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  1. ADHD is an evolution! I have always said that. I could have written it myself. I recognise it completely. Because I ended up severely burnout at home 5 years ago (intense things had happened with my children and that had too much influence on who I became and thus caused conflicts at work), I went to PsyQ for help. Here I was diagnosed with adhd - add combined type, together with hsp. I was immediately prescribed a high dose of 108 mg concerta. In the beginning, I felt good. A few months later, I slowly lost my bearings. I got a renewed diagnosis, and here was written at personality disorder. And so it went from bad to worse. I lost myself. I went crazy in my head and turned into an aggressive man. I was so out of it that child welfare services arrived on our doorstep. They told me in a man-to-man talk that they intended to evict me or my children if I didn't do what they wanted. Fortunately, I wasn't so crazy yet that I recorded all the conversations. Both audio and video. This has been our salvation. Last year, I got even sicker. I deteriorated rapidly, and eventually I was on the verge of death. I know now that it was literally hours away. I was told that my thyroid gland had completely stopped working. This form of a thyroid condition is called hasimoto's disease. The none starts with almost all the symptoms of burnout.

    What I know now is that Methylphenidate ( the active ingredient in concerta) is very harmful to the thyroid.

    Give me that joint in the evening and before bed. If only I had trusted my intuition 5 years ago, and never started those pills.

    Long live adhd, because without ADHD 'ers no innovation, no development. Everyone drives the same car with the same colour and everyone listens to the same music.
    All the bright minds of the past who were declared crazy, like einstein, edison,bell,jules verne and so on. All people who had a vision, sought a challenge. But above all were committed to human beings are all ADHD 'ers in my opinion.

  2. Maarten, I also see the energy in patterns, sometimes rolling from bottom to top or from top to bottom, sometimes patterns of snowflakes strung together. All energy constantly changes its structure wherever it comes into contact with it.Very special to become aware of that and a feeling of oohw WOW perfection.That's how I experience it.If I've been too busy for a while and have eaten the wrong food and drunk alcohol or taken medication, I don't feel and see it anymore.So it seems clear to me ;-)
    Ceap it clear,pure and simple !

  3. Wow, what a beautiful film, the tears were running down my cheeks, I wanted to show it to my husband right away, but unfortunately he doesn't understand us. I am a mum with pdd nos/adhd and have 3 beautiful children, 2 of which are also gifted, and I am not on any medication because I just want them to be themselves! I am going to continue reading here, TNX!

  4. How nice that more and more people are becoming aware!
    All big changes start small.
    Keep having faith in yourself!
    And if Methylphenidate,LTO3 or cannabis helps you hold your own in this crazy world and you don't lose yourself in it,why not?
    As long as you do everything in the right balance,I think.
    And it is up to you to determine that balance.
    No doctor can tell you that.
    Everyone is different and every high-sensitive person is different.

  5. Please let me just say that ritalin can also help people and They are not just Ls lambs in a class. Smoking a joint nowadays is hard drug and also very bad for the brain. My son has a social life and good grades thanks to ritalin which is also needed for a good future. It is not all doom and gloom.

    1. Hi Linda,
      I also think that there are idd children, who do benefit from a drug, everyone is different, and there are plays
      still many factors go into the behaviour and life of someone with adhd/add or whatever.
      Cannabis is not a solution, but also a medicine, at least that's how I see it, and that it would now be a hard drug is also just a word...that's how it gets a negative connotation, and they try to keep people away from it I think, alcohol is also a hard drug, and do you know how many highly educated people drink wine and port every day? Had the opportunity to experience that for eight years in my work environment.
      I dispute your argument that cannabis is bad for your brain, if you read the reading on it, you will only see university-educated professor, says the opposite of another university-educated professor...who is right?
      I read another article last week by a scientist who wrote, that he had discovered that cannabis is actually very good for the caused new brain cells to be created....
      and that doesn't normally happen...dead is dead many others say.
      Whether all this is true I don't know either, which is why I wrote earlier, everyone should follow their own feelings and opinions, and not just believe what doctors or scientists say, because they don't know as much at all, as we think.
      I do not experience all these stories as doom and gloom, I only read positive things here, and feel the joy of some from my couch....
      To me, it is exactly like the story of the Eagle and the want to become a chicken, take a want to become an Eagle?...try something else.
      Greetings Maarten.

      1. You know what is only a hard drug that people often conveniently forget. Sugar and flavour enhancers, for example, just to name a few. Those flavour enhancers aim to make you addicted to the food so that you keep buying it over and over again and your children start whining about it. This is because it triggers certain neurotransmitters that make you mentally dependent on it. It is nothing more than comfort food. That it messes up your whole nervous system is not important to the food industry. And as for sugar, you find it in about 80-90% of the items in the supermarket these days. Most of the same things happen in your brain as with coke when you eat sugar. That's why for almost 3 weeks now I've been eating almost entirely Paleo. That is only meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds and preferably organic. Dark chocolate with high cocoa content is still allowed as normal. :) They also call Paleo the 'primal diet'. Why? Because it was primeval man who ate this way. You just eat only what was originally meant for humans to eat and leave all the junk behind. It takes some getting used to but plenty of goodies remain. Then, after a few days, you start tasting flavours you never tasted before because your taste buds were just longing for that comfort food. Besides losing weight, the biggest benefits are your health. It also allows your entire nervous system to catch its breath. Earlier, I wrote here about Paleo.

        1. Occasional sin is fine and the body can handle it.
          I do Weston price myself.
          I like that best
          and sometimes I indulge in an Oreo Milka bar ;-)
          and then back to organic,kefir and tasty meat or fish currie s
          Oily fish is super good for our brain
          but also not too much because of the mercury.
          There is something to be said about everything, and in principle, the earth is so polluted that nothing is really pure anymore.
          Key word is ballance,back to basics .
          Back to the blueprint of man and human existence.
          We now know more about what is good for us and what is not,but we are still far from knowing everything.
          And the great thing is we are becoming more aware
          I see a bright spot that is getting bigger and bigger and I keep faith in man's survival instinct.
          Positive vibrations,YEAH! ;-)

    2. Yes smoking gives less oxygen to brain.
      Rilatinne can cause great uppers in children for sure but already thought u teenager is speed addicted now? And speaking from experience the adhd kids are prone to depression young and legal speed will make this much heavier over time though.
      Smoking joint tobacco tar times 7.

  6. Since I found this site quite a lot has fallen off my shoulders, you quickly think you are the only one and then it is a relief to hear that that is not zomis.

    Thanxx, for years I've felt like I've simply evolved a bit further because everything makes so much sense while for those around me it apparently doesn't, and then you almost start doubting yourself.

    ADHD, in my opinion, is a relief once you are aware of it and you finally find your outlet when things get a little too hard in the head, and yes, even in my case, that fun cigarette in the evening is the best and drug-free solution.

    Again Thanxx it's nice to know you're not the only one!!!

  7. Dear Martin, your story is exactly my story up to and including cannabis.
    I am now 48 and have 3 children diagnosed with ADHD, gifted and autistic. 2 of them are very sensitive and, like me, look directly at most people. I tell my children that they are privileged and should follow their own path (especially not go along with the masses). My eldest child took ritalin during a very unpleasant period. My youngest child has lto3 given by me, in my opinion he calmed down a bit but actually he does not want to swallow anything. I too believe this is human evolution and our "leaders" just want to numb these "troublemakers". I am immensely pleased with your article and no longer feel alone and above all I feel : "you see, I am not crazy the world around me is slowly going crazy"

    1. Your story is also my story minus the cannabis.
      But I am not on any medication.
      And think the world is crazy and not us.
      I too had a "too vivid imagination" it is forbidden to see your deceased family.
      That is not allowed because then you are not normal.
      But since my earliest memories I live by my gut and intuition that gut feeling tells me which direction to choose and I'm happy with that because that's how I've overcome a lot and I don't even use lto3 and still I manage myself only being highly sensitive is still a I also say I don't have adhd I am highly sensitive and because of overstimulation I can react the same way as someone with adhd then my head is full like a pressure cooker from which the pressure cannot be released but when the pressure is off I try to learn again from the things that have happened

      1. Hi Silvia,
        This is also how I see it a bit...I used to say before , I absorb things around I also get busy when someone with adhd is around me, so I am high sensitive, they are just names idd.
        And I haven't told people either, that my late grandmother has been in my house for a few days, she often watched me from the kitchen when I was watching TV, there is only one person who knows that, and she knows that, because she saw and felt her one evening too, and that is my little daughter who was here...
        we see more of a kind of energy, and that along with feeling...clever that you don't take any medication, and nothing else...I don't drink alcohol, and avoid sugars and other junk as much as possible, but don't overdo it, greetings Maarten.

        1. Mix me in at this point,as I don't have the patience to read further ;-)
          Exactly my experience!
          Have discovered I have a gift instead of a limitation
          idd feeling energy fields (recently also seeing them)
          so you are more likely to be overexcited
          You can learn to shut down and ground yourself and keep your own energy as pure as possible through honest primal nutrition
          Sometimes when it gets too much back in your cocoon (your own safe environment) and then move on again
          teaching people that everything is ALL! energy and that we should use it more wisely
          Message;Protect your aura(your own energy field) and help others look conscious and safe with their aura
          Nothing floaty!
          it is as it is ENERGY
          We are the (r)evolution !!!

          1. Hi I.Scheperhof.

            Yes nice, those energies, I can also see them more often recently...but it's not the kind of seeing, which you just do with your eyes, I see them more with my feelings, and from inside me, geometric figures or people/animals come into my mind's eye so to speak.
            The phantoms and other energies, which I do sometimes perceive with my "ordinary" eyes, are more of a stain, or of a strange pattern, but my feeling in doing so usually answers who, what or how.
            Greetings Martin.

    2. Martin's whole story could have been written down by me, am so happy to read that others have exactly the same and think the same way!

        1. Yes super! Only people here should not see other people as people who think your crazy! Loporto's aim is to teach society that people who think differently are accepted. Often when you explain the causes of your behaviour, we are often accepted. With me, it's because of ADD and people don't find me 'weird' or anything like that at all. They are not our enemies or anything!

          1. Well, that's not really his aim though. He's just trying to make it clear to you that if you've had to hear all your life that you're not good enough, remember the bit about the eagle in his book, that you can actually do super much with your differently-abled brain and that you actually have super much potential.

        2. Hi Jochem sorry for my hebrew but there are no greek land turtles in south africa:-):-):-):-):-) no I have severe unrest man and you can understand this I think? I have been limping for 17 years and wanted to prove this years ago with bone scan ... Thought finally they will see it and report . Now week ago he saw nothing and made half scan photos disappear . Have noticed this with medical records request . So my pan boils over I think you can come in ...just respond via smartphone he have no internet :-):-):-):-):-)

          1. Haha, I get ut Jerre. But I actually meant a comment by Jeroen that I just really couldn't read. South African is nothing like it. haha

            You know what it is. I really spend an immense amount of time, and also more and more money, in the website to keep it all neatly clean, informative and up-to-date. That involves quite a bit of effort. And what do you get sometimes. Emails from people commenting that they think it is a very good and beautiful site but sadly unprofessional because they fall over a language mistake in an article that contains 3,000 words. Yes, you won't believe it, but I experience it several times a week. You spent 3 weeks writing for that!

            I re-read an article I write at least 5x so that I get all the errors out, but you still keep them in. Then I do read dozens of comments on me website and under Facebook posts that really can't make sense of :P Often enough, not a single punctuation mark is used and words often contain more spelling/grammar errors than letters, not to mention capital letters :P

            I also regularly receive stories asking me to put them on the website. These then consist of just words. No capitals, no full stops, no commas or any punctuation and really hundreds of spelling mistakes haha. Really a Word document with just 2000 words in front of you. Imagine it for a moment... I then spend a full day working on this to turn it into a readable article. Maarten's article above also took me quite a few hours before I could put it on the website.

            I also receive a lot of e-mails this way every week from people who send me whole stories with questions that take me an hour to decipher.

            Then you also understand my side a bit ;)

      1. How nice, I also often feel alone in this, but we really are not alone, and more and more people
        start thinking for themselves, and draw their own conclusions, but that is difficult in a society, where we are treated like helpless babies for whom everything is determined and regulated.

    3. Hi, I have felt this way for years Carola, I saw it when I was about 25 years old....the world has gone crazy....
      Fighting doesn't help anyway...draw your own plan, and trust your intuition, if you "look" with your can trust your own answers, I find.

    4. I think the key point, evolution is a bit forgotten in all the responses, perhaps a reaction to too much cannabis use? Too bad my heart made a jump when reading this article. So this is where all further info and life experiences end, too bad.

  8. Ha yes be careful with that joint anyway for the tobacco ...
    And bart de wever and police because zero tolerance is applied ... we are not allowed to settle down in peace here.
    Just look at alcohol-related stabbings.
    Whether the school shootings all swallowed serrotonin reuptake inhibitors nicely hushed up....
    In america, as many children overdose on rilatin as adults on coke. But yes antwerp the biggest coke city. But yes the peace lover will be hunted. Honest education does not exist cannabis is not addictive without tobacco if only they had told me . Give marijuana a chance

    1. Hi Jeroen,

      I understand your words well, and I always pay attention, tobacco is unhealthy yes, unfortunately
      But I don't consider myself an addict, I usually smoke it after work, in the evening with coffee, or under a movie, and because of my kind of adhd, it makes me calm and quiet, my muscles relax better, and I can concentrate very well then. I also stopped once for a year, and I was sick for the whole year, lots of skin complaints, stomach aches, which I had all my life...weight loss, and tension.
      after a year I smoked a cigarette, and within 24 hours all my symptoms were gone, it's not a miracle cure, and I don't praise it, and in the end the intention is to live with nothing, but everything has a reason, and I do, but that's another story, then I'm going to talk about interdimensional travelling, moving in other people's consciousness fields, and more of that, greetings Maarten.

      1. Hi maarten
        I am a severe adhd er hear and 17 years cronish pain patient. No have 25 years of joints
        And yes it is miracle cure then peace came.
        After very severe double open leg fracture, they gave baxter morphine ... as much pain. Didn't get ahead with double stool joint and walked on a crutch. I have now stopped tobacco and joints for 2 years and the ailments also come back heavily.
        Do smoke pure very occasionally and now I am much shorter I do notice this. I vapour for nicotine panzer with subtank e-cigarette. Regards

        1. Hi Jeroen, that's not nothing...and vaporising is still one of the best options I think,
          Did you also know, that nowadays you can order cannabis oil legally on the internet,
          They have developed a process', which removes the THC from the cannabis, all the other substances remain, so there is no hallucinogenic effect, and it is approved by the European Union now.
          One of the proven beneficial substances in cannabis includes CBD, and many people benefit from it. You can find it on websites now, and it doesn't cost that much at all, you already have small bottles from 6.95, there is also ointment and more on sale legally now.
          Greetings Martin.

          1. Hi Jochem,

            I don't know yet, I haven't tried it myself, or delved into it a bit further.
            There are several beneficial substances in it, and cbd is just one of them.
            I often read that people experience a relief or disappearance of their uncomfortable symptoms, and others again notice nothing.
            Of course, it will also be very personal for everyone, every person, has a unique chemical composition, so if you add, or subtract, something from that,
            then the effects can be very different for each person.
            You definitely don't get high from it.
            I am going to order a bottle soon, and will pass on my findings,
            My stomach and intestines often bother me, but nothing abnormal can be found, so who knows?

          2. Hi maarten
            This is good price cbd I tested the other version and my orientation came back... more iq in brain. But pain was not really gone with it. Man makes distance from nature I became 2 years heavy animist and got weird inexplicable things in return ... a greek land tortoise with skull on shield. Only one exists I think. Can email picture once these were before dinos on earth . Man exterminated them anyway pretty much. Got couple. Cbd is oil from hemp but is good for eg epilepsy with very weiinig thc . can reprogram you brain. Lecture mediweed oil wernard bruining or book is recommended . Smoking negates medical effect . Take a look at parkinson tik youtube Ehrald Kooij in search bar greet this is thc haha you brain upside down no incorrect use but is prohibited

    2. Cannabis is mentally addictive whatever the form of application. Cannabis addiction does enter slowly but temporarily numbing external stimuli is the mental addiction that strikes. Vaporise, smoke or eat. At some point you want to become numb again.