dealing with children with ADD and ADHD

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  1. Good evening Jochem,

    Thank you for your tips on dealing with children.

    I have ADHD myself and I suspect my sons aged 4 and 6 also have it. I find that because of my impulsiveness, I don't give them the space they need to process the informations and stimuli.
    I cannot find any information anywhere on how parents with adhd can best deal with their own children who also have it.

    Do you know anything about this?

    Thank you

  2. i am faced with the following:
    in 2012, my daughter's boyfriend ( now 30 years old ) died suddenly, at certain times like, Christmas, birthday, death anniversary etc.
    my daughter is having a very hard time, she cannot cope, also she has already been to a grief counselling process, but this has not helped anything. Also, she has, his memories in a cupboard.
    what can we do to help her, my daughter has adhd and autism.

    1. Hi Gerda,
      How intense for you. They do say that time heals all wounds, but something this intense may never fully heal.
      I think it is important to try to stay busy and give life meaning. That way, in time, new people might come into her life.
      Above all, stay busy and do things you enjoy to shift attention.
      It will always be tough but at the moment I wouldn't really know what else to do about it.
      Perhaps a psychologist is an option that could help with this.
      Good luck in any case.
      Greetings, Jochem

    2. I have learned that CBD drops bring balance, especially calm emotions with people with ADHD and autism.... This is a blissful natural product that removes stress and headache b for me too

    1. Hello Jolanda,

      Even though your question dates from April 2014, I would like to pass on Nel Visser-Schuurbiers. She is based in Middelburg. If you haven't made any progress already, she may be able to help you further.

      Best of luck!

      From another Jolanda