Children with ADHD and autism

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  1. Hey Ella!

    My partner has ADD and myself ASD. We too have a love baby-but also one that can count!
    Currently, our little son is 1.5 years old. He is very restless and temperamental. He cries a lot and always throws himself on the floor when he is not allowed to do something.
    The latter seems normal for a 1-year-old child to go through toddler puberty-but as adrift and restless as he is, I never recognised it in my three other children anyway....
    I would like to offer him some peace and quiet- but I am not sure which area I work best in- the auti domain or the ADHD domain....
    Personally, my little son does not seem very happy and deserves more rest-but how do I offer him this?

    Greetings, Katrien

  2. What you say is very recognisable, as I myself have 2 sons with disabilities. The 6-year-old eldest also has autism, and lives very much in his own little world. Needs a lot of structure and clarity, otherwise he gets confused. Cannot cope well with stimuli, which is why it is better to put him in a quiet class, which is what we are doing now.
    Have tremendous admiration for his school because they know exactly what works for him there. So nice to see.