High sensitivity, listen to yourself

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  1. What a recognisable piece thank you for your tips, i am still very much searching and have small children. could you tell me where i can find more info on the dance for kids to become more grounded? i would love to hear it thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Peggy, about that dance, someone wrote that in a comment, above.
      But e.g. children's yoga is great for grounding, all sports too, so you can go in all directions with that. You ground yourself when you are moving and working with your body. My 8-year-old son said just this week, now that I participate in King Farmer at school (a game with a tennis ball), I don't think so much any more.
      Always welcome for questions. Greetings Marjan

  2. I did the MIR method, which helped me tremendously.
    Mireille Metes, developed this, it's a mind set .
    Meditation has also helped me.
    It always goes up and down in life, accepting that this is the way it is, and being allowed to be there as you are.
    The same applies to your loved ones, of course.
    There is even a "dance" for children, which some teachers use in class. This helps children ground themselves and shield themselves .
    My children are already grown, and busy with other things. But I will definitely apply this to my grandchildren, if it may come to that.Good luck with developing yourself.

  3. Very recognisable piece!!! I stopped for a moment to think about the sentence: society that is me and if I make different choices, I am thereby also shaping a different society. I'm going to think about that further ;-)