Difference children with ADD and ADHD

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  1. Hi hi I have been diagnosed with add I read that with adhd people talk a lot I am restless inside but really talk a lot I am tired every day and still do my things because I have children I have had methylfandidate it made me aggressive in the end I stopped taking it and I am on antideprivacy medication so that I was more attentive to the people around me I don't take it anymore I have been living with fatigue for years and have learnt to do what I have to do and very nicely written I really recognise myself in it

  2. Another great article thanks for this.
    Our daughter is believed to have add and is high-sensitivity. We have been to several agencies now and they don't know what or she has. This may also be because she does not come out to vteemden.
    Who might know a good place where we can find out what or she has. This might be easier for school, home, strange situations. I read so much recognisability here. Thanks very much in advance.

  3. I have known since November 2011 that I ADD have.
    And yes it's true...
    The only thing missing is, that an ADDer is also hugely susceptible to addiction (flight, suppressing stimuli)...
    beyond that, it's absolutely true! I am that.....

  4. Signs of fatigue, depression and insecurity. Very aptly described.
    Does anyone have experience of counselling in this area? My 20-year-old daughter has been struggling with these three aspects for years. Already tried a lot but still could not find the right help.
    Who recognises this and has tips?

  5. I have twins, one with ADHD and one with ADD.
    I get tears in my eyes reading this.
    I read so exactly my 2 children. Indeed the signs of depression, fatigue and insecurity are familiar to me.
    How nice is this to read!
    Indeed complimenting them both does them so tremendously well!

  6. Hi Jochem,

    What a great article and I recognise a lot about Gianny.

    I do want to pass on that since I read your articles of food, I immediately changed the diet at home and to my surprise. Gianny has Top result at school this year and he goes from grade 2 to grade 4!!!

    I do want to thank you for the tips that you give to us ( parents ) it's definitely nice to hear stories and tips on what we should look out for!

    Finally, I see me son thriving in what we always knew.

    Super Thanks and greetings from a happy mum!!!:)



    1. Very recognisable
      we have been busy for years with our daughter
      placed at another school
      came out after many investigations to add
      given medication for concentration
      going super well now
      good grades at school
      beautiful site thank you greetings