Drs Scarlett Kooijmans on lto3 and concentration disorders

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  1. Hi Jochem, you have on this site under the LTO3 information two 'interviews' with healthcare professionals from, according to the information, the Volkskrant and Brain magazine. However, the format of the 'interviews' (both the same and with website name added and so on) and the design very much suggests that these are not articles but advertisements, disguised as so-called interviews. Advertorial I believe they are also called.
    I would think it would be neat if that was added because by putting it this way, commercial parties are now hoping exactly what you are indeed doing will happen: being told that this is an article (i.e. by a journalist, with no interests). People looking for life/health resources are very sensitive to the authority argument. Claiming that it is about articles deploys this authority argument - perhaps unconsciously! - deployed. This does not seem salutary to me. Let us guard against fake information being used to play on people who are looking for independent information.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the tip.
      However, I am aware that they also offer the LTO3 themselves in their practice/pharmacy (this is also made clear in the text) and they state what results they see in their clients.
      Those results overlap with the many responses I receive myself including by email.
      I stand by LTO3 myself, so I don't see why I should put them down as if they are trying to pull the wool over their eyes. If I felt that way, I wouldn't have posted it.
      From experience, I can now say with certainty that LTO3 works very well for considerably many people, which is why I allow the information to be distributed widely.
      Guarding against fake information I certainly do! :)
      Thanks anyway.
      Greetings, Jochem

  2. Hi Jochem,
    I am totally excited by all these great stories. Our son has major concentration problems, (he only gets 30% off work) meanwhile he did start fish oil but that has yet to really show its effects. He is now doing a mindfulness course for children but heavier artillery is needed. So the first contact with a psychologist has been made.
    Now concretely my question... is it wise to wait for the psycho education before starting lto3 or can we start already.

    1. Hi Paula, for support, you can start lto3 just fine already. Only, of course, you also want to know the results of the psychoeducation. You will have to weigh up for yourself what you prefer to do. You can also discuss it with your doctor. Regards, Jochem.

  3. I hope the healthcare system will start looking more at the natural solution. Besides lto3, I have been seeing an orthomolecular therapist to see what I need. That included magnesium zinc and b6. I sleep even better and no sweets or chocolate addiction from day 1! My plan now is to combine this with lto3 and hopefully they will reimburse this soon. It's cheaper than regular medicines!

    1. I hope so too Sabine but that remains a tricky story. The pharmaceutical industry holds the power. If it were up to them, all natural remedies would be banned and only their drugs would remain in the picture. The best thing you can do, and I say this to everyone reading this, is to try to make the right choices for yourself and do what feels right. Don't blindly go by every healthcare institution. They are not always completely objective even if they think so themselves. Some of the information they have comes from the organisations that have different interests than you would like. That's just the way it is.

  4. Not everyone responds well to regular medication. I have a medication allergy and cannot take ritalin and other brands. Lto3 definitely helps me only it is not reimbursed.

    My toddler daughter with pddnos also benefited from lto3. So she got through that tense Christmas period well and was still able to enjoy it

  5. good day
    first of all, I like reading that there are still many people who benefit from e.g. LO3.
    I personally have no experience with it yet because of costs.
    and I rely on ritalin and concerta. which I should add that I sometimes forget it on purpose because of the side effects.
    I also have to note that most of the items described by the administrator have nice costs attached and I also see regularly to a lot of things that smack of commerce.
    my apologies for an e.v.t. wrong choice of words.
    so actually a lot of advertisements and as soon as I start looking for it I stumble on expensive seminars,expensive medicines and so on. isn't there a regular easily accessible way where i we as add/ hsp/ adhd people can go without any cost.
    I searched on facebook with 80% of the fallen so-called victim figures,I don't need that either.
    please give a conctre way or way forward where we as add/hsp/ adhd or whatever name you can give it.

  6. How super nice for you and your child Marion! Very nice to read posts like this! Unbelievable how a natural product can change a life so positively :) I am happy to contribute to spreading the information about lto3 through this website. It deserves that and I will continue to do so in order to help as many people with ADD and ADHD as possible. Thank you very much for your response! Greetings, Jochem.

  7. My 10-year-old son has been using LTO3 for about 3 quarters of a year now. We were given it by a child psychologist at AllesKiTS where he is under treatment. He has been declared Add for 95%. After a week of LTO3, my husband and I noticed a significant difference from the restless and unfocused little boy we had before.
    Even at school, it was pointed out by teachers that he was doing much better and the question was even asked whether he had gone on medication (Ritalin) without them knowing.!
    He himself indicates to the child psychologist that his head is a lot calmer and he enjoys going to school and is starting to like maths himself. His school results are improving a lot and if this continues, the doctor definitely does not see the need to start Ritalin. We will then remain LTO3 customers!!!!!
    The tests and citos are already being self-bombed as "easier than I expected" by him!!!
    I must say I am very grateful to the doctor for alerting us to this drug. Now to the health insurance company.