Life story Bas with ADD and HSP on relationships and divorce

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  1. As you said yourself, you see through everything because of your intuition, with that you might also be more understanding towards people with problems because you see through them, it makes them less difficult to avoid and you are more likely to show understanding and not run away from them, which gets you into trouble because you might unintentionally misunderstand situations and therefore miss the fact that they are still a problem despite diagnosis in the blink of an eye, and by being easily overexcited frustration is the result and there are still no pills like we like to have for people we want to help and always attract with problems, rather go into them with someone with whom you are the problem case, big chance that within no time you are balanced in terms of hassle because people who play rescuer want to be rescued themselves, species always seeks species but problems you can already see on someone's back and trust me..big bow around it, good luck and love!

  2. Nice to read.
    Still in diagnosis phase but am actually already om.....
    Received notice last week that wrs..... Etc etc. Add
    I shed 1 tear and rushed straight home doctor

    Now waiting for place you at the pros

    Environment responds well or not.

    Hope for quick, good treatment

    Bit unsure about the medication

  3. forgot the most important thing...
    After years of shit and misery . which, by the way, never got me small
    I met the woman of my life.
    this time, I went primarily by what my senses told me and not just what my ogn saw
    a beautiful woman to look at (as an ordinary person) but and even more beautiful woman inside . in heart and soul. with wisdom compassion love honesty sincerity ... an amazingly beautiful soul.
    those are seriously rare ... but they really exist!!!!
    don't search!!! otherwise you won't find her. you will find her if you don't look!!!
    cherish her and trust her because a woman like this is only put in your path once. but not until you are ready.
    so come to yourself. you have to work hard for that and be very honest about yourself and to yourself for that.
    not to hover ... but I too see a movement a change in humanity. call t indigo call t rainbow ... what ever ... but man is changing. we are the first ones who may start laying the foundation. in standards values honesty sincerity and respect and love.
    this is going to be trickle by trickle and will take a long time. but what a task!!! what an honour!
    Be who you are stay who you are ... a beautiful human being.

    I miss all my children and my still unknown grandchildren. but I know that everything will work out in due course. because I have been told that :-)

    just think of it this way the highest difficulty level is not wasted on people who really can't handle it!!! because you are better equipped with qualities you get a tougher path. your reward and self-esteem after accomplishment is then also much greater.... that's a promise

  4. hefty story man. much recognisable!
    myself fat fat add and 100% hsp according to the tests and shy with the characteristics/features.
    the road to my sunrise was long and hard. Divorced twice...with kids...had a wife with mental illness twice.(are our kind looking for it or something?) but one thing is certain: I see everything. feel everything. know a lot in advance. can see the big picture. people can't lie to me. see right through them and can gauge them unerringly. because I have one more factor...float float float I have the clear senses (ESP) joeppieee (slightly sarcastic hihi)
    that does make you experience life more intensely, and if you're not careful, suffer from it.
    But Reiki was my door to the sunrise ...the sun is shining , the weather is sweet.
    oh yeah that song applies to me too....
    our bookcase compared to "ordinary" people is fuller of experiences and sometimes hard life lessons .
    but don't make it a backpack because you'll lug around a lot. don't sit with those hot stones in your hand will burn like that...unnecessary!
    make a book of each lesson/period/experience etc. nice book with all the details feeling etc.
    Put t in your closet in your mind and soul.
    Catch t if needed. use it as wisdom.
    but have HET in your power but don't let HET have you in its power.
    because ADD & HSP is different and NOT less.
    I couldn't or wouldn't want to be without it.
    and Meditation training and initiation into Reiki will give you more tools and make you complete with control over your unique gifts.


  5. Gee what a well-described story
    I am now 34 and woke up a year and a half ago diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/HSP
    I am a mother of four sons.
    And gosh what a jerk I was in the years before this, more than was good for me it turned out.
    A year and a half ago I collapsed, I could no longer....
    Good help and guidance keep me going, but must say it was and still is now a leaden journey....
    Kids with behavioural problems, hereditary factor I'm afraid....

    And so ready for someone who can understand me, with whom I can have a good and nice conversation.

  6. Hi Bas, your story touches me. Wrs I am also ADD and HSP, not tested, though I feel that way. Nice that you still have 2 children, I have 1 daughter. You know, it is what it is, what I notice about you is that you are especially honest. Painful it can be, but at the same time your strongest point in your own development.
    Must think of a song by Bob Marley...Sun is shining and the weather is easy...enjoy extra in those moments when it's all there:)

    Sun is shining, the weather is sweet yeah
    Make you wanna move your dancing feet now
    To the rescue, here I am
    Want you to know, y'all, do you understand etc