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  1. Our son was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 12. And we were not surprised by this, as his concentration span was not very high. On the advice of the primary school, we contacted the mental health centre. After a conversation, a dose of ritalin was prescribed right away. And that did seem to have a positive effect. But after the dose kept increasing, it did not make our son any happier. Also because we were not keen on using chemicals with a growing brain, we stopped taking ritalin. As a result, we did have to help our son with his homework every day and constant discussion was needed.
    After failing once in third grade, he is in his exam year. For his first exam, we all studied (and argued) very hard. And the average grade was a 5.6. We now started LTO3 three weeks before his second exam week and found that his willingness to learn was much greater and also his concentration was much better. His achieved average grade was now a 6.6. He himself noted that he can also concentrate much better during the football matches he plays. And that: "While I think football is the most enjoyable thing there is."
    In short, it's a shame we didn't discover LTO3 years earlier!

  2. I have just ordered a jar of LTO3 myself and am very curious to see if it gives the same effect as the Concerta I was using but without the side effects. I myself have ADD and ASD. I also suffer a lot from impulsivity, which mainly manifests itself in binge eating, but when I took Concerta that was completely gone. I am curious to see if it has the same effect with LTO3.

    Are there people who also had these symptoms and noticed a difference with the LTO3?

  3. Hi,

    I have also been using LTO3 for a month now. At the beginning, I wondered if the pills were doing their job. This became noticeable only when the jar ran out and I stopped taking the pills. I felt terribly chaotic. Could no longer think "clearly", forgot everything, was late for everything. A huge contrast with before. I only noticed when I stopped taking the pills how much LTO3 helped me in my functioning. I am HSP and have ADD. I consciously choose not to take ritalin or any such medication because I want to keep my body as clean as possible. Together with healthy diet, a clear rhythm and LTO3, I can handle all tasks again! Very happy with this remedy and will definitely use it for a long time. Too bad this is not reimbursed but definitely worth the money.

  4. Since Monday, I have been taking 1 LTO3 tablet and even 1 tablet makes me terribly tired. Since taking LTO3 tablets, I am more tired than ever. How can this be?

    1. Hi Annet, this can happen in the beginning. This is actually a good sign that the lto3 is doing its job for you. It is best to persevere for a while. You will notice that after a few days or a maximum of 2 weeks you are no longer so tired.

  5. Although I thought most responses would be advertising, we gave in and bought a jar of LTO3 for adolescent daughter (ADD&autism). Because of my work in the pharmaceutical industry, I know how 'unhealthy' standard medication can be, and so would like to put it off for as long as possible.
    Took first 3 capsules this morning. Daughter just came to tell me she could just read a geography text without 'fussing I her head'. In short, concentrated. So positive for now! I will also report the results in a couple of weeks (she will have had a test week by then...).

  6. Hello,

    We have been giving our 4-year-old son LTO 3 for almost a year, we are very happy with it!
    He is a very busy and enterprising little man, so much so that he was bothering himself, quite sad. Since LTO that has reduced, we can communicate more with him which was almost impossible before. If we forget to order it and he doesn't get it for 2 ze days we notice immediately.
    I want to start using it myself now. I suffer quite a lot from depression, feel dejected, unnecessary in this world, take everything very much to heart especially what others say. .... it bothers me a lot and anger attacks because my head is so buy full. Had to make new order for my son (no touch) and I am going to try the regular one myself. I sincerely hope it will help me a bit, that I will be more unchalant about things. We'll see......

  7. Hello, I have been using LTO3 for about 2 years. And it helps me to be less busy in my head. Very nice. But now I wanted to know what happens if I stop taking LTO3. This is because I started it at a turbulent time for me. I have now stopped for about 2 weeks.
    Well I am not sure if it is from the LTO3 but I notice that I feel a lot more agitated and busy in the head. Do more people have experience of quitting LTO3? Would love to read these experiences. By the way, I have ordered another jar and so

    1. Hi Agnes,
      What you describe could very well be. The lto3 probably gave you the nice calm feeling. Now that you have stopped the lto3, that agitated feeling comes back.
      It's just like with medication for AD(H)D. People who stop it also get their symptoms back.
      Lto3 does not cure but can only make you feel more comfortable in the short term.
      Once you get the new lto3 potion in, I think things will improve again.
      Greetings Jochem

  8. This remedy works very well for my 7-year-old daughter. She was dreaming through the lesson. Wasn't getting her work done. Was already getting fewer assignments. None of the approaches worked at school. Teachers tried different things, but nothing worked. It was coming from within her. She is very smart, but didn't know what the problem was herself. It bothered her a lot. In the family are characteristics of ADD. Not tested but suggested on several sides and really recognisable. Also in own family. Because I too was at a loss, I scoured the internet for alternatives to help her. Then I ended up on LTO3.
    Ordered and started with two tablets a day. Now we are over four weeks on. I started getting signals from her after two weeks that t was improving. The teacher indicates today that she has finished d'r work all week. Mn daughter also indicates this herself. She's doing it herself, but this can't be anything other than the tablets catching on. I am curious to see how this continues. But so far I am very positive.

  9. I am 28 years old with add, I have been using lto3 for 2 weeks now and I am slowly becoming more relaxed both physically and mentally. My thought flow has calmed down considerably. Concentrating is also a lot easier. For me it really is a miracle drug and my life has become a lot more relaxed!

  10. Dear Jochem,

    Through an article in the magazine: QUEST Psychology, I read about LTO3
    I'm definitely going to order it, but have a few questions.

    I always start the morning with Coffee verkeerd, i.e. with hot milk. Should I stop doing that?
    Furthermore, I use Omega 3 capsules. Can that be combined with LTO3, which also contains omega 3?

    Thanks in advance for your response.
    Wenny Bakker

    1. Hi Wenny, the omega 3 capsules are okay but maybe you can cut down on them. After all, lto3 already contains fish oil. You might still be able to save costs that way.
      Coffee is a stimulant and I do advise against it yes. About the milk, it is said that this can counteract the optimal absorption of the ingredients. Sugar can also do this but in practice, there are people who say they don't notice this. But this is something you can experiment yourself.
      Greetings Jochem.

      1. That will be ticking off, for me then, because my cup of coffee id morning is the start of my day. I never wake up rested and that coffee starts me up somewhat. Also because of my low blood pressure in addition to my chronic fatigue.
        Any tips?

        Wb the LTO-3: I am now on 4/5 tablets a day, 3 morning, 1/2 afternoon.
        It doesn't seem to do much yet, I'll hang on for a while.
        Again, I do think it is a shame that a remedy has to cost so much and thus remains out of reach for many.
        Can't something be done about that!

        gr, Astrid

        1. Hi Astrid, I would definitely try it for a while without stimulants like coffee. What you say, you have to kick off it and that can never be good in the long run. That says enough about what it does to your body. Maybe there is more at play with you, as you mentioned the low blood pressure and chronic fatigue, and that the LTO3 is even less effective now because of that. How long have you been taking the LTO3? Give it some time and take them on an empty stomach at least 10 minutes before breakfast. I would also try not to take coffee :)
          Greetings, Jochem.

  11. Hi with Rik 49 years old, have been extremely troubled by my adhd and depression for the last few years. Could you maybe leave a phone number for me that maybe I can talk to fellow sufferers about this product . Thanks in advance!

  12. I was positive about the effect of LTO 3 on my ADD. Unfortunately, after 4 weeks of using LTO 3, I developed terrible itching all over my body. After I stopped taking the pills, my itching also disappeared.
    I do feel disappointed because I noticed it was working.
    Perhaps the hypersensitivity is due to the fact that I have been eating vegetarian for almost 32 years and the product contains animal ingredients.

    1. Hi Lisette, how annoying for you. I've never heard that before and maybe it's a personal allergic reaction for you. What you say, maybe it has to do with your vegetarian diet. Did you happen to take anything on top of it? When I took only St John's wort for a while, I got very bad skin rashes. Unfortunately, allergic reactions are always lurking. It's different for every person.
      Greetings Jochem.

  13. Hello Jochem.
    Been using L-glutamine 9 grams and EGCG 150 mg (green tea) for months.
    Prescribed by an orthomolecular dietitian due to malnutrition.
    Do not suffer from concentration disturbances or motor restlessness.
    "Just " HSP with also the associated traits. Busy in my head, tired from many stimuli, etc.
    Have a feeling it catches on more with ADD and ADHD.And especially with children
    For me, price is a barrier.
    Then, if it can also take weeks for it to kick in, you're already pretty well into costs.


    1. Hi Jochem,

      Although the price was still a hurdle, I ordered it a week ago. Started using it for the first time last Monday. So an experience expert I am not (yet).
      Was very down the last few weeks and then you want to try everything. Being depressed is not a nice feeling.
      Now, after 5 days of use (2 per day), I can email you what stands out the most.
      Very slowly I am climbing out of a slump again.But I don't blame that directly on the use of LTO3.
      Mind you, I can't get around this.Since the first day of using LTO3, I have been sleeping out until about 9,10 am.
      I can't remember how long it's been. Lovely.So that must mean I am getting more peace in my head after all.
      And this is a real message from a real user.
      Perhaps a follow-up on my further findings will follow.I am already very happy with this.
      What I still find difficult is that you can't actually use sugar or dairy products with it.

      1. Oh yes forgot, haven't remembered my dreams for years.
        Now I dream very intensely. Don't dare think of tapering off my regular medication yet,But yes I have also been taking it for only 5 days.

      2. Hi Hilly, how nice to hear.
        Hopefully the lto3 will work better and better for you. The start is already there by the sound of it.
        On not taking sugar and dairy. Yes, as a rule this is true because it could interfere with the absorption of lto3 but in practice this often turns out to be quite bad.
        At least I hear from people that it works anyway. Maybe it is of greater impact for some than others. It might.
        It's something you could try yourself in time.
        Good luck further.
        Greetings Jochem.

  14. Bye Jochem,

    About 2.5 years ago, I stopped taking medication. I am doing reasonably well, but still need to start taking medication again, because lately my ADHD has been causing me extraordinary problems. In particular, fatigue, severe fatigue that I have suffered from two burnouts.

    I have been at home for just as long and on unemployment benefit. it stops in August and then I have to go back to work. Working means taking forced medication again, because otherwise I can wait for the 3rd burnout to announce itself.

    I have read so many positive posts on your site that I am also going to try lto3. However, I read that it helps immediately, while I have also often heard that it works only after a month or several months.

    Which is true now? Because I would like to see results within a month. And does it also work against fatigue and difficulty falling asleep? The latter is due to the busyness in my head.
    By the way, I am 47 years young, so no longer a child. I don't know if age has anything to do with the effect.


    1. Hi Caroline,

      Of course, it is nice when the lto3 works immediately. But there is usually a settling-in period of several days to weeks before the lto3 takes full effect. But there are some people where it takes effect well on the very first day. Once the lto3 kicks in, it always works after about half an hour. That effect then lasts for 8 - 12 hours. Lto3 often calms the mind and there are plenty of people who say it helps them fall asleep. But you can never say 100% for sure beforehand whether that is the case for you. There is no drug or natural remedy that offers exactly the same result for 100% of people.

      For most people, it does work very well and positively in different areas.

      I can only hope it can positively help you and all your complaints too :)

      Greetings, Jochem.

  15. Hello, because of all the fantastic experiences here, my 8-year-old daughter, who was recently diagnosed with ADHD, decided to try LTO3. First time I gave her 2 capsules immediately, which caused her to become very irritable and uncontrollable. Then this morning I gave her half a capsule, but at school she hit children out of nowhere and this afternoon at home she seemed to have some kind of rebound, in the evening before going to bed she even became furious like I hadn't experienced before. Don't actually dare give her again because we can't use any more disruption. Afraid it might not work for her at all; any experiences with that?

    1. Hi Butterfly,
      This is a severe reaction that I have never heard before. Are you sure it is due to lto3? The best place to ask your question is at Smartvital. They are the official distributor of lto3 in europe. Usually, they can properly assist and help you find the right dosage and answer your questions.

      What I do know is that mainly highly sensitive children may still experience some side effects in the beginning but these usually pass quickly. Maybe you could give 1 pill less to make it easier to get used to.

      I would love to hear how things are progressing because this is not fun either.

      All the best!

      Greetings, Jochem

      1. Dear Ms,

        we also started LTo3 early this year with our son with ASD and ADHD and had the same experience. hugely explosive very busy, also completely bouncing physically.
        We stopped after the first bad experience and after a few days started with a quarter dose on a sandwich. So while eating. we open the capsule and for a month now give a knife point approximately on a sandwich in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.Now have a totally different child. Rudtig, self-reports no longer having chaos in his head.
        At school now, they are also very surprised.
        despite this very light dose, it is a huge difference in behaviour.

        1. Hi, thanks for your response Kompier.
          For some people, it is indeed sometimes a bit of a search for the right dosage of lto3. Did Smartvital advise you that a lower dose might have been better? I think Smartvital does that very nicely for their customers. Anyone who needs some help in finding the right dosage they seem to do a good job of helping just as long as needed. I hear that a lot.
          How super nice that lto3 is working well for you too now!
          All the best! :)
          Greetings Jochem

  16. my 6-year-old son has been diagnosed with pdd-nos we have started taking lto3 since a week we definitely notice a difference a lot happier and we have hardly seen any angry moods.
    what we do notice is that my son is very busy, will this subside? does anyone else have experience with this? he now uses 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule around 3pm in the afternoon.

    1. Hi Jessica, nice that it's working. Maybe this is the case for the first few days. Could very well be that that diminishes yes. Especially in highly sensitive children that can happen as far as I know. pdd-nos is also a major high sensitivity. Otherwise check with the supplier. All the best and merry Christmas! :) Greetings Jochem

  17. My question to you is, for the people who are already using it, what is the major distinction for you between ritalin and ito3 ? Regarding adhd.
    Are there people who have had it reimbursed by the Friesland health insurer? And how do you have to be insured if you want to be reimbursed?

    I can't spare the money. But ritalin is not an option for me right now.
    What is the deciding factor that made you choose this product?

  18. my 19-year-old son first concerta then ritalin just got more depressed really not normal myself stopped the medication and switched to lto3 following the internet and now miraculously he is doing so well. how is it possible?!!!!

  19. Hey!

    I have been diagnosed with ADD and it turns out I have to be on medication which I have really mixed feelings about. I am super curious about how LTO3 works. I will comment/assess right away when it is delivered and I have been using it.


  20. Used LTO3 for the first time today. 2 capsules early in the morning. I feel a little more calm and I feel more relaxed. Can I take the dose to 3 capsules in the morning? Because my concentration was at the latest only on a total of 3. I am 23 years old and 54 kg. What is recommended?


  21. Dear Jochem,

    I now have wellbutrin xr as medication against my adhd , I want to stop this and switch
    On LTO3 . Because I read that a lot of people are positive about it. And wellbutrin gives me a weird feeling.
    I'll keep you posted if they work well for me.
    Thank you for, being so committed to adhd/add and hsp !

    Greetings Samir

  22. Find all these responses hard to believe. All neat full sentences, no d dt errors, use of commas. Not what you normally find in a guestbook.
    So I wonder if these people really exist or if we are being fooled by a stakeholder.
    I suspect the latter.

    1. Hi Bernadet, I can guarantee you that these comments all see real. I have no affiliation with LTO3. It's just that if I don't take out the spelling mistakes, some of the experiences are not to be seen. In fact, a lot of people among us write a whole story without using a single full stop or other punctuation, and some sentences contain more spelling mistakes than words. I really see the most bizarre mistakes coming along. Examples are: konstand, fint, loopen, zupur and so on, with no punctuation whatsoever. I really don't like the look of this and to be honest, it makes my hair stand on end. I also constantly get complaint e-mails from people reading spelling mistakes on my website. This is why I have decided to correct the life stories and lto3 experiences or language errors submitted. I hope for your understanding for that. But maybe I should choose to leave the language errors in. I will think about it. Have a good evening. Regards, Jochem.

  23. Received the product today. Unpacked the product at 19:30. Curiosity made me unable to wait until the next day to take the medication. After reading all the positive comments on the internet, I had to know if there was an immediate difference. At 19:40 I took 3 capsules. These indeed started working after an hour. At 20:00 I went to work out at my Kung Fu club. I noticed that my concentration was better and that I was a bit more present and energetic. However, this was only very limited. As for side effects, I don't notice much. I am a bit dizzy at the time of typing (same day at 22:05) but I often have that. I also felt nauseous during the training but that was probably because I had just eaten. What is noticeable is that I suffer a bit from intestinal discomfort. The world looks a bit sharper and more colourful and, as indicated earlier, I feel that I am more in the moment. Tomorrow I will start with 2 capsules in the morning before breakfast and 1 capsule mid-day at 17:00. I decided to do this because I want to enjoy the effect of the medicine for a whole day and these only last for 8 to 12 hours.