Do I have ADHD

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  1. Hello laura and readers.
    Your story I recognise as if I have known you for years and would immediately get on well with too .
    Because you put down your life experience and I recognise so much of it .I am now 53 and have the heaviest form adhd I take 8 ritalin a day and would also like to share my story, but I am currently in a plague jacqueline period in which everything piles up and no matter how much I want to, I can't manage to do the daily things I want to do. I hope to send you something again but for now on to the pharmacy for my ritalin.

  2. Yes Leonie and Laura,

    The same applies to me.
    What was the blow for you, leonie? I have no medication for this and am still in a process with testing, not specifically based on add/adhd
    In any case, I will definitely keep it in mind but never thought of it.
    Gr blackbird

  3. Hey Laura,
    Thank you for your story.
    I can relate to it immensely. Although I don't have children (yet), I understand what you went through.
    I am now 33 and have been diagnosed for 3 quarters of a year.
    The changes, contradictions, communication, being insufferable while you think it's all normal..... very recognisable.
    Thank you.
    I always feel human..... and "normal" again after reading such stories
    Greetings Leonie