Hulp bij het korte termijn geheugen

Het korte termijn geheugen – Organiseer jezelf Davinci Style

Deze mail van John Loporto, schrijver van The Davinci Method’, kreeg ik zojuist in mijn mailbox. Zeker leuk om te lezen als je nogal vaak de kleine dingetjes vergeet die je dagelijks moet doen. Denk aan kleine klusjes, afspraken, de boodschappen, de administratie etc. etc. etc. Deze methode zorgt ervoor dat je minder stress hebt en je je meer kan richten op de grote ideeën die in je hoofd langs komen. Zo wordt het leven een stukje leuker en hoef je niet meer op alle kleine details te letten waar je normaal gesproken dagelijks mee geconfronteerd wordt. Zeker nuttig voor mensen met ADD en ADHD.

Want to know how to easily keep track of the little things while you’re coming up with the BIG ideas? Read on …

How to be Organized DaVinci Style

DaVinci types have a difficult time with short-term memory. We tend to fill it with tons of visual imagery and thoughts. Albert Einstein for example was known for his remarkably poor short-term memory. He would be walking through campus and stop in his tracks, realizing he had forgotten where he was ‘supposed’ to be going. He didn’t even remember his own phone number. When pressed on why, he retorted, “Why occupy my mind with information that I can look up in the phone book?”

Instead of filling his short-term memory with all the business of society, Einstein kept his short-term memory unfettered, allowing him to solve bigger problems. He would fill up his short-term memory with the vast imagery of his dreamlike cognitive process. I bet you do too.

When you fill up your short-term memory with all kinds of BIG ideas, there’s no room for stuff like, “pay the phone bill,” “go to the dentist at 3:30,” “submit your paper by noon, Thursday”. You need something to replace your short-term memory. Something to stand in its place and do what short-term memory does for “normal types” who aren’t occupying their minds with BIG ideas. That something is actually quite simple, effective and easy for you to have.

Michael Douglas explains that secret something (the key to DaVinci effectiveness) quite simply, “It’s all about making lists, and crossing things off.” That’s right. All you have to do is make a list of EVERYTHING you have to remember to do. Get it out of your mind and onto your list. Then first thing, every day, look at your big list and make a smaller list of everything you must get done today. Get in the habit of checking your list every hour.

Once you’ve developed this habit, your short-term memory is liberated and you will be reminded every hour what it is exactly you’re forgetting to do. Now every time something comes your way that you need to remember, just add it to your trusty list and “forget about it.” Your list will remind you later, and your mind will be free to space-out, have fun and play with BIG ideas, instead of feeling stress over being responsible for remembering every little thing.

You see, it’s the Neurotic DaVincis who force their minds to be vigilant and remember every little thing “to do”, while the Creative DaVincis let their minds play and be creative and allow something outside their mind to play taskmaster.
This is just one of many ways to free up your mental resources and eliminate stress so you spend more time working on the creative ideas that truly move you and make you feel alive. To discover more practical tips for freeing up your mind and unlocking the genius behind your DaVinci type personality–and quite possibly joining the ranks of the world’s most successful people–then check out this radical new book: The DaVinci Method.

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