HSP and HSS hish sensation seeking

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  1. I am happy,
    come to find out at 48 that I have characteristics of HSS/HSP. feels so liberating. Didn't think I was normal(and other people might too).
    Did some personality tests again due to a new job(yep). Scored a 10 on a scale of 10 on emotional(hahaha)1st relationship after my divorce ended with a feeling it was down to me.
    So the day before yesterday emotionally sensitive typed in on Google.ENTER. Unbelievable what a recognition.
    Ordered 1st book on HSS. Going to delve into it but already happy. Going to embrace and be aware of my sensitivity from now on. Experience the beautiful sides and work towards filling the pitfalls with solid sand.
    Life is good

  2. I could have written this! Except for the self-confidence, I still miss that. i only recently learned of the existence of HSP and HSS. For me, many puzzle pieces are falling into place and that has given me a lot of peace of mind. Read a lot about HSP but still searching for more....

  3. A very interesting article... I'm doing some searching myself, but in job life. What would be so good jobs for HSSs? After all, I can't keep changing and retraining forever, I think. It drives me a bit to despair sometimes.
    Anyone with experience of that?

    1. Hi Babs, and everyone else,

      I (46) found out yesterday that I have something called hss in addition to being an hsp-er. Hsp & gifted, I already knew that. However, I was constantly restless, eager to push my limits, cross them, do things I find terrifying, do them anyway, but also often thinking...better not. I don't like routine, if everyone wants to go right and I know this is the best direction, I throw all my enthusiasm into the fray and convince everyone we'd better go left. Let's shake the tree, I love that.

      As a child, I used to lie awake in fear when I had to give a talk. Now this is my speciality; the bigger the group, the bigger my thrill. I love being on stage. Gives me enormous energy! But....don't put me in a group of 10-15 uncles and aunts or colleagues and I don't know what to do. Won't tell my story out of myself, unsure. If I see a child, that's my excuse, I sit with it on the floor and I'm in my element. Away from the crowd. After the party, I'm up, empty. I go alone with headphones on to do my own thing, nothing for a while....

      Work...great! I work at a large international company. Am marketing manager for europe and africa. My team is everywhere, I travel a lot, almost weekly. I set my own agenda and travel schedule and have a huge amount of freedom. And every 2-3 years I get a new international role, often completely new. Setting up a new team in europe, new department, etc. Often starting from '0'. Year 1 is establishing and forming team, year 2 is perfecting, year 3 becomes repetition, so boredom...and then I rotate to a new role.

      So Babs, company with job rotation and freedom!

      Success!!! Otto

    2. Hi babs

      I am high-sensitive myself after tig jobs, I still want to get out of care and now, having resolved all addictions and diagnoses, I just want peace.
      notice that I benefit more from peace and quiet, and the rest is in our heads.
      das often the biggest challenge is silence and calm, and staying in our bodies.
      success follow your heart not your head

  4. Dear lady!I recognise myself very much in your story!I too was born with hsp and hss!And my mother has the same.My father does not.Fortunately, my mother has always encouraged me to stand up for myself but I still end up in situations that are not good for me.I was married for 12 years and my is died young of cardiac arrest.I felt empty and did not know who I was anymore. Now I attract men who have add/borderline or some other sroornis.I also give myself too much and the relationship breaks down.My feelings often get in the way with my mind.But I do have a positive outlook on life and life still has a lot of beauty to offer me!
    Greetings Mirjam