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  1. Jochem I am really glad you are posting this. It may sound crazy but usually for my feeling people with add or hdhd are the victims in the world. And you write in a very sensible and pleasant way that I am very inclined to listen to. Nobody has diagnosed what I have, but that doesn't interest you as a child. You should go to a psychologist yourself as a child instead of having a parent send you. Because now I think I have lived my life as an addict/hdhr super often people said guest you don't have hdhd. I no hz. And to this day I think I do have it. When people describe me they also always say super busy and i know it all. And now super calm and wise and so on some even said I'm like a grandpa already. And it used to be just that teachers used to say to my parents that I distract everyone. I sleep well. But very irregularly. Can remember all my dreams these days which are literally really about the most boring things at times. I never get bored see something nice in everything that I didn't already know. But I do have tensions in my body that I have to get rid of in some way. And I find that quite difficult because everything you say on this website I already did, only meditation, sports and food work in the short term. You also say that people with HDD like regularity. That is indeed the case, but I am very happy that you also have a positive mindset and see the positive side of everything. I also have this characteristic because of my mother, I think, because my father can sometimes react very impulsively and my mother is always the one who says that it goes both ways and often it does. Everyone reacts to each other. I also know how to say things to make someone cry or hate me. But I don't do that because I feel I am not the one I am happy when others are happy. Lying I dislike. Being angry I hate. Because both are a sign of weakness. That's why I am never angry and I almost never lie. I say almost because everyone lies sometimes. Only I try hard to undermine these traits. Because they are bad traits. Being angry doesn't solve anything. It only makes you angrier. Lying is no fun because you also lie to yourself. I especially hate lying to seem cool. I also trained myself in spotting a liar. I've gotten pretty good at it now because I had a friend who was always lying so I knew what that's like. I would often play along by asking questions and then they would turn red ect. My parents often said justin hdb you did this while they already had the answer so if I lied then they could show it was me and that I was lying now. Over the years, I had become so good at lying that I decided not to do it anymore because it makes me make a huge fool of myself. Liars cannot live with themselves. Are often demanding and hope to be a good person when often they are not. I am also someone who wants the best for everyone and I want to do all I can to help people who really need it, like helping people in Africa. Just make their wishes come true. Arranging food. People like that have other wishes than we Dutch have, we are really lucky in that respect to be born in this position. So I really hope I keep this mindset for the rest of my life because I am a pretty emotional guy who knows how to express his feelings. In that respect, I am an open book. I actually also like negativity because it shows that you are doing well. Or they want to show that they are better than you but that says more about him or her than about you. I also always have people's best interests at heart and once people don't have that with me then I don't need anything to do with them either because no matter how long I stay with them they make me feel like shit anyway. It's all about you as a person in that sense. I'm all rambling again sorry for that. This is dua a right example of how I am. Chaotic

  2. Hello Jochem,
    I too am once again getting stuck in my little life. And I now have another counsellor (gz psychologist) who suspects I have ADD. He says he can't get any further with me and that this is just the way I am. Whether I have ADD, I really don't know. I think I am HSP, though. My daughter has ADD and another daughter is diagnosed with Autism. So heredity is definitely there.
    In fact, I could learn very well at school; that was precisely my strong suit. So I don't recognise myself as being unable to concentrate. I am somewhat chaotic, though, and very busy with thoughts in my head. When I go to work, and I'm busy, I'm well into it, I forget who I am and go all out. I do go to busy events and I do manage to oversee complex things and make connections. I just find it hard to really identify that I have ADD.
    Still, I am very sensitive, and what you describe here about constant stress, getting stuck every time. And when I have a period like that (like now), I do get chaotic, can't oversee things, and because things have been like that so many times before (getting stuck), I naturally no longer have confidence that things will ever change.

    I would like to break patterns; eat better, exercise more, meditate and so on. I do try to do that, but I don't oversee applying it in the long run. That's how I experience it now; I understand that certain things are good, but I don't oversee making it second nature on a daily basis. Sigh.

    Today, the psych indicated that it would be good to rule out ADD. In case I do have it I might be able to do something with that. But with him I won't get anywhere, he says. He thinks I have an incapacity. And I'm so sad about it, because I just don't know where to start anymore and I get the feeling it won't get any better than this.

    Greetings Martina

  3. hello, the LTO3 you suggest is much more expensive than Lucovitaal's. Can you say there are significant differences in that?

    1. Hello,
      Lucovitaal's l t o 3 is not comparable to Herb-e-Concept's original LTO3. Companies try to imitate well-working products to make money from them too. Only they don't use the same ingredients including, for example, Sementis. This is compounded ingredient complex which you won't find in Lucovitaal. Otherwise, take a look at

  4. I have a bit of trouble with the terms ADD-er, ADHD-er and so on...because you HAVE the condition, you ARE not it. Nor are you your behaviour. So someone who has autism ìis not-....the term autistic is also one of those terms, which I have difficulty with... In the first instance, you are a person. This person has certain characteristics and that's it. Everyone is different, even among other people with the same condition, so please let's not lump them all together...stay true to yourself and don't be reduced to a label, because a label is a thing and has no feelings and behaviour....

  5. I myself am convinced that I am an HS ADDer. My husband has features of ASD and is also very sensitive. So our two daughters have the double genetic load! :O. We are struggling to get through the days (positively) and our relationship is going down the drain. We are both exhausted (too exhausted to actually break up actually!)
    So now I'm browsing the internet (again) and I love reading so much recognisable stuff! I am thinking about getting ourselves diagnosed so that it is clear what help we need. (My husband and I both have therapy and relationship therapy as well. While it all does help, I still think we would benefit more from practical tools and methods to deal with our specific personalities). Is it indeed, in your opinion, helpful to get diagnoses? Or can I just go by how I experience and see it and seek guidance in this direction myself? Any tips for good diagnostics in (the vicinity of) Nijmegen?
    PS: We live vegan and prefer not to use medication.

    1. Hi Femke, I was diagnosed with ADHD four years ago and also recently found out that I have HSP. For me, the diagnosis helped me understand myself better. I really had an 'aha' moment and could better place why I kept running into the same wall. It created more self-acceptance. At the same time, I do sometimes struggle with the 'label' I now have. I have had no treatment or therapy in the past 4 years after diagnosis, I thought I could solve everything myself, but have since found out (after getting overworked earlier this year) that I can't and don't have to do everything on my own. I am now doing group therapy with other add/adhd'ers through PsyQ. Before this, I also had coaching focused on adhd and work, but I needed more insight into how adhd works and practical tips on how to deal with it. And that is what I now learn during the group sessions. It's great to hear other people's experiences. It suddenly becomes clear that you are not the only one, and you can even laugh about it together.
      4 years ago, I took methylfinidate for three months but stopped. Back then, it did help me a lot to get through a stressful period. Now recently started taking it again. It makes the 'fog' in my head disappear, and I feel less like everything is too much for me. It also makes me happier and more helpful, because there is now room for that in my head. It means I'm not constantly in survival mode to get through a working day, for instance. I also struggle with the idea of taking medication, because as long as I don't have to meet all kinds of social expectations, mainly to do with work, my adhd doesn't bother me so much and I don't experience it as a disorder. But for now, medication does help me. lto3 which is mentioned here is not an option for me, because I am lacto-vegetarian (no eggs, but milk). I also eat super healthy, no pre-processed food or e-numbers, no yeast, don't drink alcohol, low sugar and salt. But it makes no difference to my adhd symptoms, they remain just as bad. Symptoms have even increased recently due to my overstrain.
      Whether you feel comfortable getting a diagnosis is different for everyone. But if you want targeted professional help, this is a prerequisite, because without a diagnosis, you won't get targeted treatment from a psychologist or recognised behavioural therapist. Unless it's done through a coach or the like, but then again, you won't get reimbursed by health insurance.
      Hope this helps you, good luck!

  6. Hi hi Jochen,

    I am one of those typical single mothers who has no jotta along around apps and internet and such. Hence my question: can I download this page on my smartphone? Or on a tablet that I have yet to ahem install? Then I can peruse it at my leisure at the library or id bus.

    Thanks in advance for your work on this and the answer :-)

    Lindsay H from Belgium

  7. Dear friends, I have recently been diagnosed with ADD. I am now 52, so you know what you have been through. It was very intense in my head. It's a pity I didn't know earlier.
    is there also a group meeting for fellow sufferers I want to meet people there maybe I can get my fruits from that I have also sought help through the MEE foundation
    yours sincerely

  8. Fantastic tips, after struggling to get my MBO 4, a failure in Defence. (expelled)
    I am now on the Wajong and whatever it is. I was already applying a lot of these tips on a daily basis!!!!
    But number 1 I'm going to add.


  9. I was rediagnosed with ADD today. Diagnosed at 16 during an eventful time. So now (7 years later) I wanted to know if the diagnosis back then was correct. Then I tried Ritalin, Dexamphetamine and Concerta. Of which Concerta for the longest time. What terrible things. I definitely don't want to take any more chemical medication. And so I came across this great site! I immediately ordered LTO3 and hope it will work for me. And I will try to apply all the other tips as well. Hopefully this will make me a free and happy woman/mother again. Because since I am a mother, it is extra difficult to function in a schema society. How nice that would be for my daughter too. It can only get better! Many thanks for the site and all the positive information.

    1. Hi Christel,

      Thanks for your nice comment. Am very happy for you that you are no longer on medication. I am absolutely not in favour of that either. My view is actually to take nothing at all but if you do like to take something try indeed lto3. That often works very well so let's hope for you too :) Hope your life improves positively. Good luck with the other tips.

      Greetings Jochem.

      P.s: Also consider nutrition. Results obtained with nutritional adjustments for ADD, ADHD and ASD are often achieved are also huge.

  10. Hello Jochem,

    My daughter has a boyfriend and he has ADD and PTSD.
    Now I read a lot of tips on your site and I am also learning a lot from them.
    But so very much want to know how to deal with it as a partner and family.
    Notice in myself quite a bit , that it makes me impatient .
    And then probably don't react in a good way.

    Kind regards,
    Trijnie Hofman

    1. Hi Trijnie,

      I can well imagine what you are saying. I think all partners of ADDs and ADHDs feel the same way at times.

      I think the most important thing is to understand each other. So talk about it and listen to each other's stories. I have also created a special page where people can share their living with ADD, ADHD and HSP share. This way, other people can read that they are not alone and, at the same time, this creates more understanding from those around them.

      There is also a book 'AD(H)D and love'. You may find that helpful. For more understanding and knowledge about ADD, you might also want to read the booklet 'Living with ADD'. Which was written by Sterre Hunvie and her son and partner are both diagnosed with ADD. A perfect little book for your situation you would say!

      That will give you more clarity and perhaps you will know how to handle the situation better that way.

      All the best with it!

      Let's hear from you again how it goes on. :)

      Greetings, Jochem.

  11. How nice that LTO3 is so praised for HSPers ADDers and ADHDerss! I myself am an HSPer and experience so much peace by using LTO3 . I found it expensive for sure, but I feel so much more balanced now that I have been taking these capsules for about a month. I hope the health insurers will reimburse this remedy, which of course requires people who benefit so much from it to tell their specialist or GP! I will certainly mention it in any case and who knows what will happen!
    Nice article! thanks for this

  12. Dear Jochem,

    Am really glad I came across this site some time ago.
    Super much information that I can really do something with !!!
    Also, I have already got the LTO3 but haven't started it myself yet, I am currently still using 1 x 28 and 1 x 36 concerta. but do plan to start experimenting soon.
    I have been linking this site and the LTO3 to other people for some time now and they are super satisfied with it and a world is opening up for them !!!

    Thanks Top !!!


    Niels WIjnhoven

    1. See these are nice posts! :) That's exactly what I do it for! Helping and informing people with information that really helps them.
      Thanks for that!
      I hope the lto3 is going to help you well!
      Thanks for sharing Niels!
      Greetings, Jochem

  13. Dear Jochem,

    The day before yesterday, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Not to a severe degree, but still.
    Read your site today and am impressed by all you point out. Meaningful information, useful tips and easy to apply, at least that's what I'm going to try out now. In any case, I know in which direction I have to look, because that is exactly what the practitioner did not indicate, only a prescription for medication. In short, a great site.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ryanna, what an incredibly nice response! These methods help me a lot too. Your response also motivates me a lot, thank you very much! You know what also works well and what I do more and more often. Whenever you get negative thoughts in your head or experience unpleasant feelings where your focus becomes focused, and that happens much more often than you think actually, try to stop it immediately. But not force it in the sense of fighting it. That doesn't work. Let me explain... I often say to myself. Calm down, you are safe, you are allowed to be confident, no matter how you feel you never have to answer to others, all feelings are human. It's ok. Say it calmly and with love. Beforehand, you can also say, for example. STOP STOP STOP to shift the focus and then say those sentences in your head. But out loud is also allowed.

      If you don't keep milling about in your thoughts, you will find that the negative/stressed/fatigued feeling goes away. This technique is a combination of mindfullness and NLP. But don't do anything forced. Calm down and don't get angry with yourself. Acceptance, which calms your body and mind. And just as often tell yourself that you are good enough the way you are, that you love the world and people and they love you. Then your brain (actually your amygdala in your brain) feels safe and stops making stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. When you become calm and relaxed, your concentration also improves and your head becomes clearer and you just feel much better.

      I myself have continuous moments in a day when I feel overwhelmed, unable to think clearly, over-stimulated, tired, tense, etc. Mainly because I am highly sensitive and all the (negative) energies of others mix directly into my energy field, bringing me out of balance. I then do these techniques and it slowly flows away. But don't wait for it because that creates frustration and is therefore counterproductive. It flows naturally and, above all, don't pay too much attention to it. After a while, sometimes a few minutes but sometimes longer, you will notice that you feel much nicer and clearer and that feeling is so normal. Feeling nice and calm feels so natural and as it should and you almost can't imagine the other unpleasant feeling then.

      Most of us are such highly sensitive people that the smallest things can make us upset or restless/tired/tense etc. Unfortunately, so many people today live out solely from their ego. It's all about power, dominating, manipulating, being the best, status etc. People are not aware of this but those pesky energies bring us out of balance. Actually, we are balanced and very pure but try to harmonise those nasty energies but we can't. We cannot save the whole world.

      Not only energies of others but also, for example, reactions to parenting or busy tasks or whatever can throw you off balance.

      Keep it calm and mindfull :)

      Thanks again for your nice response! Hopefully you and everyone else reading this can also do something with this tip. Greetings, Jochem :)

  14. Excellent tips! While reading all this and thus writing a comment now, I am listening to those beats through headphones.
    All the tips I handle daily. When I get up, I first do a session of yoga and meditation. I have been doing this for more than 5 years and it helps me "ground" and reflect on who I am. Furthermore, it gives me inner peace that I take with me throughout the day. I also exercise almost daily. If I don't do this, I get overloaded, so to speak. I become more irritable but also down. Exercising clears my head and makes me feel like being there again.
    Structure is very important but also sooo hard to maintain. I have now created fixed eating times, which gives me some structure. But it only takes one appointment in between and my eating pattern cq structure is already gone. This is a daily struggle, unfortunately. I have also been watching my diet for years. For instance, I don't eat deep-fried and fried things, little meat and lots of legumes and vegetables. Somehow, this affects my entire constitution. Because I do seem to be a bit more aggressive and chaotic when I do eat a lot of meat and also pastries and biscuits and the like. I have been doing this for almost 30 years. I like it very much.
    NLP is also a very good one. It lets you say goodbye to old habits and patterns in your behaviour and opens new doors for yourself. I have been applying this for 15 years.

    I recommend everyone to follow these tips. They help me get through the day on a daily basis. You feel fitter and happier. Plus... you are no longer someone with ADHD or ADD, you are someone who can just be there!



  15. In terms of diet, I can also recommend the Food Sand Runner. As a vegetarian, the Paleo diet is not suitable for me and, besides, I think it contains far too much meat and protein anyway. People in prehistoric times did not eat nearly as much meat as is prescribed in the Paleo diet. What I personally benefit from is a big reduction in fast carbohydrates. I eat very little wheat and when I eat bread it is made of spelt flour. I also eat more legumes, nuts, seeds, eggs and vegetables than before. I have breakfast with a big plate of oatmeal. I still eat a pastry or something sweet now and then, but I notice it in my gut and agitation when I have eaten too many sugars again. Incidentally, for me ADHD was not the reason to start eating differently but a spastic gut.

    1. Oh how funny.... that spastic colon was also reason for me almost 30 yr ago to start eating differently, but eating healthy also has a lot of positive effect on your behaviour and thus in my case my ADHD.



  16. hi Jochem,
    How glad I am that you create this site and send out so much information, positivity, strength!

    I am just in the diagnosis process and, although I have always known it, I find this a heady period.
    I feel reassured by your texts. especially by what I can all do myself and not have to depend only on a pill.
    The fact that I also see good qualities that I identify with is very nice ;-)

    Although this period is difficult for me, it now also feels nice to take the bull by the horns and go for a nicer and happier life. Through this process, I also understand my son better and I am very happy that I am now getting tools to understand myself and him better... a very nice gift.

    Thanks for what you are doing and I will keep reading!

    Greetings Neinke

  17. Hi Caatje, I think it is very important that you never stop your Ritalin overnight. A short period of tapering off seems sensible to me. But this is really best to discuss with your treating doctor. Perhaps you could slowly switch to lto3 and give that a chance. There are no known side effects of that like agitation etc. People usually experience relaxation and calmness.

    All the best with it.

    Greetings Jochem

  18. Nice tips, Jochem! I read your newsletter every time with attention.... almost a miracle in itself! ;-)

    @Caatje, personally, I would always, but especially about medication, ask all questions always submit to my GP. or if he is not there, someone from the acting doctor's office.

  19. are a lot of good tips, though, that I read, have been taking ritalin for a few years now, but have been getting fucked up lately
    of,,and have add,and feel agitated,,think myself that I have been taking it too long and no longer have the good effect
    does as it was supposed to,don't know if I can stop this medication per dirct
    Have been taking it for 4years,,was a question to you,,so greetings from caatje