Highly sensitive Lotte's life changed positively thanks to LTO3

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  1. I am very curious to see how you will fare in a few months if you keep taking it. This may sound nasty but in your post you sound a bit volatile and fluctuating in terms of emotions. I can't judge if it's really because of the lto3. I myself have also 'felt that way' how you sometimes describe feeling. Creating whole storylines and reacting to mundane posts as if third world war is breaking out.

    I've been in therapy for about a year and a half and now do a lot of mindfulness. That has the same effect with me that you partly describe lto3 giving you.

    Am curious!

  2. I am also an hsp,er. See it as my quality now. I am now 54 and have known since 5 years that I am hsp,er. I am not going to take pills, I have read a lot, attended webbinars. I have learned so much from this, especially from justbeyou. I believe I my own strength.

    1. Hello lotte here.
      First of all, I would like to announce that I have severe dislexia. So my apologies for the mistakes. I read the response from "L" and "Tim". I am going to respond to this together. I also believe in my own strength though. I also followed webbinars, looked up everything there was to look up. But I didn't think that was enough and I went back to studying so that I would get my diploma of high sensitivity coach. To Tim I say...just because you're taking a natural product doesn't mean you're on pills. I have studied everything there is to study and one hsper is not the other. Eff for clarity HS is the term highly sensitive. HSP is the person who is highly sensitive. You also have two major categories . You have introverted hsps and extroverted hsps. These in turn are divided into two groups. Introverted tranquillity seekers and introverted tension seekers. Then you have extraverted tranquillity seekers and extraverted tension seekers. Introverted tension seekers and extraverted tension seekers have more conflicts in them. One are quiet people who constantly have an urge for adventure and the extroverted tranquillity seeker tends to be calm but is always moving by themselves. These two types always have inner conflicts and their nervous systems are always under tension. I am the introverted tension seeker. So much in need of rest but always looking for something exciting. These two types with their subdivisions is not something I suck out of my thumb but substantiated by dr elaine aron. What you "L" and "Tim" are I can't answer at the moment, that needs more study. I was balanced for a very long time until the world literally disappeared under my feet. (You can read about it in the first part of my story). I am now also a life coach specialising in HS. But under the 4branches that I just described, there are also degrees of hoo sensitivity. I am super super high sensitive. Which is a great gift because then I have the gift of helping other people. I perceive other people's feelings and thoughts super quickly. I see deceased people, I give healing massages and coach people who just discover they have HS. Yes I am the one who lays my hands on you and takes away your pain. Everyone can think their own thing about that but my patients love it. I am known for it and if it didn't work I wouldn't be able to make a full-time living from it either. The only thing because of my super HS is that I need even more time to process everything deeply and because energy from those people flows into me (I discharge them) then of course I have to discharge myself so their energy doesn't stick to me. My sensory sensitivity is so highly developed and that includes a strong form of emotional intensity, which is also always strongly active because I literally help people day in and day out. As a result, I need more in-depth processing and am also more susceptible to overstimulation than an average hsp with a normal family and that's where lto3 helps perfectly. To recover faster. I am not the ordinary woman who has HS. I am the type of woman you come to webbinars and go to therapy. I am constantly faced with people who need advice and support. And okay I wrote it a bit irreverently about taking my pills. But they are and always will be nutritional supplements. Which also have damn good vitamins added to them. So I'm not an emotional rollercoaster who just wants to swallow pills. And I recommend it to all my clients/patients. "L" you have been well served by webbinars, nice that means my colleague has done her/his job well. And you also believe in your own power. Top for you. That's the way it should be. And TIM , I am by no means an emotional wreck hear that seeks refuge in pills. A chronic period in my life caused me to lose my way for a while. Who wouldn't be if you lost everything in a short time. But I fought for 3 years. ..worked on myself...and started studying to help other people. Lto3 made my life so much easier and calmer. And now I find that it helps me even more in my profession as a high sensitivity coach. I do better work and I need much less time for in-depth processing. My daughter is highly sensitive herself and her husband with asperger's are also taking Lto3 now and they too are happy with it. Lto3 takes the edge off so we can concentrate more on helping and guiding people. You probably have HS in a milder form and don't need a nutritional supplement. Good for you. But don't judge people who do use Lto3. If you try Lto3 for a month and really feel what it does to you. Only then can you judge or comment justly which you both have done here. You don't need it, fine but don't break down the product for others who do need it. Unless you guys actually use it for a while. I think it's a great product and I feel great peace of mind so I can do my healer work/coaching even better. Because that's what it's all about for me. That I may/can help many people. Discovering that you have HS is one thing. Accepting that you have HS is quite another. And then changing your whole life and the lives of the people around you as well. Because if you don't make your HS a priority in your life, you can take as much Lto3 as you want but you're never going to achieve balance. Lto3 does not replace everything. It's a supplement that helps you but don't ever expect to end up with the 80% who are labelled "normal people". Because you are special. Have special gift to help and support other people. We the adult hsp'ers are here to raise our children with HS so that they have less resistance as we used to. But we shouldn't play martyr either. If we can take a nutritional supplement so we can live easier, help people and enjoy the world in the meantime then this is really nice. And before you wonder if I have shares in Lto3 hahahahahahahahahaha no unfortunately not. I do this from the bottom of my heart and with a lot of love. This is the first time but also the last time I reply to such posts. I focus only on positive things and positive questions in my life. I wish everyone good luck in your lives and may everyone find their way. Greetings lotte