Struggles in daily life with ADD

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  1. Dear
    I have been living with ADD and highly sensitive for 53 years.
    Now to share my experience something is to stay with yourself as much as possible and not try to step into the perception of others and certainly not society,for me that was a work in itself.
    Medication am I took for a while relatine and stratera , I was a different person strange to myself .
    Short it comes down to finding balance what you don't find in shops.
    Everything comes to you , if not you don't need it .
    I always say just DO ADD is just
    Grts j

  2. Dear Patrick,

    I also recognise myself very much in this. Moreover, I am having a lot of trouble completing my education(s) and am now sitting at home overworked. School knows this and for this reason I also get more psychological help. So my advice is to explain your problem well to your teachers and tell them how you feel and that you would like to solve it.

    People with ADD need more sleep than others and are also poor sleepers. So it is wise to agree on a time when you go to sleep and, for example, write in a notebook how you are doing, whether you managed etc. That way, you can find out what works best for you.

    My best sleep tips are: don't eat after ten o'clock, turn off the bright light of your mobile before you go to sleep and make sure you have done everything so your head is clear, bineraul beats (with headphones) can also help well. And no caffeine before you go to sleep. Melatonin gives me a lot of rest. I take this when I really can't manage to sleep.

    Remember that it is always good to ask for help. In fact, I myself find that I am slow to ask for help and then it is soon too late.

    Good luck!

  3. Hello Patrick,
    I am facing the same thing I also have ADD and we found out when I was about 16 years old. i have had a very difficult period because of it and sometimes still do. I read your story and I can very much relate to this bit. "I am totally uncomfortable in a large group and with making presentations for my education. And notice to myself that I often withdraw and really need to be alone for a while." Large groups I don't feel comfortable at all either it was even so bad that I didn't even dare to enter the AlbertHeijnXL. With time, I grew over that a bit and I do go into the shop by myself. When I was still at school, I had exactly the same thing as you, often withdrawing and feeling the need to be alone. I haven't found the solution yet and I'm afraid I won't find it either, so I hope that as I get older, things will change. I take the medication Concerta and Citolapram (antidepressants), which is what I wanted to say.

    Greetings Stephanie