ADD and HSP feast of recognition

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  1. Yo Carolien!
    Better late than never, I really need to ff respond.
    During an ADHD/ADD course at the mental health centre, I ended up with the medication doctor. Possibly my serotonin housekeeping was not in order, so: Citalopram! Even on a very low dose, I went like a RAKET! As a Burgundian Fundamentalist, I could really appreciate that, until after about 6 weeks the tide turned completely and the fun turned into a hysterical daymare.
    - "Gut, maybe Your dopamine levels then"
    OK...Wellbutrin 150 mg. by Glaxo Smith Kline. Carolien, I almost didn't believe it myself, but after about 4 weeks, not only are the eternal suicidal tomfoolery completely manageable (quite important!), I also experience almost 0 side effects. You recognise the severe doom thoughts when they present themselves, and almost mechanically push the misery out of your head and heart. Almost scary how well and quickly that works on a weak and undisciplined person like me.
    One is not the other, everyone reacts differently to whatever medication. Still, I had to share this with you. Oh yes, I have been doing Zen meditation for a few months now (Mindfulness is just as cool) and in thin lines a slightly calmer emotional life is emerging. And it is SO relaxed & easy: claiming YOUR so many minutes of peace and quiet and really becoming a nicer and wiser person because of it.
    Live fine!