Short-term memory - Clear your head

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  1. And then being busy all day with your list.... At the end of the day proud of everything you managed.... And then not having done the important things even though they were on the list.... Such a blind spot....

    1. Hi,
      Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and be proud of the things you do do.
      For me, things that I want to do (and not do of course haha) come to mind all day long. As soon as I write it down, I can let it go. After all, I know I can always reach for my list and I don't have to strain my short-term memory. That's more the gist of the tip. That you can empty your head a bit.
      Good luck in any case.

    2. Nowadays, we all have a phone with an agenda, if I need to do something, I note it down in my agenda immediately at the same time I have time for it. So instead of jotting it down on a to-do list, I plan it immediately. An example: My girlfriend asks me in the evening if I want to call her about a quote. Then I get the calendar app on my phone and see when I have time for it, e.g. tomorrow at 11 o'clock. I note that down in my diary and turn on notifications. So the next day, I get a notification at 11am and have time to make the call right away. This took me a month to get used to but since then I never have problems forgetting tasks.

    1. Hi Marja,
      I will try to come up with something on that. I will also look into an option to have the page read out loud. There are plug-ins for that. I'll look into it.
      By the way, with this article, half of it is a Dutch translation ;) I did that because not everyone can speak English.
      Lists can really be of immense value though. I understand your feeling but it does really take chaos out of your head. Of course, we are still AD(H)D'ers and our heads will always be busy but it can feel very neurotic to have to remember everything in your head. You probably then also forget most of it and get frustrated about that in turn. I do think the tip as John Loporto described it in his email is a good option. But to each his own.