If it doesn't work for you, don't buy it.
    If Jochem recommends something, which several people appear to feel better about and/or have good experiences with, let the person buying it be satisfied. Then chapeau to Jochem, he offers options that anyone can choose to do or not.
    HE is not forcing anyone to buy it and, as I read it, has no shares in the product.

    If it turns out that the drug is demonstrably bad for the health of those who take/use it, then you have a point and you can take it to the relevant authorities.

    Seems to me this 'doesn't need to be fought out on a site', where people are - sometimes desperately - looking for solutions.

    I really hope that this can start to be 'fought out' via a less public medium or stop responding to each other, so that I (or we read: the simple seekers) do not have to be confronted with this -unasked for-.
    I just wanted to read information and experiences, not this line of communication.

    Jochem, thanks for the tip. And if it does no damage I will buy a jar.
    I.i.g. it may be good for my husband's memory considering it contains Omega 3 ;-)



  2. Hello Jochem or whatever your real name is.

    These interviews come from Smart Vital.
    That you are also involved in the sale there is now beyond doubt.
    You are not the only one involved, and that is now known.
    Possess much more information, but will not name it here.
    That this information was passed on is a fact.
    Why are you hiding behind a pseudonym? Your explanation why, really doesn't make sense. But let's assume, it has to do with your work for Smart Vital.
    The fact that you cooperate to sell supplements is not at all wrong. Smart Vital is not the only company, which operates according to such a 'sales construction'.
    But why can't you have integrity about that?
    The Volkskrant press group has since confirmed that this supplement was never in their paper. The Telegraaf has also received an e-mail regarding the attachment 'Brein'.
    Meanwhile, it is clear where these items really come from.

    Curious about your reaction to this

    Christine van de logt

    1. Hi Christine,

      I started this website in 2011 to start a positive site about ADD and ADHD and to share tips that can help people. This following the book 'The Davinci Method' which takes a very different and mostly positive approach to labels such as ADD and ADHD. Having personally experienced a lot in My life with ADD and HSP I had become so excited by this book that I wanted to create such a website to inspire and help and support people whenever possible. :)
      Because I write a huge amount about my private life, I keep my name on Jochem. I made that choice from the start. I also explain this on the 'about me' page. I don't want my whole life to be known on the internet. I don't think that's necessary. Firstly, because it is very personal information, and secondly, because I saw what happened to that girl who wrote a positive website about CVs/me, which I mentioned in my earlier comment above.
      There are plenty of people who send me their life stories or experiences that they don't want their names written there either. Can't you imagine that when you go so deep into your private life? Maybe you don't mind but there are people who do.
      As for lto3, I can say the following.
      I learned about lto3 myself only 2 years after I started the website. Then I started writing something about it because I found out that it helped a lot of people with ADD and ADHD.
      Those few articles on lto3 from the media, which I have shared here on the site, were in an insert that was included in the newspaper. Followers through the Facebook page alerted me to it and then I posted it. I also added that it was an attachment enclosed in the newspaper so I don't understand what point you are trying to make about this.
      I don't want to sell supplements. I do what I think makes the world a better place and that is sharing valuable knowledge :) Lto3 has become a small part of that. I follow developments around lto3 and as soon as I learn some new information about it or see an article in a magazine I share it.
      But let me be clear. I am not funded by SmartVital in any way, even if that could be what you say SmartVital does, I would not participate in that. The people interviewed in the articles sell lto3 themselves, that's clear and they themselves state in the interview that they apply it in their practice. Surely there is nothing wrong with that :)
      I have personally received very many experiences from people who are super grateful to me for alerting them to lto3 and that makes me happy :) That's why I like to keep sharing the information. Doesn't mean of course that lto3 works for everyone, but it does for many people.
      In all these years, it has now become clear to me how many people there are who don't like giving medication to their children or for themselves. It varies from person to person. For some of those people, lto3 really turns out to be a godsend. Super nice for them :) But people who take medication are no more or less to me if that's what you think.
      I don't quite understand why you are trying to play some kind of private detective here. I have nothing to hide.
      Have a great night Christine.

      Greetings Jochem

  3. How nice to read this piece from the popular newspaper. My 10-year-old son is under treatment by this doctor! He also offered us LTO3 instead of regular medication at the time. I am very grateful to him for that.
    The improvements he describes have also taken place with my son and he is still improving every day. He has been using it for a year now and the changes are striking. His school results have also improved markedly and the teachers in his class are full of praise.
    I am very grateful to Dr Feith that he offered us this remedy and did not immediately want to use the "old-fashioned" heavy medication. Top doctor!

    1. Check it out! Nice of you to respond and how super to hear Marion! :D
      I am glad that I can help spread this valuable information in the Netherlands through this website. People are becoming more and more aware. It has become clear that for most people lto3 just works super well! It's good to see doctors taking this on board and not just focusing on chemical medication.
      All the best! Greetings Jochem.

      1. Dear Jochem (sans surname)

        As a reader of the 'Volkskrant', I can say with great certainty......'This article has never appeared in
        this newspaper!'
        Why do you try to market your products in all sorts of ways every time anyway?
        Death-ordination trade on the backs of 'innocent people'.
        I also came across you on a forum for people with ME back in 2012.
        In the most outrageous, disrespectful way, you tried to persuade these people to start using LTO3. You should be ashamed to death!
        There are lots of useful and good links on your Facebook page. I will never deny that, but do you have to go on and on, advertising all kinds of products, the effects of which have never been proven. Maybe a 'placebo effect'. An expensive effect.
        On the links to interviews to newspaper articles, you keep hitting the mark. Ever heard of a newspaper archive?

        Now explain that to me.

        Christine van de Logt

        1. Hi Christine,

          People usually draw my attention to articles and then ask me to put them on the website. According to them, these articles came from the newspaper. They then said so via an email or facebook comments. It indeed turned out that the article was in a supplement of the newspaper. I added that too. In this case, the article came from the supplement 'Brein' that was with the Volkskrant at the time. That is also neatly included.

          I am absolutely not trying to market LTO3. I have seen hundreds of people improve tremendously over the past 4 years thanks to LTO3 and I am proud to be able to communicate that through this medium. Fortunately, a huge number of people appreciate it. The reactions do not lie.

          That forum you refer to turned out to have a very negative atmosphere. I didn't come there to proclaim lto3. However, at that time I was dealing with the chronic disease CFS/ME to an extreme degree. Really a terribly nasty disease that had me bedridden for years and unable to do anything. Thanks to Ashok Gupta's therapy (amygdala retraining), I recovered immensely from this. I came to tell that there, also mentioning very briefly that LTO3 gave me support then. The amount of hate I received there was really unprecedented. Purely because I mentioned that I had found something that helped me.

          As it turned out, I was not alone in this either. Many people appeared to distance themselves from this forum because of the hatred there. It seemed like you could only come there to complain together but not think in solutions. It turned out there were a few moderators who determined the atmosphere there and had the trousers on. If you had a different opinion, you were grounded and threatened.
          At the time, there was a girl (Moniek) who was creating a positive website about CFS/ME. Very good work she did but it was those same people from that forum who tried to destroy her life. She was threatened several times and later even got death threats thrown at her head. First she changed her name on her site and later she even took her site offline completely. An eternal shame because I personally know many people who are partially or completely cured of CFS/ME thanks to the information shared on her website, just like me. Thanks to her website, I learnt about 'other life' and Ashok Gupta's 'amygdala retraining' and with it, I am largely cured of CFS/ME :)

          Hope this clarifies things a bit.

          Have a nice day.
          Greetings, Jochem.

      2. Good evening.
        My eldest son has been tested on his iq
        He verbally scored 129 but peeformally only scored 88.
        So that is significantly lower.
        He has difficulty responding back to questions quickly because he is incredibly slow in his digestion and it takes him a lot of effort to pick up speed.
        In contrast, my youngest 8-year-old son has an awful lot of energy. It gets in his own way and also children do not want to play with him because of his busy doings.
        So would this product finally be the solution for my children?
        I have tried fish oil capsules in the past but I couldn't get them into my boys.
        They are also mega gross too!
        How big are these capsules and what do they taste like?
        I would love to hear a response back.
        Kind regards wen

        1. Hi Wen,
          Lto3, especially in children, often seems to give good results.
          If the capsules are difficult for the kids to swallow, you can simply open them and mix them with some apple sauce, for example.
          For this, you can also choose the 'lto3 no taste' version so that you taste a fish flavour less strongly. The lto3 no taste can be found here >
          The normal lto3 here >
          Good luck with it and all the best.
          Greetings Jochem