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  1. Top movie too crazy this I have always felt said no one understands me so I said less and less and felt inferior while I often saw things much simpler and could solve them too. Thanks

  2. I already follow my passion. I wake up every day, then exercise and then get to work. Doing the things that give me energy. Sometimes there are also less fun things, like yesterday I did laundry, cleaned the house. But I don't do a 9-to-5 job. The only thing I would like is a girlfriend... a nice girl with whom I can occasionally do fun things I need her a little bit for love.

  3. hi jochem
    thank you so much for posting this video! so encouraging....
    I used to read john loporto's book in the past, but the video now touches me immensely.

    Feel often frustrated by my own perennially wayward wayseers choices, repeatedly putting me at risk and invoking oppressive/dominant reactions from those around me.

    The combination of my adhd and everything I have learned and done ( in education, meditation, work experience, life experience) makes it incredibly difficult to ignore the call of my heart. At the same time, I have an environment that has little appreciation for it....

    thank you for the video!!!

  4. I would sooooooo love to read the book, so much! But I really can't speak English......with yes and no I won't get there I'm afraid. Is there really no Dutch translation anywhere?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Lianne,

      I think I have to disappoint you unfortunately. It's a great book but if you can't speak English, it's a waste of money. I think the only Dutch translation you can find is the bit I translated myself above.

      Greetings Jochem

    2. Hai Lianne, I would possibly translate t for you in the future. Don't know how expensive the book is?
      Greetings, Tanja

  5. When my holiday money comes in I'm going to buy the book too!!!
    I always identified with the fairy tale of the ugly duckling ;-)
    I was often told by my parents.
    You should learn to count to 10 sometime.
    Think before you say anything.
    You can but you don't.
    You just have to try harder.
    Later, the frustration got worse and I still got hit sometimes.
    Or my mother who recently told me that she regularly wonders why she brought me into the world.(in case you're still wondering where my insecurity and depression and self-destructive behaviour comes from ;-) )
    I am now 45 but it still hurts.
    There is always still in me a child who wants to be respected for who she is.
    Not surprisingly, on top of my ADHD, I got a personality disorder.
    I read an article the other day that it is more common that underneath the Borderline diagnosis is ADHD.
    And if the ADHD is not addressed first all other treatments make little sense.
    Pity about the past 10 years I have been infested with Borderline treatments.
    But no looking back now.
    Trying to break free from my parents' need for recognition and go with it!
    Fly like an Eagle!!!