Medication Ritalin and Concerta for ADHD turn out to be rejected drugs

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  1. Dear all, by necessity (that's how it feels) I am now taking 56 mg of Concerta (this is good dosage considering my body weight). I am 39 years old and a mother of 2 young girls. Without medication, I am so tired in my head and get overexcited and overloaded easily. I compensate for that again by eating sugar. Exercise. healthy eating and rest and being by myself and doing something creative is necessary for me, but hard to schedule because I have so many things to do, I often don't oversee it (side and main things). In the evening, I am often too tired and irritated to do anything nice for myself.

    Somehow it's a relief how calm I am in my head, on the other hand I continue to have resistance and know I'd better go for a walk in the morning, but that's just not in the cards every day, kids to school, work household etc.
    Disadvantage of concerta is that I feel agitated, headache, rebound on withdrawal, chest pressure, irritability and very strong focus, which takes away my spontaneity. Advantage is super concentration, not feeling tired in my head, being able to tolerate more of the people/ things around me.

    What is the cost of LTO 3?

    I now take melatoline with it before bed, otherwise I don't unwind at night and sleep badly.
    Sometimes I also have the idea that medication hides how I really feel, and if I don't take it for a day, I only feel how tired I am. With Concerta, I can keep things going at home and keep up with my three days of work behind the PC.

  2. I have never used Ritalin, and twice LT03.
    I react very violently to medication and LT03 gave me peace of mind, but for my feeling too much, I was doing very little.
    Other than that, no side effects by the way, which was nice.
    Still, as long as I can, I prefer to stay off medication. The 3-4 people I know who were on Ritalin are now depressed and very unhappy. Could be a coincidence, but I have also experienced quite a few unpleasant things in my life, am in therapy for them, and I don't feel nearly as deeply sad as the people on Ritalin.

  3. Hello all,
    For over nine years, I have been searching for something to help my son. For nine years, I have felt that there was something, something I could not explain. That something made me total loss, frustrated tired sad but also someone who had already tried everything that was and still is within my ability and knowledge. Because stopped looking for alternatives that is not in my vocabulary. He has actually always been a bit my worry child, because from the beginning, in the womb, alarm bells had been ringing. I was bleeding during pregnancy and with ultrasound it was seen that he has 1 kidney. His biological father never wanted to acknowledge him and did not want to take care of him. There you are, as a small child and already with an unconscious trauma, doctors and specialists examining you to make sure you have nothing bad left over from that one kidney that wasn't quite there. Out of fear, I confidently said yes to their advice to give antibiotics because the shrivelled kidney might inflame, I stopped that on my own accord. All in all, that's quite a package for a soul in that little body. The above video just tells me that we live in an incredibly stressful society. We have chosen this people!!! We as souls have chosen to be born at this time in this age and not in a Nature clan where everything and everyone takes care of each other where stress is minimal and where the pharmaceutical world (not quite yet) and the Western way of thinking has no control. This movie is simply proof of how you can become a big business with the right contacts. Besides, that psychologist may not be a psychiatrist, and therefore not well-trained enough to have an opinion on medication, but she has a damn good opinion I think myself. I am a mother of three children aged 13,9 and 2 I never finished my education so I cannot speak from books, but I can say that I have accumulated considerable knowledge over the years. Ritalin or other drugs listed under the Opium Act are out there. And honestly, sometimes it's a godsend that they exist. Because after 9 years, I finally tied the knot, my son is on methylphenidate...... And I have to admit, it works. His mind is calm, he can go to school, he can learn, he can colour in a drawing all the way through and take his time with it. He now walks into the bathroom and grabs his toothbrush puts toothpaste on it and starts brushing his teeth!!! Before, he saw something else on the way (10 steps from his bed)and was distracted. Still I am totally not in favour of it. And just like vaccinations, I would have liked to avoid this too. Indeed, I think it works for some and not for others, and that people are quite quick to resort to these kinds of drugs to make life easier. I also tried LTO3 for him and it was too little, he would have to take pills all day to feel anything. Besides, the cost is pretty hefty for 1 jar if you have to take more than five a day. At the moment we are going to a homeopath 'Hans reijnen' of Mens sana, what a great man he is, he not only takes homeopathy but also the spiritual part. I also tried CBD and THC, yes I can hardly let my nine-year-old child smoke a Joint, but even that didn't work because the taste wasn't okay. He is diagnosed with ASD/ADHD so everything is trial and error, that goes for every unique beautiful person by the way :) The only advice (I know it's unsolicited advice this)I can give is. Trust your gut, don't get scared, don't get talked out of it. Beware of blindly adopting vaccination advice. Give your child or yourself Vitamin B12 and high dose of vitamin B3. Eat well, the way you like it, beware of trans fats dyes well you get the idea... Research and dare to ask questions!!! Tjee I would love to write, think I will start page no. 1 or create a blog anyway.

    I wish every-one lots of love light and joy with me, this is a spicy time.
    Don't be fooled, thoughts are not you!!! you only have them and you get to choose whether to do anything with them.

  4. hello,

    This week I started 18 mg of Concerta.
    Apart from suffering a lot of side effects, I am enjoying the peace in my head and limbs immensely.
    In the past few days, I have already completed more chores around the house than I have ever finished in my entire life.
    Now to hope that the side effects will reduce or even go away soon.

  5. On the advice of a colleague (with ADHD), I started giving our son LTO3. I was a bit sceptical but "if it doesn't help, it doesn't hurt". In the beginning, it was a bit of a struggle with the dosage but soon we switched to 3 x daily 1 capsule (the one without taste). Even the teacher at school (grade 8) noticed an improvement. But what if it's just not enough? That's what I'm struggling with now, it works could be even better. Please advise. Our son has been diagnosed with ADHD and possibly ODD.

    1. Hi Christa,
      How nice that the lto3 is working for your sun. right now, you are taking 1 capsule 3 times daily. Maybe it works even better if you take 2 capsules in the morning instead of 1.

  6. In my opinion, it is bizarre because they panic people who use Ritalin and benefit greatly from it. There are lots of drugs with side effects, but it is always a trade-off of whether the side effect is worse than the disease. Moreover, in the broadcast they only let a few people who are anti-Ritalin speak and not psychiatrists with years of experience and with a more nuanced view. I think it's a very bad broadcast. And Ritalin has not been rejected but has not received registration in the Netherlands for use in adult ADHD, which is different from being rejected. There are more drugs that are prescribed ?off-label? by doctors. I think panic is being spread without proper research.

  7. I wonder very much whose cart Brandpunt is being played for. The report is incredibly suggestively edited. We should stop portraying ADHD/ADD as a fashionable disease, it really exists and it certainly does not just appear as a disorder in the DSM-V manual. My experiences with Concerta are the opposite of what is said in the reportage. We should not let ourselves be frightened; the same goes for you Jochem.

    The Dutch media claim to practice independent journalism, but certainly do not. I trust what my psychiatrist says, and certainly not what a jaded GP, who is only a basic doctor, and a science philosopher say. And psychologists are not even allowed to prescribe medication, so the psychologist in the report cannot have her own clinical evidence for her assertions.

    Should I develop side effects from using Concerta, I will immediately see a true expert.

    1. Hi Heye, if you had taken a moment to read my opinion below the video you would also have understood my views and known that I absolutely do not allow myself to be frightened and I also definitely do not completely agree with the scaremongering in this video. I am someone who always thinks for myself and never just blindly assumes anything.
      However, the firm faith you have in psychiatrists I cannot share with you. I really do have my own reservations about that ;)
      Greetings, Jochem

  8. Hello, for years I have struggled with chaos, overpowering feelings and impulses about everything, having absolutely no concentration and always and everywhere arriving just late or too late. Everything is related. By not focusing concentration on things in the NOW, I get stuck in thoughts for too long and because of all the chaos of these thoughts, something that has been haunting my mind 10x but which I have done nothing with, gets postponed all the time and I cannot complete tasks fully or on time. I tried ritalin for a while and noticed that I changed from an add'er to an adhd'er. Which is positive for me because I was doing more. My head was empty, focusing on the things I needed to do at that moment. The downside is... I didn't experience stimuli as well and so I became dull, and I was still doing 10 things at once but was able to sustain it longer. Something that exhausts your body. I think you need to train your mind better than your body (learn to work with) It's all in your head and it's a myth that the problem is fixed with medication. Go find help in work and structure. Do some sports and you will see that when you leave the whole failure story behind you you will step out... make sure to be positive in life (and healthy) then you will function better. It takes time... and above all commitment. Or use the drug to support yourself, but a natural one.

  9. It shocks me greatly, Methylphenidate gave me more anxiety, more depression and was agitated. So we are being led by the drug industry. There is no one who really has the proof for ADD/ADHD and why is it present in France to a much lesser extent. The discoverer said on his deathbed he doubted ADHD we in this performance society want incredibly much and everything!!! solved at once, nobody really takes the time to listen to another person anymore. We are all working overtime!!! I use nothing only I know how to deal with my self and that after 45 years.