Book reading with ADD, it was a drama for me!

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  1. Reading: wonderful! Hup in a hyperfocus on to another world... I've probably used this from childhood to 'survive', a real bookworm. I haven't found out for three years that I have ADD and now I also understand why I can quietly read a book three times (or watch a film) without knowing exactly what is coming next ;-)

    So what was a disadvantage at school, memorisation was not there and I also could not fall back on (what my children thankfully have) giftedness.

    I used to enjoy reading The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but after my first childbirth it was only novels, until recently. The youngest is now seven, so the tropical years are over ánd medication also helps a bit ;)

    Furthermore, I can add that Sterre Hunvie's books are deliciously recognisable; her novel The Pearl is also a joy to read :-)

  2. Ever since I was little, I have been devouring books. Books about everything! Whenever I am triggered by a subject, 10 books from the library go along with it ;)
    It is true, though, that I have to be gripped in the first page. Then my visual thinking at work and experience and live in the book.
    Any necessary break is then too bad, as I am then thrown back into reality....
    This is how it is with me actually with everything; food, movies, company, concert, birthday, you name it:
    If I am not captivated right away, I wander off and am nowhere....

  3. I do read short newspaper articles. Because I can't read whole books. Because when I'm reading, other thoughts come to mind and then I don't remember what I read.

  4. I too enjoy reading.
    I read the entire school library.
    Also The Davinci Method I read now.
    I only read what I find interesting.
    Indeed, otherwise my thoughts also wander too much.
    Boys' books I like.
    Snuff the dog.
    The wondrous journey of sjoerd douwma.
    Treasure Island.
    I want to have an adventure when I read.
    I often feel like the main character in the book then.

  5. Hi Jochem,

    I have n love/hate relationship with books. I love being able to disappear into a book. My imagination gets nicely tickled and I feel I am drawn into the story, characters and their emotions. Nice and hyperfocused. When I'm about to finish a good book, I sometimes feel a bit bothered by this and bitter when it's over. On the other hand, I have to find the time and peace for it. There is still a stack of "must read books" waiting for me. But in busy times, my preference is to be stimulated by images and sound. And "have to" read... That doesn't work huh!

    I especially like (auto)biographies, written in the I form. Preferably with chapters. Like you, I have to be gripped by it. After the first few pages, I have to get hungry for more, otherwise it ends up back on the pile. For example, the books by Kluun, Patrick van Rhijn, Kim Moelands, Sabine Dardenne. Also books with collumns, like those by Nico Dijkshoorn and Raoul Heertje. Totally different books. All finished in one breath.

    And sometimes, just sometimes, I walk down to my basement where my children's books are. Lose myself in the Guus Kuijer books I used to read. Nostalgia!

    Greetings Margje (adhd)

  6. Hello all,
    I, husband of a man with add and mother of a son with adhd, have read this book 'living with ADD'. I personally think it is a very good book, as it gives a very clear picture of what goes on in the minds of people with this condition. Highly recommended.

  7. And book should grab immediately and then I'm just reading until it's out. Usually within 3 days. I finished the entire Harry Potter series within 3 weeks. Even though I had to wait a few days for my money to buy volume 4 and beyond. But under the spell of the ring, for example, I would so love to read, but have failed several times.
    Unfortunately, I will still try again.

    1. I have exactly the same thing! Harry Potter books: were out in no time. Such a thick book to live in, really great!
      And I too cannot get through The Lord of the Ring. Too stiff and too unstimulating for my already oh-so-busy brain :-))