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  1. Hi, I have a 9-year-old son with "ADHD" who is on Concerta. We have noticed that he has been having severe sleep problems since a few months, possibly because the effect of ADHD medication (according to scientific research) 'wears off' after 14-36 months. I am therefore looking for scientific evidence that LT03 works for ADHD, we are considering stopping Concerta.
    Do you have any science-based studies for me showing this?

    1. Hi Yo,
      There is no direct scientific research on LTO3 as a supplement per se. However, there are several scientific studies that show demonstrably positive effects of the individual ingredients, such as l-theanine. It has been shown to promote alertness and a good mood, among other things. It also helps with better sleep. Here and here and here find the source.

      Skullcap has been found to have a calming effect and also helps against anxiety and stress. See source here > Skullcap also promotes the neurotransmitter GABA. This calms the nervous system. Read more about GABA here

      A 2016 meta-analysis of 25 studies concluded that Omega-3 can reduce symptoms of ADHD. See source here >–of-omega-3-fatty-acids-in-attention-deficithyperac-peer-reviewed-article-NDT

      The power of LTO3 is putting the individual ingredients together in the right dosage. This way, they reinforce each other's effects. Also called the synergistic effect.

      Can you move forward with this?

  2. Hello Jochem,

    So there is no methylphenidate or ritalin in these pills as I understand correctly? And should you take the pills spread throughout the day or in one go in the morning?


    1. Hello Trees,
      No, definitely not. Ritalin and the like are pharmaceutical drugs and should not be put into natural products. On this page read more about lto3 and its ingredients. There is also a table of contents for all the information and answers to frequently asked questions. Lto3 is taken in the morning before breakfast. You usually take 3 but this can vary according to body weight. Some people take 2 more at the end of the afternoon so that they notice the ecstatic effect in the evening, but that is not necessary.
      Greetings Jochem

  3. I am Lies. 65 years old and for six years I have known that I have ADD. I was diagnosed with the spectrum of autism with additional ADD and PDD-NOS two months ago. I have been using LTO3 for four days now, three capsules. I feel nothing, but what I notice is, I start doing things I otherwise put off, e.g. ironing. Glowing dislike. But I'm still a bit old-fashioned and like to wear blouses. By now that had become quite a pile. Normally, I couldn't get anywhere and had a dissatisfied feeling at the end of the day and NOW I'm FINISHING THINGS!!!! Done the mountain of ironing in a row, whereas otherwise I did all sorts of things in between. Now I am very curious to see what else it will do to me. Glad I started it!

    1. Hi Lies,

      Thanks for your response.
      Nice to hear that after just 4 days you are already benefiting so much from lto3.
      Chances are the benefits will only increase in the coming days/weeks and you will also start to feel more comfortable. It takes some time to really sink in.
      Greetings Jochem

      1. Could it be that I feel a bit strange in my head. Especially when I go to bed. As if something is working, preventing me from falling asleep properly. I started taking three right away in the morning. Or should I build it up and start with 1 first?

        1. Hi Lies, some people and especially highly sensitive people can sometimes experience some side effects in the beginning but these do not last longer than a few days to a week to my knowledge. However, this is often a sign that the lto3 well. Indeed, what you can do perfectly well is to just reduce your dosage to 2 for a few days and then increase it again to 3 capsules.
          Just get through it Lies and try not to worry too much :D Often it is your own grinding thoughts that make feelings 100x worse than they are.
          Let's hear again how it goes.
          Greetings, Jochem.

  4. Dear Jochem, I was just sitting through your fine report on LTO3 reading again because I have a mother in my practice who has just started using Ritalin with her son. I pointed her to your site because there is so much great and clear info on it.
    Now I work a lot with allergy treatments and it applies very nicely to the "side effects" of LTO3. So for those people/children who still like to use the natural remedy but have trouble with some of the substances in it where among the fish ingredient. A hypersensitivity treatment offers a solution.

    Now you will probably get all kinds of tips and advice from many more people with their own practice. So see what you do with this. I'm a big believer in keeping everything as natural as possible and preferably as little chemical as possible, so that's why I'm emailing about this now anyway.
    I would love to be able to spar further on this with you

  5. My question: My 21-year-old daughter is taking Sertraline due to OCD and she was also diagnosed with PDD-NOS last year... Is LTO3 also suitable for her (in addition to the Sertraline?)

    I look forward to hearing from you,
    kind regards. Nienke Schotanus