Poll LTO3 - Are you already taking LTO3 for ADD, ADHD or HSP

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  1. I used t for my two sons 1 adhd other add (later turned out to be brain tumour). With adhd benefited for about n years. Then the dose was no longer sufficient. When the dose increased, it felt "tight" in his head. Then we finally switched to cbd oil.

    1. My son started it on 1 Jan with 2 capsules. First weeks we saw a completely different and positive child. Now after 2 months it doesn't seem to do anything and the 'old boy' is coming back. Such a shame because we were so incredibly happy in the beginning. And took it neatly in the morning on an empty stomach. Any tips?

  2. Hello, I read a lot about its use in ADHD. My son has ADD (and DCD), and so is not hyperactive, He does have a lot of trouble concentrating, and also with overview/structure/planning. Is LTO3 a suitable remedy for him then? Regards, Christel

  3. Day,
    I bought the lto3 no taste.
    Now my son wants to swallow the capsules anyway. Will the effect then be the same?
    In other words, do these capsules also decompose in the stomach allowing the substance to be absorbed or do they not?
    Fri gr

  4. Hello, my 8-year-old son has been diagnosed with add, in this they want to give medication which I really don't support. Could lto3 be a solution?

    Can anyone tell me anything about the long-term effect of this drug?

    1. ?k have been taking it for some time. And give it to my daughter who also has ADD. Does much better at school

  5. Hello my son has been diagnosed with autism but also add adhd could also suit him . Could lto 3 help him ? To slow down the angry temper, outbursts ?

    1. Hi Miranda,
      Lto3 may work well in that case but there is never any certainty. You cannot give a 100% guarantee in advance that something will work. Every person is different but there are generally very good results with lto3 regarding the complaints you mention.
      Greetings Jochem

  6. My 12-year-old son, who cannot swallow pills, started taking the no taste variant a few days ago and we tried different things. Taking it with sugar-free lemonade, with honey, with water with sugar-free applesauce. Unfortunately, his stomach contents give it right back because of the taste of the powder. So three capsules is a lot of powder. This morning, I then tried to take it this way myself (have ADHD myself) under the motto "don't be like that" it is now hours later and I am still nauseous. Unfortunately, I cannot call it taste neutral once the capsules are open. It tastes like a sea lion's den smells. I am really sad that our son can't take the stuff because his ADHD in combination with a psychological problem makes him ineligible for regular medication because of the side effects. So unfortunately I can't say anything about the effect.

    1. Hi Jolande,
      How annoying for you guys.
      This is not something I recognise or have heard more often.
      Can't swallow it yourself either? If that doesn't work, try it with 1 capsule and drink plenty of water right after. That way you'll get them in more easily.
      This is how I do it myself and do not experience any problems.
      If swallowing really doesn't work then I would try not to open all three at once but start with 1 capsule for several days. Then take it with, say, some apple sauce or a light meal without added sugar. Then it won't fall so raw on the stomach since that seems to bother you.
      So start with 1 capsule and slowly build that up to 3.
      I have never tried the 'lto3 no taste' so would not know how this tastes when mixed with food. The taste should be less than the normal lto3 though.

      Hope you got something here. I'd love to hear how it continues like this.

      Greetings Jochem.

  7. Hello. Our daughter has been using lto3 for 2 months now on all counts she is doing much better.Now she does have itchy bumps..could this still be a side effect?.regards, Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica,

      How nice that lto3 is helping your daughter so well.
      It doesn't seem to me that the lto3 is causing these bumps because then I think the reaction would already occur in the first few days and not after a few months. I would wait a few more days. If the lumps don't go away then I wouldn't try lto3 for a week and see what happens. It is also a reaction I haven't heard before.
      I myself have had a reaction to a natural supplement. This was with St John's wort. As soon as I got into the sun I got a bad rash on my face. So it is not inconceivable but as I said. This normally does occur in the first few days.

      Good luck with it and let's hear how it goes again :)

      Greetings Jochem

  8. My son of 12 with ADD started taking LTO3 6 weeks ago. He feels good on it, has also started eating well. With the Ritalin, he was given supplementary food. But unfortunately it is not yet working very well for his concentration. We are now on 4 capsules in the morning. But at school it is very difficult. He is in grade 8 and really needs to bang on this year. Does anyone know whether you can combine LTO3 with Ritalin?
    Ideally, we would like him to the LTO3 keep, at home that goes well. But school is also important.
    Find it tricky!

    1. Hi Heidy, how nice to hear! Hopefully things will go much better at school soon too. It could well be that your concentration will be a lot better in two weeks' time too. Lto3 is fine to use alongside medication like ritalin or concerta and the like. Most people then slowly reduce their medication and feel how it goes with just lto3. You can phase this out over several weeks. Smartvital, the supplier of lto3 can guide you well on this after you buy lto3 from them. They help every customer for as long as needed via email or chat contact in finding the right dosage or tapering off medication. They do this for free. You will find their here. I have written some brief information myself about lto3 and phasing out medication. You can find this information here found under question 11. All the best and let's hear how it goes again! :) Greetings Jochem

  9. My son has been using for 5 weeks now LTO3 instead of his regular medication and after finding the right dosage he is doing very well. We do not notice any difference with the medication and at school, football and with his friends he is doing fine. He eats well unlike with the medication and sleeps fine too. We are very satisfied.

    1. Hi Carolien, how good to hear! How nice for him that eating and sleeping are better now than they were with the medication :) Sometimes it is indeed a matter of finding the right dosage and with some people lto3 just kicks in faster than with others. All the best. Keep up the good work! :) Greetings, Jochem.

    2. Hello,I have been using lto3 since 3weeks I am using it for ADHD. I already notice a difference and people react and say I am a lot calmer.MIjn thoughts are also a lot calmer.Should have done this much earlier.
      Do get used to that quietness.