LTO3 jar - gooed alternative supplement for ADD, ADHD and HSP

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  1. Almost 2020 now and still haven't found a health insurer willing to reimburse LTO3.

    I have been stuck with the cheaper LTO3 substitutes from Vitaplanet for two years now, because LTO3 is just not affordable for me. Unfortunately, the calmness in my head is still far away, I still suffer from a lot of stimuli and my concentrating is still very difficult.

    You also very often read that the cheaper substitutes, do not produce the same effect as the official LTO3.

    Many people have been shown to benefit from using LTO3, but not one health insurer wants to take it.

    I think it's a shame.

    1. Hello,

      I am looking for an alternative to dexamphetamine that I have been using for a few years. I want to get off it, also because of my principles against the pharma (mafia) industry.
      A friend gave me a tip to try LTO3. The cost is indeed high. But I pay pharmacy fees (preparing the pill). My entire deductible goes into it. My health insurer reimburses the pill, though. So I incur costs anyway, preferably on a vegetable basis instead of synthetic.

      Now I see that probably 1 insurer reimburses LTO3. CZ? Is that correct?

      Greetings Jaime

      1. Hi Jaime,
        That was always PNO but it would be best to check. I would also just call CZ to ask exactly what the situation is.
        If they reimburse it, you do have to take a supplementary package. If that reduces your costs, it is obviously worth considering.
        Best of luck.
        Greetings Jochem

        1. Thanks for your response Jochem. I am going to find out. Got new adhd medication again now, but I just don't want it anymore. Soon I will order LTO3 and try it out. I am very curious. I've read that it can also be combined with the CBD oil.
          Greetings Jaime

  2. Meanwhile 2019;
    Unfortunately, no health insurers can be found that reimburse LTO3. This is because it is not a registered medicine. The manufacturer or importer should apply to the CBG-MEB for this. Then the government can reconsider whether LTO3 might be reimbursable.
    Would provide relief for many.

    1. Reimbursement for supplements is still a tricky area. Health insurers usually opt for registered medicines. PNOzorg reimbursed it from their supplementary package for a long time. Your best bet is to contact them about this.

    1. Hi Boscker, PNOzprg reimburses lto3 if you have supplementary insurance. This does make sense because if it were reimbursed from the basic, every health insurer would reimburse lto3. The condition set by PNPzorg is that lto3 is prescribed by a doctor, e.g. your GP or psychiatrist.

      Hope you can get on with this.

      Greetings Jochem.

      1. Bye Jochem!

        Are there other insurances besides PNOZorg that reimburse LTO3, or are they the only ones?
        And will PNOZorg continue with reimbursement in 2015?
        Thanks firmly for your reply!



        1. Hi Tom, to my knowledge only PNOZorg still does this but no doubt more will follow. It takes time. Healthcare organisations are not so keen on natural remedies now. But my expectation is that they will continue with it in 2015. But surely you know that lto3 only reimbursed when prescribed by a doctor? Greetings Jochem.